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    Has anyone made it through MID already and would like to share if HeR included a teaser for game 34? I haven't seen anyone talk about it online, so I'm wondering if they chose to include a teaser for the next game or to just have the game end with credits? If you have seen the teaser - can you say anything about what it is or what it might be? :) Also are they releasing back on a 2 a year schedule or what?

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    I have not played MID yet, but I have heard from more than one player that there is no trailer. Not a good sign, if you ask me.
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      There is no trailer, but the game leaves off with a hint that Nancy and Ned might be teaming up for a mystery in
      in the future!
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        No Trailer. I got the impression this was the end of the line.

        The game ends with:

        Nancy telling the Hardy's she would have to think about the joint detective agency.

        She then goes outside and calls Ned (who's voice actor was clearly busy because you only hear her side of the convo) she tells him she wants to go back to Austria* with him; no mystery just a vacation.

        *Mi'pu'mi Games is an Austrian company so I think all the Austria stuff was added just because of that.

        After the credits:

        They show the new her interactive logo, which is joined by mi'pu'mi games and toybox entertainments logos. They then play the old Her Interactive logo (with Lani's "dare to play" whisper) followed by the Nancy drew name and logo but it doesn't list a new game title underneath.


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          Did Little Jackalope say somewhere that another Nancy Drew game is planned for after MID? And, someone suggested Austria. For a moment, I can think about Austria...Let's see.... History. Music, History, Von Trapps and their situation, food, fireworks, various concert types for New Year's, and an opportunity to learn a little more German (CAP was awhile ago). Will we as Nancy want a full social schedule which includes the public celebrations as well as ticketed events? Could the oddball event happen? Could Nancy, who in a yellow hardcover, need to go to the barre and get ready to substitute for one of the dancers in the famous event? (This, of course, involves some mystery that someone will dream up for a game.) Strauss is in the air, the dancer is who knows where, and Nancy, gazelle-like, flies with ballerina bun hair... Or not. Nancy and Neddy could be sidetracked by some crime and never reach Austria...
          Have fun, and sleuth on: it's what Nancy Drew would do.


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            I sent an email to the new Nancy Drew voice actress, Brittany Cox. She told me that there definitely ARE going to be more Nancy Drew games coming, and that she will be doing the voice acting in those games.