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    Due to current events in the world, I've been trying to replay my Nancy Drew games to keep myself happy! I recently finished Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and think this would be such a nice game to remaster! What are your top 5 games you'd want to see remastered or remade? Here are mine:

    1. Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    2. Stay Tuned for Danger
    3. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
    4. The Haunted Carousel
    5. Message in a Haunted Mansion

    Of course, I really like the spooky games and think that if they went in the direction they took Ghost of Thornton Hall in terms of graphics, it would be really, really amazing to play through!
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    I personally don't think they'll remaster anything any time soon, but if I could see five of them done it would be:

    1.Stay Tuned for Danger
    2.Message in the haunted Mansion
    3.Treasure in the Royal Tower
    4.The Haunted Carousel
    5.Curse of Blackmoor Manor

    Mostly a lot of the first five games I'd like to see redone for newer graphics. Also for the fact that STFD can be hard to download since it's so old a game, so having it remastered would mean easier to put onto your computer either through buying a download or hopefully being able to buy a disk for it.
    But I guess it would be cool to see how these games would look with updated graphics, not that I have anything against the old ones. The old graphics remind me of all the ones I grew up playing, so I will always enjoy the old graphics no matter how outdated they may seem!
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      Ahh, yes. I have recently found that I still love playing the Nancy Drew games! My list in no particular order:

      1. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Well, I'm actually thinking a part two more than remastered or something. I would like to see all four sides of the Malone house and see what Sally and the other characters are up to or something.

      2. Stay Tuned for Danger: One of my favorite games despite the fact I haven't played it in about five or six years... According to the game audio files if I remember correctly, there were lots of unused audio files including ones that actually explain some plot points. I would love to see more locations to explore and characters to interact.

      3. The Haunted Carousel: Like Ghost Dogs, I'm more liking a part 2 than a remastered but it would be nice to be able to explore everywhere and ride in all of the rides and seeing the behind the scenes of how things work or something.

      4. Creature of Kapu Cave: I love the setting being in Hawaii. Some of my favorite television shows takes place in Hawaii and I think it's an okay game but it would be nice if it's longer and more to explore and put an easter egg in it or something!

      5. Secrets Can Kill: I know they already made a remastered version but both of them were too short and some of the characters were better in the original in my opinion... Yeah, I just feel like there should be more to do in the remastered version than the original.

      I love the idea of remastered games and even update the outdated parts of the games if that make sense (for example maybe instead of having Nancy say I'm waiting for this movie to be on videotape, say a fake video streaming app or something!)
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        1. Stay Tuned For Danger: This is my favorite game already, but it would be so amazing with updated graphics (especially on the new unity platform, since it can support the number of characters STFD has). I would want them to add more necessary activities to make it longer, not like the remastered SCK, which was too short for its time. Actually I created a thread with STFD remaster ideas Here.

        2. Ransom of the Seven Ships: On the polar opposite side, this is my least-favorite game, but it could be alright with some changes. First, it needs more suspects! Then it needs to tone down the difficulty of a few puzzles to make them less pull-out-your-hair frustrating. And the villain needs to call Nancy 'Miss Drew' . I also think touring a tropical isle on the new platform would be so cool.

        3. Message in a Haunted Mansion: one of my top five, but I think that the only change that really needs doing is to update the character graphics. I love everything else about this game as it is- especially the music.

        4. The Final Scene: no issues- just that I love this game too and it would be so fun to explore that creepy, decrepit theater on the new platform. Also, more exploration, more activities, and the ability to eat concessions.

        5. The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon- the character graphics are my least favorite (well, since the first three games), so some updates would be nice- the Hardy Boys should look more like they do in MID.

        All in all, if they only ever Remaster one game, I root for STFD.
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          1. Stay Tuned for Danger. I already love this game in all its cheesy outdated glory, but I think it would be really cool to see a modern version of it! Even with the bad graphics the game still has a lot of suspense and grit, and I think updated graphics would do wonders for it. Maybe throw in a few more puzzles and tasks, and show a little bit more of the city too.

          2. Message in a Haunted Mansion. Again, this game is sooo good, just needs a graphics update. I also think it would be really cool if we could go out and see San Francisco, maybe get around by trolley. Also add a few more rooms to explore inside the mansion as well.

