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Compilation of MID Facts (re-upload)

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  • Compilation of MID Facts (re-upload)

    Luckily, I had this saved. Even though the game is out, I thought that some people might still be interested in seeing the progression.


    <So . . . it looks like we have the "go ahead" for a compilation of MID facts, and I had some spare time today. Here's info from 2015 to 2018, all coming from the official HeR Interactive website, official video channel, and/or official HeR personnel. For organizational purposes, I color coded based on the source of where the info was found: ASB in black, MID game page in green, letters in red, videos in blue, personal responses (through email or social media) in teal. Let me know if someone feels that something should be added, omitted, or altered. As you can see, the info is pretty much all directly related to MID.>

    PREFACE: “Midnight in Salem was not nearly complete on the old game engine before we decided to switch to Unity. The decision to switch to Unity was made prior to the release of Sea of Darkness, and was based on fan feedback.” (Oct 31, Email Response)

    The decision to switch to Unity may also have to do with HeR's changing priorities and/or wanting to try something new. For more on that, including social media tweets from Lani Minella, here's a post by tsukiakari tracing back the source of HeR's supposed "New Direction" and how it relates to MID's delay.


    March 12: "Today’s in-the-office news: We have just begun our introductory meeting for ND#33. We got the overview, characters, story, themes, locations, environments and more from our design team here, and I do believe the artists have already started their research for picture inspiration. Our character designer has already started on the characters’ looks!" (March 12, ASB – Smart and Sassy …)

    May 19: MID Preview released in SEA. There are 2 key differences:
    1. Instead of the expected fall 2015 release date, we discover that MID is "Coming Soon."
    2. Starting with MID, there is now a new voice actress for Nancy who is currently unknown.

    (Video available since May 28 – Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem Preview)

    July 3: Possible reference to the Hardy Boys. "... there may or may not be a certain dynamic sleuthy duo helping you out." (Ellie answers your questions video)

    August 2015 letter to fans
    "... this move [to Unity] will affect our development schedule resulting in a delay in the release of our next game, Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. At this time, we can’t confirm an exact launch date, but we hope it will launch sometime in 2016. Even though we have started the process of adapting our games for this platform [Unity], it’s not something we can do overnight."

    September 10: Unity Preview video released (Unity Preview - Labyrinth of Lies)

    “Please keep in mind that the video is a port to Unity and that Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies was not built in Unity. The intent of this video is to just give you a quick snapshot of what a Nancy Drew game might look like in Unity. Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem will be of much higher quality because it will be built using Unity and not our old game engine. It is my understanding that Unity will allow players to see more of a 360-degree view and the graphics/movements should be smoother; and the game will still be point and click.” (Oct 31, Email Response)

    December 2015 letter to fans
    "... we are continuing our development of Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem on a Unity-based platform. At this time, we still plan to release this title next year but will provide an exact release date as soon as we can."


    April 8: "The reason we are so focused on Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues right now is because we are about to launch it. We will turn our full attention to Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem once we get past this launch. I can't give a specific launch date on Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. I can only say that it will be released later this year." (Response to Erin on Facebook)

    June 30: "We do not have a more specific ETA for Nancy Drew: #33 Midnight in Salem then what was provided in our December 2015 letter on our website: ; nor have we set the date for pre-orders. We released Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues on Friday May 13th and will soon return our full attention to Nancy Drew: #33 Midnight in Salem. To the best of my knowledge, we fully intend to get back to the twice-yearly release schedule. I'm sorry we do not have more information to share at this time and hope we will have an update for the fan base very soon." (Email response to vint_nancydrew)

    July 5: “I’m not working on it [MID] since I’m not on the game production team (I’m in marketing). But I can say that much of the design is done.” (July 1, ASB – Happy …)

    July 6/7: “It’d be nice if you could at least reaper some screen shots for the next game just to keep people from asking so much. I mean heck you did say the game design was nearly finished…” / “Yes, it would be nice to show screenshots or something, but design layout, text files and writing aren’t exactly pictures. That would be from the next step in the phase of game creation with the artists. (And we don’t want to show anything that isn’t final, since art can change greatly.)” (July 1, ASB – Happy …)

    August 2: “MID is not declared “shelved,” we just don’t have any new updates to share about it.” (July 28, ASB – Taffy, Iggy …)

    September 1/2: “Do you know if MID will use the same UI as the last few games have? Or will it be different?” / “I can’t say… it could be different, but not sure what the design team has in mind.” (Sept 1, ASB – Kicking off …)

    September 2: “… we haven’t focused on the game after MID yet. We are still focused on Codes & Clues at the moment.” (August 30, ASB – A Nancy …)

    September 9: Last character art/bio released. Confirmed characters: Mei, Lauren, Deirdre, Teegan, Jenna. (See official game page)

    September 16: “We are only focusing on the current games, so we haven’t planned out much that happens next.” (Sept 14, ASB – CNC News …)

    September 19: “There are a lot of rumors going around and speculation as well. We currently don’t have the game AFTER MID planned or designed yet, but we currently don’t have any plans to cancel the Nancy Drew PC games.” (Sept 15, ASB – CNC on TV …)

    September 19: “We certainly don’t plan on it [MID] being the last game …” (Sept 16, ASB – Walkthroughs …)

    September 19/20: “… who is the artist of the MID characters?” / “I *think* the concept artist for the characters was Van.” (Sept 19, ASB – Talk like a Pirate …)

    September 28: “We hope to continue making Nancy Drew games for as long as possible, but since we are focused on Codes & Clues as well as looking towards Midnight in Salem, we have not begun planning or designing the game after MID.” (Sept 26, ASB – Early Halloween …)

    September 29: "… we have started work on MID, as you can see from the teaser trailer where we created the first environment and characters …" (Sept 26, ASB – Early Halloween …)

