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How Will HER be going forward??? (moved to correct board)

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  • How Will HER be going forward??? (moved to correct board)

    I enjoyed this game. I missed some things about the old games but what it all came down to was that it was fun again. However, I was a lucky one who didn't have any problems with gameplay. What game is going to be next? And has HER given any indication how long it will be until we get another game. I think that this is what will make or break HER. Nancy Drew games became so popular because HER fed our (the fans) appetite. We got two games a year. I think in order to keep things going with the fans, HER is going to have to produce at least one a year.

    What do you think???? Or does anyone already know something? That is the question....

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    I agree that they need to produce AT LEAST 1 a year. There can't be another 4-year period with the company line of "stay tuned for the next game. I have a feeling that once Christmas and new years are done we'll hear something about the next game.


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      I know we were spoiled by getting two games a year for a while - and GOOD games, at that. And I know that some franchises don't release games at that rate, or even at a yearly rate. It would be nice to get a new ND game at least once a year, but if HeR and their new list of outsource partners need more than a year to make a game, that's fine - as long as the fans are made aware of the fact so that expectations can be adjusted. (But please, HeR, be honest and let us know. Don't string us along for years. That's no way to treat your fans.)

      I DO think it will help HeR if they get another game out within the next twelve months, provided the next game is an improvement over MID. At a minimum, the next game should:

      1 - be free of typos and grammatical errors;
      2 - have a few more puzzles that tie in with the plot;
      3 - feature better graphics, at least as far as addressing the more egregious graphics issues seen in MID.

      It would also help if the next game is less "heavy", and less demanding for players with non-gaming computers.

      And on a customer service level, it would be a very good idea if HeR and/or DRI makes sure that people who order physical copies of the game actually receive them in a reasonable time. People are STILL waiting for their games, more than two weeks after the games were due to be sent out to those who pre-ordered back in October. That's inexcusable.

      If HeR addresses the above issues, the company can overcome the damage to their reputation that MID and the five-year wait have caused. The fan base is loyal and, I think, forgiving. We want HeR to do well, and we want the games to go on a for a long time. But if the above issues aren't addressed for the next game, I think HeR is unfortunately done.

      I'm rooting for HeR. But my hopes aren't set too high right now.


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        I'd love to see more games with a perfected engine and a more streamlined production and I've got my fingers crossed.

        In the meantime, I'd settle for a side game or something while they work on the main one. Like how we had the dossier games, but not even that. Would love to see some interactive fiction like a choose-your-path story, little low budget mini games to keep ppl interacting.


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          I would love another dossier! I do think that Her needs to give the fans something. A dossier would be really good option since everyone liked them and they're easier to make than an actual ND game.


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            A dossier game would be great, or heck, even just a little minigame like they used to do when promoting new games (I loved the dressup minigame for DAN!) Little things like that can go a long way. I really hope HeR finds a way to reconnect with its fan base.
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