          3. Ransom of the Seven Ships. This *could* have been a decent game, but it needs a total overhaul. Ditch the third person scenes, add more characters, and get rid of the obnoxiously difficult puzzles (underwater sudoku has NO reason to exist.) Make Nancy more concerned about Bess, and throw in some sinister music to create more of a sense of urgency. With the new system, they could also make it so George can move around and help Nancy investigate, instead of just sitting around with that walkie-talkie the whole time.

          4. Shattered Medallion. This game also missed the mark and needs some major changes. A lot of the dialogue needs to be rewritten imo, because it's super cringy. Making the characters move around would also be cool and would help it feel more like a real game show. Also, give our boy Sonny a better story and more personality! He deserves the best!

          5. Midnight in Salem. I actually really liked this game, but I also feel like it had a lot of untapped potential. Fix the jerky animation, add more dialogue options to make conversations more interactive, throw in a few more puzzles and activities, and give us more snooping opportunities! There were so many areas I wish we could have explored more. Also, maybe take more advantage of the new inventory interface and have puzzles where you have to closely examine or even combine inventory objects. With some tweaking, I think it could go from good to amazing.
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            I would prefer sequels because they could incorporate Nancy's family and little friends into more storylines, but...

            1. Stay Tuned for Danger becomes More Danger in the Works and includes amusing convo between Millie and whichever twin is annoying her that day; rabid fans swarming the studio in hopes of landing the coveted role of 'Extra' on LOOL; access to relevant game tasks in every part of the studio; and clues in every room of the Eloise/Mattie apartment. We as taxi driver should 'follow that cab!' in the wildest virtual car chase in the virtual history of virtually forever.

            2. Treasure in a Royal Tower becomes More Treasures in More Towers and features crazed puzzles like finding +24K gold needles in haystacks in 300-year-old barns; Hotchkiss' take on COVID-19 (it was not a nasty virus!!!!! It was a mild-mannered germ that was lonely and liked parties. It looked for human hosts to keep it company...); and Dexter as regional manager of a bunch of hysterical I mean historic resort properties to which we travel and where we solve a mystery that involves all of them.

            3. Message in a Haunted Mansion becomes More Messages, More Mansions! and we have freedom to explore entire neighborhoods of mansions that have cool things like hidden passageways, kitchens ('cos we did not get even one bite to eat in the first MHM), and ghosts. What. If you think they are real, they are real.

            4. The Final Scene becomes Take Two! because as it turns out, there really was a brother. This evil twin did everything! Joseph was hidden away in the prop room at WWB, and only Nancy-- in her little series of sequels-- could figure out this absurd and puzzling little factoid.

            5. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake becomes Teach an Old Dog a New Trick. Nancy, who is both approximately eighteen and a hundred years old, learns how to train dogs for therapy, rescue, general good behavior, and adaptive tasks. Their headquarters is the store, and Sally comes back to supervise the whole thing.
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              1. Secret of the Scarlet Hand: This game has so much potential to be remastered. Give us more fun thing from the amazing Sonny Joon. More temple puzzles. A bigger museum to explore. A new character thrown into the mix would be lots of fun. This game gave us so much history on the Maya, it would be amazing to be remastered with a focus on a different culture. I am particularly fond of Incan culture and could see an amazing museum setting based on their history!

              2. Stay Tuned for Danger: For nostalgia sake, this game would be so much fun to play remastered. I love the ending of this game as it's so unique compared to every other game. Also, don't we all just want to see an updated diffusing bomb puzzle?

              3. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor: This game was a lot of fun but some of the scary parts are dulled down by low quality graphics. I'd love Ethel to be an actual character we can interact with instead of just scaring the daylights out of us when we are sneaking around and going down the slide. Also, I would love the ghost puzzle to be random and replayable. Finally, I want Brigette's Ballad to be integrated as part of the game, it's a beautiful song and could be a fun riddle!

              4. The Haunted Carousel: Why? Solely because I love Miles and want to be able to actually ride the rides. :) I spent 5 years of my life working at theme parks, I want to see Nancy go on a roller coaster!

              5. Legend of the Crystal Skull: I really loved the puzzles in this game! However, some scenes were dark and hard to see. I also think they could add more storyline to the game and explore more of NOLA.
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                1. Treasure in the Royal Tower
                2. Curse of Blackmoor Manor
                3. Danger on Deception Island
                Not five but these were some of my favorites i'd love to replay with updated graphics!!