    October 3: “We have taken into consideration all the fans’ requests: more characters, longer game play, more environments, more exploring, more scares, etc. But we will have to see what can be accomplished with our first upgrading of the games with Unity.” (Sept 30, ASB – Halloween Sale …)

    October 7: Unable to confirm whether any progress has been done on MID since April 2015. (Oct 5, ASB – SAW: Day 1 …)

    October 10: “I can’t address the “odd communication” because honestly, we don’t have any updates or news about what we are doing with the next Nancy Drew game.” (Oct 7, ASB – SAW: Day 3 …)

    October 13: Codes and Clues priority over MID. “… our immediate focus has been on the recently launched Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues mobile series.” (See October 2016 letter)

    October 13: Description of plot (See official game page)

    October 14: “Not all character voices were recorded for MID, only the few lines used for the teaser. Everything else is likely being looked at for revision to accommodate all the updates.” (Oct 13, ASB – Hunting for Monsters …)

    October 17: “I double-checked with the designer … and we only recorded a couple characters. There is still plenty of work to be done.” (Oct 13, ASB – Hunting for Monsters …)

    October 24: Part of an email that I, Punchy, received in response to an inquiry about MID.

    "We do not intend, in any way to ever sound sarcastic, negative or passive aggressive in response to any of our fans posts. We truly value all of our fans and will do our best to ensure future responses don’t sound insensitive.

    The changes that have occurred recently are in response to the ever, and quickly, changing technology landscape and evolving platforms and formats in the game industry. As a company, we must progress with the times or be left behind; thus, we have made difficult but necessary changes.

    We recognize that our fans want more information, but please understand that we have been as transparent as possible at this point and have shared everything we can about Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. When we have more information to share we will be sure to update the fan base via our website, newsletter, and social media channels."

    October 28: "Before, with our previous games we were able to share more tidbits and behind-the-scenes news for the progress of the game. We had a regular rhythm to our game-making process, so we could anticipate what would not change and remain true once the game came out and matched the readers' expectations. With all the changes and updates for our next game, we cannot anticipate what will stay the same and what will change along the way. The last thing we want to be is untruthful with our player's expectations. (An example would be the anticipated release date, which originally changed after all.) Until we have more solid news to share on MID, we do not want to share things that could change later, as we are still learning a new process. Thank you for being understanding, and for being a fan of Nancy Drew. We hope to share more news with everyone in the future, even little things." (Response to Gnillet on Facebook)

    October 28:
    - "... for the adventure series we have always had credits. I don’t see that changing anytime soon."
    - "... it may be safe to say that MID will not be released this year."
    - "I do not know when we will have worthy screenshots to share" ... "Worthy meaning approved and ok’d to share." (Oct 27, ASB – Throwback …)

    October 31:
    - "We don’t have any behind-the-scenes info to share at this point ..."
    - "I understand they may need to tweak a few things to accommodate the updates, but I can’t say what they are doing with the script." (Oct 28, ASB – Halloween Weekend ...)

    November 7/8: Me - "I'm confused and I'm hoping you can clarify. I thought you responded to someone saying that info about MID would be released in the podcast, but it was just an interview with a voice actor???"

    HeR - "I checked with the marketing team and was advised that nobody ever said there would be information about MID in the podcast." (Oh really.)

    Me - "Thank you very much for the response! But I'm still a little confused. What were these comments on social media all about then? They're from October 10th.

    Kirsten McDonald I personally would like to hear about upcoming game updates and release date info but apparently that's not happening no matter how much people beg.

    Nancy Drew Games Hi Kirsten - that will also be part of the podcast series! Updates are coming! Thank you for your patience!"

    HeR: We never said there would be info about MID in the first podcast. One or more podcasts in the future should have info about MID. (Please note: this wording is not exact, just a paraphrasing - I accidentally deleted their response to me.

    November 9: "... we are indeed working on Midnight in Salem." (Nov 9, ASB – WAC: Day 1 ...)

    November 9: "We understand that this longer than usual wait is frustrating for our fans. We have no intention of shelving this game and we are actively working on it." (Response to Catherine on Facebook)

    November 9/10: "... do you know the name of the new voice actress for Nancy Drew?" / "Sadly, I do not know the actress’s name who voiced Nancy in the teaser for MID." (Nov 9, ASB – WAC: Day 1 ...)

    November 10:
    - "[Nancy's new voice actress] will be announced during the launch of Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem." (Response to Sarah on Facebook)
    - "We continue to work on [MID] but do not have a release date as of yet that we can share." (Response to Stacy on Facebook)
    - "We do not anticipate that [MID] will be lame or expensive. In fact, we don't anticipate raising prices and we think the game will be awesome!" (Response to Lizzy on Facebook - look under Charmiette's post from Nov 5)

    November 10/11: "Is the woman who voiced Nancy in the teaser also going to voice Nancy in the game?" / "I’m not 100% sure ... when I know, I’ll say." (Nov 9, ASB – WAC: Day 1 ...)

    November 11: "I’m not entirely sure, but I believe they[Lauren Corey and Ingrid Corey] are not related." (Nov 10, ASB – WAC: Day 1 ...)

    November 15: "... it’s unlikely you will need a new computer for [MID]. But stay on top of your current computer updates, just to be ready in case there are better updates." (Nov 14, ASB – Trimming the ...)

    December 19: It is probable that there will be a bonus edition of MID. "We will very likely continue with BONUS Edtions for our Pre-orders for future games. We have no plans to stop making those versions." (Dec 16, ASB – Christmas Video 2016 ...)


