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  • Mystery of the Seven Keys

    Hey guys! (I haven't posted on these boards since like 2007 so if I'm doing something wrong I'm sure you'll tell me :P ) but I just wanted to come on here and share some pretty exciting news. The other night I was going through the US Trademark Office website and stumbled across a new trademark from HeR Interactive titled "Mystery of the Seven Keys", filed October 12 2021.

    So heres what we know:
    Mystery of the Seven Keys is filed as a goods and service (product) and as "Downloadable video and computer game programs; recorded video and computer game programs".

    So its definitely for a game.

    Here's where it gets a little confusing:
    HeR has never trademarked the names of their individual games in the past. They have trademarks for things like "Dossier" and "The Cody Capers" which are series titles.

    So is this game 34? A new series? This is literally all of the information I have about it. Lots of people are speculating over on Reddit and Youtube and Instagram and I hadn't seen anyone bring it up here and have you guys be left out on it. Drop some theories if you have any!

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    I think this is pretty interesting! Not trying to get my hopes high or anything but a new game would be amazing!

    Also, if you look back and see all the other trademarks HeR had, one of them was DOSSIER and it looked like it's dead so I don't think they're ever going to make or finish Ships of Shadows but it would be cool if they make it back alive.

    Awesome observations! =D
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      Oh I really hope it’s a new game!! That is exciting!
      It sort of makes some sense that it could be a new game. So many changes have happened in the company lately, perhaps they just decided to trademark it differently this time. Either way, this looks promising for a new something
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        This is very exciting news, I hope we hear something soon!


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          I remembered a Nancy Drew book had a title that had something to do with keys, so i looked it up. The Clue of the Black Keys, the 28th Nancy Drew book. It takes place in Florida and Mexico and concerns artifacts found during an archaeological dig in Mexico and the disappearance of a professor. And didn't the clue to a future game that you could find in the bonus edition of SEA imply that there would be something to do with Mexico and Sonny? And isn't Sonny searching the world for alien artifacts which could be found on an archaeological dig? Ehhhh?
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            Keys, islands, Sonny;s seven artifacts, and seven ships. Would there be any connection between RAN, Sonny, that book, and this next game? Inquiring minds want to know.

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              I think you were right ...