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    Just wondering if there’s been any word at all about if we are going to be seeing a new game at any point? Any indication at all from HeR that they are planning something? Or any news about it MID was well received? I really hope this isn’t the end of the games, because I think if a few small kinks are worked out from what we got with MID, we could have some really stellar games....
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    I have not heard, but I agree I hope to see more games in the future! I personally enjoyed MID despite the flaws in graphics. :)


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      I really hope we get some news too! I miss speculating about the next game. I know a lot of people hated MID but I actually thought it was a solid game, even with some of its rough edges. I think the new game style could be really great if they refined it a little more.
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        I haven't heard anything about future games, but I know HeR has been promoting that MiD is one of the top-selling games on Steam right now, which, if true, is great for the franchise. I think there's hope for the company and the series, especially with the rise of a new Nancy Drew television series and appropriating marketing for these games alongside it. Here's to hoping for news on a new game soon!


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          I think they're fibbing about the Steam stats. There are websites you can go to which provide approximate statistics of how many copies of a game have sold, and Midnight in Salem is in the 20,000 - 50,000 range which is the second lowest. While that may be their best-selling game on Steam because of how late they were to the platform and how few sales they have on there, it's far from being one of Steam's top-selling games, and doing some quick mental math that's several hundred thousand dollars of profit after taking out Steam's cut. While that is great for an indie developer, that's several hundred thousand dollars to account for the better part of 5 years with no new releases, which ends up averaging out to be not great. I know they still were selling their older games during that time, but that's still a steep decline in profit.

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            Hi Will! Long time no see! 😀

            I haven't been keeping up with HeR since MID came out, but I wonder if production will slow down (assuming it started at all) now with the pandemic.
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              According to Steam there are 52-59% positive ratings, which is not great, in the last month only 52% of reviews were positive. Although that is better than the less than 30% of people on this forum (according to the poll) who gave 6 or more out of 10, around 73% of players on this forum gave MID 1-5 stars out of ten. There were also a number of people on this forum who asked for a refund, I'm not sure if anyone got it though and there will have been a number of people on Steam who asked for a refund. There are around 500 reviews on Steam, okay not everybody writes a review but even if only 5% of people who bought the game on Steam reviewed it that's only about 10,000 sales minus the refunds, A very small number compared to Steam's best selling games. After paying so many different companies for working on MID, someone listed them somewhere on the forum, there were a LOT and the work has taken years if HER are to be believed, then those sales will not have made much of a profit!


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                Mid was awful. I pray they return to the old game engine everyday. I also pray they get rid of all the unnecessary social media, unlocked, etc, and funnel money into making good games. They have poor money management skills. The game had lost everything that made it Nancy drew. Mid had no soul. And yes I would literally give my left arm if they would return to the old engine and make a new game where you could actually explore, and there were actual puzzles, but I'm holding my breath.
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                  On the Amateur Sleuth Blog, LJ has vaguely hinted that they are working. But it looks like a shift back to the “we can neither confirm nor deny...” nonsense, which is so ridiculous to me. This is not about government secrets, this is a computer game company. Just tell us something. I wish they would be transparent about numbers and reception and survey results. Just be honest!


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                    I'm on and off about wanting to know new games updates now. I used to have so much fun seeing all the behind the scenes on the blog and social media sites and now, it just seems so different to me. I'll still play the games from time to time!
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                      I also await any news of a new game. I'm interested. I'd be willing to give it a try, I certainly gave MID a try even though I thought it was pretty terrible.

                      I don't mind the new voice and I don't even mind moving to a new engine, but I didn't really see anything all that new with MID's engine. There weren't really more locations. There were more characters, I suppose, and townspeople but even when you talked to the townspeople they didn't face you or have any animation so that wasn't very fun - they were also all basically the same person repeated over and over. I think for outsourcing to a company that should have been very well versed with Unity it should have looked much better than it did.

                      Gotta say, the worst for me was when you'd talk to characters and they wouldn't really give you eye contact and were constantly flailing their arms in the air. What was that??

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