    January 6/9: "Someone named Jami who used to work at HeR as an artist has on her resume on her site that MID was cancelled. Is this true?" / "No, this is not true." (Jan 6, ASB – Podcast and Weekend Puzzle #326)

    January 9: "... it’s an original mystery, but we drew some inspiration from The Witch Tree Symbol [book]." (Jan 6, ASB – Podcast and Weekend Puzzle #326)

    January 18: Confirmation that MID is being outsourced. (Jan 16, ASB – Train Talk and Fan Fashion)

    January 19: "You said “Correct” that MID was outsourced. Can you say Correct if it was outsourced to an American studio. If not, I will guess it is to a foreign company." / "... unfortunately I cannot release that information." (Jan 16, ASB – Train Talk and Fan Fashion)

    February 1: "When we do have news or updates, we will be clear about it. I hope nothing we said this far has sounded dishonest, because we haven’t lied in our messaging. I do hope to provide you with what you and others want, but the behind-the-scenes game changes and adjustments have taken time, and we don’t want to give misleading info with any timing in our schedule." (Jan 30, ASB – An Empowering Girl)

    February 21: "I’m sorry the news about the new game hasn’t been as fast as previous game launches, but the new game has some behind-the-scene updates. This takes longer than our typical games from the past." (Feb 17, ASB – Twitch, Podcast, Fans ...)

    March 7: "There may be different elements of MID outsourced different from our past games, since it is largely in part for being built in a newer engine. I’m sorry I cannot be more specific ..." (March 6, ASB – Food and Gaming ...)

    March 13: "Its our policy not to delete posts unless they contain inappropriate language, violence, etc. In regards to your other questions, I do not have a release date so I am unable to provide one to you. We continue to work on the game and will update the fan community as soon as we can. Another "Letter to the Fans" is possible as well. We have been as transparent as possible during this development cycle and have shared as much as we possibly can at this point. We really appreciate your patience and loyalty to HeR Interactive and Nancy Drew Games." (Response to Gnillet on Facebook)

    March 14: "MID’s in the plans and is being worked on. I’m sorry, but I have no other details to share at this time." (March 10, ASB – Day Two Twitch ...)

    March 16/17: "Is MID the top priority at HeR right now?" / "I cannot say what the business decisions are behind the scenes, but I can say we are working on it." (March 15, ASB – Turkeys and ...)

    March 17: "... it is still being worked on!" (Response to KC on Facebook)

    March 21: "I’m not sure when the team will have news to share ..." / "When you say “team,” who exactly are you talking about? I thought the employees left?" / "I mean everyone in the company, particularly the leads." (March 20, ASB – Fail Memes ...)

    March 22: "We typically don't start to release more info or show more of the game to excite our fans until we have established a firm release date. As you know, we have not set that release date as of yet. Again, the hype will start once we get to a point where we have a release date and feel the game is far along that we can start showing final art, environments, etc. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this transition for us. We know its frustrating for some of our fans." (Response to Mel on Facebook)

    March 22: "All of our newer games were physical and digital – and we haven’t changed the plan for that with MID. So MID should be available both ways when it’s released." (March 21, ASB – Time Travel Tuesday)

    March 23: "... it is very likely that MID will be at the $20 price point." {In Canada, that's about $27.}
    (March 22, ASB – Wisdom and Fan Art)

    March 23/27: "I wished I had an explanation to share, but we don’t have anything to tease or update you with, or provide any reasons why. In the future I hope to share all the fun behind-the-scenes stuff!" / "Do you think we will eventually get an explanation? (i.e. once MID is out)" / "It’s possible, but I’m not sure what the news and updates will be later." (March 22, ASB – Wisdom and Fan Art)

    March 28: "I would love to give more information about the game, even some reassurance in better details, but we just don’t have any news to share. I don’t really know when to even expect updates, or even when we plan on getting updates ... I don’t have any news to share because I haven’t been given any. As far as I am aware, there is no news to share. Perhaps in the future we will." (March 27, ASB – Spring and Sandwiches)

    April 3: "Yes, to the best of my knowledge, we still intend to get back to the twice-yearly release schedule the fan base is accustomed to, once Midnight in Salem has released." (Email Response)

    April 4: “Cosmic Toast [Studios] has not worked on MID.” (April 3, ASB – March Madness Winner 2017)

    April 10/11: “Do you at least know yet if MID is supposed to come out this year? Why haven’t we been getting more updates?” / “I do not even know that. I cannot speak to why there are no updates to be shared …” (April 7, ASB – Gondolas & DDI Day 2 …)

    April 11: “I will not be making a video about working on MID but we hope to provide an update soon. No need to give up on MID …” (April 7, ASB – Gondolas & DDI Day 2 …)

    April 14/17: “… could you beg the leads of the company to give us an actual update?” / “I already make requests for news and updates about the games. When I have news to share, I will!” (April 14, ASB – Easter & Podcast …)

    April 14/17: “Can it at least be confirmed that we will see MID sometime in the next 5 years? 10?” / “I wish I could confirm, but I really don’t know when we will have an estimated release date.” (April 14, ASB – Easter & Podcast …)

    April 18/19: “When you say “we” are working on the game, do you mean the company to which you outsourced? Or are there still employees in Bellevue that are contributing?” / “I mean everyone involved in our company and with our company.” (April 14, ASB – Easter & Podcast …)

    April 19: “We are just as anxious for the release of MID as many of our fans are.” (April 14, ASB – Easter & Podcast …)

    April 19/20: “OMG! Is it true that MID is going to be the LAST ND game? PLEASE DON’T TELL ME IT’S THE LAST ONE!” / “… that is a rumor. We did not announce or plan that.” (April 19, ASB – Tradition and Fan Colorings)

    April 20: “Are you in a place to tell us whether or not there will still be a “dynamic sleuthy duo” in MID?” / “… I don’t know exactly where this will happen in the games. Perhaps phone characters, perhaps in a future game. I do not know for sure.” (April 19, ASB – Tradition and Fan Colorings)

    April 21: “I do not want to confirm anything about the next Nancy Drew game until we are more sure and closer to finishing the game. Only then will we know that the content will not change dramatically from what we would have shown you before. The plot line we released in the teaser trailer is very simple for these reasons. The game and story can go through many changes until it is complete. Stay tuned for real news in the future, as I will be sure to share it.” (April 14, ASB – Easter & Podcast …)

    April 23: "Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem still has a green light." (Facebook response - Look under Julie's post from the 20th)

    April 24: "Hope to have an update soon on our progress and timeline." (Facebook response - Look under Allison's post from the 22nd)

    May 1: Ana - "Gonna [b]e this year? Please." / Nancy Drew Games - "I hope so . . . but you will have to check back for more info." (Look under Nancy Drew Games' post on May 10th about Kate Drew's Wednesday Wisdom. Look under Ana's comment.)

    May 3: "... the art and dev teams are working on MID." (May 3, ASB – Nancy Drew Puzzles …)

    Note: "How is that possible, sneaking over to the art or production department, when the game is being outsourced?" / "When the art and dev team were in-house I did this. I don’t anymore." (April 27, ASB – Anniversary T-shirts …)

    May 4: "Regarding an update on Midnight in Salem, I checked and was advised that we hope to be able to provide an update soon, unfortunately, I do not have anything more specific than that." (Email Response)

    May 8: "Yes we plan on making a 34th ND game. No is hasn’t been designed yet. Yes there will be a teaser at the end of MID, but no, we haven’t decided on what that teaser will look like yet." (May 5, ASB – Fan Pictures …)

    May 11: Mini-update – HeR's goal is to have a more substantial update shortly. You can find this full message on Facebook. Or, you can find it here.

    May 30: "I’m anxious to see the completion of the game so that I can talk about it and share it with everyone!" (May 26, ASB – Memorial Weekend 2017)

    June 1/2: "What will determine when you can share an update? When the higher-ups allow it? When the game is complete? When the outsourcing company informs you? What exactly are you waiting for?" / "... pretty much all of the above." (May 26, ASB – Memorial Weekend 2017)

    June 2: "I’ve always waited on showing bits and parts until I knew those parts of the design were final ... If I had permission to share the concept art or concept stages, I would, but would mention on the blog that they were concepts." (May 26, ASB – Memorial Weekend 2017)

    June 13: Unable to confirm whether there will be an update on MID within the next five years. (June 12, ASB – WHO and Monday Reminders)

    June 13/14: L J - "I’m sorry the update hasn’t come sooner. I really don’t know the exact date of when we will have a “substantial” update to share." / "Then why was it posted on Facebook that there would be a substantial update very soon?" / L J - "We will have an update as soon as possible." (June 12, ASB – WHO and Monday Reminders)

    July 7: "HeR is well aware of many fans’ concerns for the next Nancy Drew game." (July 6, ASB – National Fried Chicken ...)

    July 7: As of this date, MID is not "mostly done." (July 6, ASB – National Fried Chicken ...)

    July 10: "I do not have any specifics or even [an] educated estimate on when the next game will be released." (July 6, ASB – National Fried Chicken ...)

    July 17: "... the company is not derailed, nor are we stalled. There are things happening behind the scenes that I can’t share with you at this time, but perhaps in the future." (June 28, ASB – A Castle on the Island ...)

    July 19/20: "I get news here and there, but not much . . . of course I’m allowed to ask [questions about progress]. However, I cannot share any of the answers or information until it is time to do so." (July 18, ASB – In Between Games ...)

    July 21: It’s the truth that I have no news to share and [there is] no other way I can twist that. I don’t know the full details of everything that is going on in the production of the next game, but when the company has actual news to share, we promise to share it." (July 19, ASB – Wise Sandwich Thoughts)

    July 21: "HER said in May on facebook there would be substantial update very shortly, but it’s nearly the end of July, and there’s not been an update ..." / L J - "I believe that is currently delayed, but we still intend to release and update. When I have word on when that will be, I will let everyone know. I’m sorry that I cannot promise anything else just yet." (July 19, ASB – Wise Sandwich Thoughts)

    July 21: MID is currently being worked on. (July 19, ASB – Wise Sandwich Thoughts)

    August 15: “Will the weekend puzzle ever be about the next game? Is the game in Salem even going to come out?” / L J - “I hope so!” (Aug 7, ASB – What would Nancy look like?)

    August 15/16: "Hey LJ, I was wondering, do you personally think that MID is ever going to be released?"
    "I am also curious as to what you think of the MID situation, LJ."
    L J - "I’m just as anxious and excited for MID to come out as anyone else is." (Aug 14, ASB – Party Day 3 Video)

    August 17: “From its atmospheric environments to its challenging puzzles, we just knew that our fans would appreciate [Odyssey] while they wait for the next installment of Nancy Drew. To be clear, MID was not put on the back burner. We are simply partnering with The Young Socratics to distribute their game.” (Response to Caitlin on Facebook – Look under Justin’s post from August 16)

    August 17: “We did not make Odyssey, therefore we did not spend any time on it and is not the cause of MID not being released yet.” (Aug 14, ASB – Party Day 3 Video)

    August 18: “[The Young Socratics] does not work on MID.” (Aug 14, ASB – Party Day 3 Video)

    August 19/21: "Will the composer for MID still be Thomas Regin? Also, even if you can’t share it with us, do you personally know what the cover for MID looks like?" / L J - "I cannot say who the composer of the next Nancy Drew game is, and no, I have not seen what the game cover will look like. I am looking forward to it, though!" (Aug 18, ASB – Odyssey and the Hardy Boys ...)

    August 21: "I have addressed rumors as I see them come. MID has not been cancelled. We are still working on it and hope to have something to share with you sooner than later." (Aug 18, ASB – Odyssey and the Hardy Boys ...)

    August 22: "We continue to make progress on Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem but we are unable to commit to a release date as of right now. We know the longer than usual wait time for a new Nancy Drew game is very frustrating for our fans. We plan to release the identity of the new Nancy Drew at the same time that we release MID. We apologize for the delay and continue to work as hard as we can on this next title. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We appreciate you and the entire Nancy Drew community. Stay tuned and stay sleuthy." (Response to Jeanette on Facebook)

    August 31: "Is there going to be a new Nancy Drew game next year?" / L J - "I hope so! I don’t have any definitive news to share at this time." (Aug 30, ASB – Frankensteins ...)

    September 22: "I know people are getting mad. Please pass along my apologies as I do not have any new news or updates to share. I promise to share info as soon as I can." (Sept 21, ASB – Facebook Fans ...)

    September 22: "What happened to that big update that was supposedly coming soon? Was there even an actual update planned or were you guys just saying that to generate interest?" / L J - "We are still planning that, but it needed to be edited." (Sept 21, ASB – Facebook Fans ...)

    September 25: "I’m not sure where that edit stands since it’s coming from the leaders." (Sept 21, ASB – Facebook Fans ...)

    September 26: "It is possible to request more information from above. However, we have no news to share at this time, or any behind-the-scenes tidbits or business decisions to indulge you with ... our message is still the same: we do not have any information to share at this time. I hope to show and share more game news in the future once we get closer to the release season." (Sept 22, ASB – Halloween Party ...)

    September 29: "We don’t have any current plans to talk about MID in a podcast. Perhaps in the future, though." (Sept 28, ASB – Fan Art ...)

    October 2/3: "Is there going to be an October newsletter about MID, the only one up is [from] last year." / L J - "We don’t have a news update yet for MID, but stay tuned in the near future." (Sept 29, ASB – Coffee and Podcast ...)

    October 3: "The 13 scares [countdown] highlights past games’ scary moments. You are correct that it is not related to MID." (Oct 2, ASB – 13 Days ...)

    October 3: "I don’t have an estimated date when an update will be released." (Oct 2, ASB – 13 Days ...)

    October 23: “I would love to share more behind the scenes and sneak peeks. But I must wait for the go-ahead to do so. Also, some of the elements I may tease in the game may change along the way – so I don’t want to disappoint you if it never appears in the game.” (Oct 18, ASB – Nancy Drew Reboot …)

    November 3: “We are working on it. We have not cancelled the game.” (Oct 31, ASB – Happy Halloween 2017)

    November 3: “I have nothing to show, sorry.” (Oct 31, ASB – Happy Halloween 2017)

    November 6: “The team members who write the letter are not the same team members who are working on the art or programming of the game. The letter would come from the leaders.” (Oct 31, ASB – Happy Halloween 2017)

    November 6: “I’m sorry that I do not have that update to share with you. I’m not sure what the status of that is, but once I know, I will be sharing it.” (Oct 31, ASB – Happy Halloween 2017)

    November 6: “I truly wish I had more information or even behind-the-scenes bits to share with you, and trust me, it’s not hard for me to do so. When the company has news, a release date, a letter, or anything different, I will readily post it to the blog as well as all the social media sites and of course it will be on our main web site.” (Nov 3, ASB – Great Costumes …)

    November 8: “I cannot guarantee if all business-related questions will be answered once the game is released.” (Nov 3, ASB – Great Costumes …)

    November 17: Unable to confirm whether there will be physical copies of MID. (Nov 9, ASB – Day One Twitch: The Captive Curse)

    November 21: “I do know that we will have digital games in the future.” (Nov 20, ASB – Physical Games and Twitch Things)

    November 27: “We are keeping motion sickness in mind as we design the next Nancy Drew games.” (Nov 22, ASB – Happy Thanksgiving 2017)

    December 1/6: “I was wondering if you could confirm for us that MID is still definitely going to happen.” / L J – “Yes, I can confirm MID is still being worked on.” (Nov 28, ASB – Fan Art: Camille)

    December 4/6: “Random question, but will Deirdre be a character we can see and talk to in MID, like in ASH, or just a phone contact, like in DED?” / L J – “I know the correct answer… but I don’t think I’m aloud to say…” (Dec 1, ASB – Cookies and Merch …)

    December 7: “I honestly do not know the percentage of finished progress we have on MID.” (Dec 1, ASB – Cookies and Merch …)

    December 13: “I’m anxiously awaiting MID, too. We are still working on it, but it is not due to a lack of funding. It is a slow work in progress because we are switching the software and process of how we make the game.” (Dec 1, ASB – Cookies and Merch …)

    December 13: “By the way, we are not “disappearing.” We are simply taking a longer time to create the next mystery game, and do not have any news to share until later.” (Dec 1, ASB – Cookies and Merch …)

    December 13: “I think we have two voices recorded, but not sure if those will be the final files we use.” (Dec 7, ASB – Twitch Party Announced …)

    December 19: "We are very sorry for any frustration the delay has caused and appreciate your honest feedback. Fortunately, however, I have been informed that we will be providing an update to the fans about Midnight in Salem later today. Be sure to check our social media channels this afternoon for more details." (Email response to Cause4Panick)

    December 19: Letter to the fans has been released! Targeted release is Spring 2019! Cause for delay includes possible virtual reality!? (See December 2017 letter)

    December 19: “We fully intended to get back to a regular schedule of publishing games after Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Fans will not have to wait this long between every game.” (Look under Nancy Drew Games’ post on Dec 19th about the MID update. Look under Elizabeth’s comment.)

    December 19: MID game page has been updated and now says "Status: Release Date Spring 2019."

    December 19: “Yes it will include mobile devices.” (Look under Nancy Drew Games’ post on Dec 19th about the MID update. Look under Heather’s comment.)

    December 19: Ann: “Are you telling us that all of the games are going to take this long in the future because of this multi-format change? Also how is the price going to be affected? Part of what I liked about the games was the simplicity and affordability.”

    Nancy Drew Games: “No, it will not take this long for every game going forward.” (Look under Nancy Drew Games’ post on Dec 19th about the MID update. Look under Ann’s comment.)

    December 20: “The information in the previous letter to the fans (October) still applies. We are still using Unity.” (Dec 19, ASB – MID Update)

    December 21: “I cannot say for certain at what stage MID is at, but that we are working on it.” (Dec 19, ASB – MID Update)

    December 21: “This is true, there is a person [in the MID trailer] watching the fire happen – good eyesight! It is one of the characters…. but I shall not say anymore.” (Dec 19, ASB – MID Update)


    January 5: "We will provide a definitive month and date as we get closer to the actual release." (Facebook response to Andrea)

    January 5: "We will release the consoles info once we get closer to the release date." (Facebook response to Allison)

    January 11: "I do not know when I will stream a party yet this month, since I’ve been busy helping with some top-priority MID things." (Jan 10, ASB – Call 1-555 ...)

    January 15: "I do not know when I will have the next Twitch stream yet. We have a lot of holiday ads to work on (Valentines) and some MID things to tend to that are currently important." (Jan 10, ASB – Call 1-555 ...)

    January 15/16: "We do not have more MID news to share at this time. I’m simply helping with the internal work ... I cannot say what I’m helping with on MID. However, I did get to see early designs for MID back in early 2015. Someday I will get to share what goes on behind the scenes." (Jan 10, ASB – Call 1-555 ...)

    February 20: "Once we get accustomed to the new system, the games after MID shouldn’t take as long." (Feb 16, ASB – Valentine's Winners and ...)

    April 9/19: "We are still working on MID, but we have nothing to share at this time. The release date is set for spring 2019 – no other details have been released . . . I’m not sure when I will be able to give another update – or when I will have information to share." (April 6, ASB – Anniversary and Podcast ...)

    April 26: "We will still make physical copies of the games when they are released." (April 23, ASB – The CLK Anniversary Party)

    May 14: "I have met a few actresses, but I cannot say for certain if one of them was THE new Nancy Drew. I hope to share more details and behind the scenes content in the future when we get closer to launch date for the next game." (April 27, ASB – Day 4 Twitch Party - CLK)

    May 16: "We are definitely exploring the possibilities. Switching to the Unity engine does open up the possibilities for multiple platforms – like VR, console gaming, and mobile gaming. I cannot specify what MID will be available on exactly. At least, not yet!" (April 27, ASB – Day 4 Twitch Party - CLK)

    June 4: "I would love to share more behind-the-scenes info or tidbits on our work in progress – but it will have to wait until we have an “ok” to share more." (June 1, ASB – In the News ...)

    June 18: "I cannot say for certain [if the games will be back to a steady schedule after MID] but that’s the hope." (June 14, ASB – Day 1 Twitch - CRE)

    June 22: "We hope to have [a trailer] a few months before launch date." (June 20, ASB – Ice Cream Soda Day 2018)

    July 10: "MID is still planned for Spring 2019. I hope to be able to share more info, behind-the-scenes, more artwork, etc as we get closer to the launch date. No promises yet, sorry!" (July 6, ASB – Summer Sales and ...)

    August 6/8: "I have not heard any news on MID, nor do I have any updates to share at this time . . . If I had a different answer than what I have now, I would have already shared that. The truth is that I do not have news to share. When that changes, I will post about it on the blog. I have passed along your comment to the team leads to see." (Aug 1, ASB – Pie and Twitch Party Dates)

    August 8: "Will Nancy finally meet a real black cat in MID?" / L J - "Possibly! I heard a cat was involved… but it may be cut from the final game. Not sure, honestly." (Aug 8, ASB – International Cats 2018)

    August 9: "I’m very anxious for MID as well, I hope to learn more about the progress and look forward to sharing more teases and news in the future." (Aug 8, ASB – International Cats 2018)

    September 28: "Unfortunately, I am not allowed to talk about any work in progress at this time." (Sept 26, ASB – Fall 2018 Preparations)

    October 5: "I would love to resume my normal teasing/giving hints/sneak peaks! It depends on my instructions since management has changed since the last game. Once we have definite things to share, you can be sure I will not hesitate to let you know!" (Sept 26, ASB – Fall 2018 Preparations)

    October 9: "Our team is still indeed working on MID. However, I do not know what our leaders have in mind for the business and behind-the-scenes sharing of information. When I have things to share about MID, I will certainly not hesitate to do so!" (Oct 5, ASB – Halloween Month 2018!)

    October 11: "I believe the leaders have nothing planned for Halloween concerning MID." (Oct 5, ASB – Halloween Month 2018!)

    October 12: MID is mentioned in podcast 48 by Jared, HER's Marketing Director. Starts at about 9:40 and continues until 13:40. Mentioned again around 23:00. (Unlocked! The Nancy Drew Podcast: Episode 048)

    October 22: "I’ll ask when our next update will be, however, the leader may not know until later." (Oct 12, ASB – Podcast and Universal Music Day ...)

    October 23/24: "I have not gotten a chance to play MID yet. It’s being kept pretty secretive. At this point, I cannot tell what type of scary style it will be . . . We have seen early grey-boxed scene layouts and we know the script and characters, but since it’s still work-in-progress, the details may change." (Oct 12, ASB – Podcast and Universal Music Day ...)

    October 24: "While we are waiting on the production, development, art and design teams to work on MID, we in Marketing found another game for you to enjoy in the meantime. It’s not a Nancy Drew game, but rather an exploration-adventure-puzzle game that came out before Nancy Drew games ever did! Myst! Our friends over at Cyan Worlds are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Myst with this updated version, now available for purchase on our web site!

    Don’t worry, our own team is still working away on Midnight in Salem – we just wanted to recommend and make you aware of other great games that exist and can be enjoyed. 🙂 For a side tease, I’ve been working on documents on MID for our development and design teams. But I cannot say anymore." (Oct 24, ASB – Baby Jackalope and Realmyst!)

    November 19: "MID will be for the PC, and most likely for other platforms, too, like Mac." (Nov 16, ASB – Twitch Anniversary Party and Pies)

    November 26: "We do not have an exact release date, but our current time frame is Spring 2019." (Nov 21, ASB – Happy Thanksgiving 2018!)

    November 28: "The release date (always kept updated) is located on the main web page for Midnight in Salem." (Nov 21, ASB – Happy Thanksgiving 2018!)

    November 30: "We hope [to be aiming for 2 games a year again], but we will have to see how long it takes after we set up the initial template for our design and formula to make more games from." (Nov 21, ASB – Happy Thanksgiving 2018!)

    December 19: "Updates are coming! Thank you so much for patience. No change to release dates for MID." (Nov 30, ASB – Christmas and Holiday Season 2018)


    January 4: "The Hardy Boys & HeR Interactive wish you a Happy New Year! We are so excited to announce that the Hardy Boys will be making a bold return in Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. What do you think? Let us know! More to come soon!" (Nancy Drew Games)

    January 4: The MID game page has also been updated. You can find Hardy Boys artwork either there or on Facebook.

    January 9: "It’s a new year – and the year that Midnight in Salem is set to be released! Huzzah! I cannot say anything about the behind the behind-the-scenes work, unfortunately. And I cannot guarantee that I will be allowed to tease things out in a normal Amateur Sleuth blog fashion. But stay aware for the day we get to!" (Jan 9, ASB – Old Concept Art - The Creature)

    January 11: "The Hardy Boys will be physical characters in the game and not just phone friends." (Jan 9, ASB – Old Concept Art - The Creature)

    January 31: "Tomorrow we'll be revealing an ALL NEW character that will be featured in our upcoming title Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem." (Nancy Drew Games)

    February 1: "Over the coming months we will be revealing all new characters and never seen environments from Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Today's new character that we would like to introduce is Judge Danforth."

    February 1: The MID game page has also been updated. You can find Judge Danforth artwork either there or on Facebook.

    February 4: "Welcome to 2019! This year is the year for more Nancy Drew things! For starters, Midnight in Salem will be releasing soon! . . . This year we have already teased out concept art for characters we hadn’t revealed in MID yet – the Hardy Boys! (These characters were planned to be in MID ever since 2014, but we have been working on them in secret until now.) . . . Next, we announced a new (to you) character: Judge Danforth!" (Feb 4, ASB – Nancy Drew in 2019)

    February 6: "I cannot say at this time who will be voicing the Hardys – but I hope to share that info in the future! . . . I cannot say who the voice actress will be for Nancy." (Feb 5, ASB – Valentines and LIE Twitch Ahead!)

    February 22: "In the coming weeks and months we will be revealing all new characters and never seen environments from our upcoming title - Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Today's character reveal is Alicia Cole."

    February 22: The MID game page has also been updated. You can find Alicia Cole artwork either there or on Facebook.

    February 27: "Sorry, we do not have an exact release date for MID just yet." (Feb 25, ASB – A Good Day for Chowder)

    February 28: "No specific date for MID just yet." (Feb 25, ASB – A Good Day for Chowder)

    March 1: "I believe this is intended to be a different Alicia [than the one mentioned in SEA.]" (Feb 22, ASB – Ned (I mean Nick), Corine and Alicia)

    March 11: "So far, the only release date we have announced is “Spring 2019.” Stay tuned for a more specific date later." (Mar 1, ASB – Read Across America Day 2019)

    March 11: "We do not have a set date of the teaser trailer just yet." (Mar 8, ASB – Intl Women's Day and Milkshakes)

    March 15: "We have released a new character from Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Introducing Jason Danforth!"

    March 15: The MID game page has also been updated. You can find Jason Danforth artwork either there or on Facebook. Also, it now says "Stay tuned for a new teaser trailer!" where the old sneak peek video from 2015 used to be.

    March 20: "Happy first day of spring! While everyone awaits more news and greater details of our next upcoming game, Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem, there are other things to keep us busy." (Mar 20, ASB – Alien Abduction Day 2019)

    March 22: "I wish I had news to share, or even behind-the-scenes things to share like I used to be able to share. 🙁 At the end of SEA we had a different voice actor for the voice of Nancy saying “Join me on my next adventure.” I cannot delve any info on who will be the next voice of Nancy, not just yet. And yes! There are a lot more characters than normal! This is one of the benefits of switching platforms – we can add more characters to fit into the game. I’m excited for “more” things in a single Nancy Drew game." (Mar 20, ASB – Alien Abduction Day 2019)

    April 10: "I’m hoping to provide an update from the team soon." (April 5, ASB – Hidden Staircase Contest)

    April 15: "I’m sorry I haven’t been able to provide any sneak peaks, works in progress, behind the scenes content, or even any teases. I really hope to provide more of that in the future. Our team is indeed working on Midnight in Salem, and yes, it will be made with a better engine that allows for more possibilities. Once MID is released and we begin work on the game after that, I really don’t think it will take another 4 years to make. The reason we were able to make 2 games a year was because everyone knew the antiquated proprietary system, and we had a regular rhythm down. Since we are expanding the Nancy Drew game into a more robust game, it is taking us longer to re-adapt to the system and expand the design, add more characters, and new puzzle and UI features. I think the end result will be very exciting! I’m looking forward to when I am able to share more specifics with you." (April 5, ASB – Hidden Staircase Contest)

    April 16: "We haven’t announced which platforms MID will be released on – but when we do, it will be on the MID web page." (April 5, ASB – Hidden Staircase Contest)

    April 20: "Please note we plan on making an update regarding MID shortly, so hang in there!" (Email response to amelialeigh)

    April 26: Bold letters spell "update in days for midnight." (April 26, ASB – 89th Anniversary!)


    May 1: Release date pushed back to fall 2019. Pre-orders begin October 1st. Available November 19th.

    "We have an official pre-order date and official release date! Yes, it was originally set for fall 2015, and spring 2019, but as you can see – the work is evident. Check out the tease of character Mei, in her full 3D rendering in a 3D environment. Our team has a lot more work done, but we will slowly tease out more news, and show off more in the future." (May 1, ASB – Mei Day)

    A new letter to the fans has been released. "We believe we have one of the best Nancy Drew games on our hands. A journey that will deliver on both an emotional and mysterious level ..." (See May 2019 letter)

    Mei has new artwork and a new last name, "Parry." The plot description on the MID game page has also been updated. To compare with the previous plot description, see this thread here by WeepingAngel1.

    A brief video of Mei has been released. (Midnight is Coming! Introducing Mei Parry)


    June 28: "Hey all, have you seen the latest? The Hardy Boys are joining Nancy in Salem. What do you think of their concept art? Check out their full bio on the Midnight in Salem page." (June 28, ASB – The Hardy Boys in MID!)

    "Midnight is Coming! The Hardy Boys Return! Returning to help Nancy on another case, the Hardy Boys hone in on unexplained occurrences and aid in the hunt for the arsonist of the Hathorne House. With Frank’s practical sensibilities and Joe’s unbridled enthusiasm, they make an excellent team in search of the truth. The Hardy Boys will provide great insights and vital information regarding the investigation. You, as Nancy Drew, can depend on Frank and Joe’s assistance to shed light on the motivations of suspects and those that might be influenced by Salem’s dark past." (Facebook)

    July 19: Deirdre gets a new bio and new artwork. Mei and Teegan are now her cousins. (MID game page.)

    July 26: Lauren gets a new bio and new artwork. She also has a new last name, "Holt." (MID game page.)

    July 29: "[The ASH twitch party] was scheduled for Tuesday through Friday this week, but it’s all hands on deck for working on Midnight in Salem (MID) matters. Can’t say what we are working on at the moment, but it is important things for the game . . . Sorry for any hiccups in your plans, but we are looking forward to hanging out with you guys again after we finish a few MID projects!" (July 29, ASB – Changing Twitch Dates for ASH)

    August 2nd: Teegan gets a new bio and new artwork. (MID game page.)

    August 7: "I believe it is in the works to have physical copies, but they will be very limited." (Aug. 7, ASB – Lighthouses and Ashes)

    August 9: For unknown reasons, Jenna's name has been changed to Olivia. She gets a new bio and artwork. (MID game page.)

    August 16: New in-game artwork for the Parry House. "What do you think? And yes, this will be a day and night game. Meaning you will be playing both during the day time and during the night time. I cannot say how the passage of time happens, just yet, though." (Aug 16, ASB – The First MID Screenshots: Parry House)

    August 19: "The official trailer will be launched around the pre-order time." (Aug 16, ASB – The First MID Screenshots: Parry House)

    August 30: New in-game artwork for Alicia and the Hathorn House. (Facebook)

    September 6: "I honestly don’t know if the production team will be making a Bonus Edition this time. 🙁" (Aug 23, ASB – Hardy Boys in MID Merch)

    September 6: New in-game artwork for Judge Danforth and the courthouse. (Facebook)

    September 16: Info has been revealed about purchasing MID.

    - The price went up 2 dollars. Games used to be $19.99, now they are $21.99.
    - PC and Mac versions available. Only available on HER website.
    (Sept 16, ASB – The Midnight Price)

    September 20: For the past few weeks, screenshots have been released on Fridays on Facebook. This week features the "Luminous Infusions" shop. Last week featured the town square and Jason Danforth.

    September 27: For the past few weeks, screenshots have been released on Fridays on Facebook. This week features the cemetery.

    October 1: Release date has been changed!!! Pre-orders will start on October 15th, and the release date is December 3rd. (For an explanation why, see October 2019 letter.)

    There is NO BONUS EDITION.

    A new trailer video has been released.

    (For additional information, see "Pre-Orders for Mid: Oct 15" on the Amateur Sleuth Blog, October 1st.)

    October 4: New screenshots of inside and outside the museum. 2 things are revealed:

    - We can see the new interface.
    - There seems to be random citizens in the background.

    October 11: This Friday we get to listen to the main theme music for MID. There's also some sort of clip at the end. (Midnight in Salem - "Main Theme")

    <Thanks: DPL_93, cathwaitress, bumblebeex3, tsukiakari, MrsSleuth, ThriftyLizzie26, spyboots, mdetective12, MnmPeanut94, LadyCeres, vint_nancydrew, Carson.Drew, joeybafoey, Mydogtogo, Daae48, MegLiz, Cause4Panick, N.D.Nut2004, libby2130, amelialeigh, WeepingAngel1>

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    Wow, that is quite the timetable of communication/events. Kudos to you for pulling it together.


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      This timeline is absolute validation for upset fans.
      So there still is hope.
      Yes, I can be healed.
      There is someone looking for what I've concealed
      in my secret drawer, in my pockets deep,
      you will find the reasons that I can't sleep and will you still want me?