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  • What are your theories?

    What are your top theories for game number 34? Do you think it will take place in the US or in a different country? Will it be with Ned? Will we see the Hardy Boys or Bess and George or will they just be phone characters? How many suspects?

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    Wild hare:

    - 4 suspects (unless you count the Mr. Woogle Wogle who has no mouth, claims that he left his life of crime behind him, and might have left a trail of crumbs)

    - Return to the New York apartment when Aunt Eloise is there. She is interactive, fun, smart, and helpful.

    - Since Burt was mentioned recently, perhaps Ned can be interactive along with his book friends Burt and Dave.

    - OTOH, we could solve a mystery for Ned and his roomie Burt. Is Dave there? If so, Nancy, Bess, George, Ned, Burt, and Dave should date and sleuth together.

    I dunno. Great question!
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      Well, if we are being perfectly realistic, my top theory is that there will be no game 34.

      But putting on my optimistic hat, I'd love to see a game set on a cruise ship. Maybe Nancy, Bess, and George go for a girls trip on a tropical cruise, but right off the bat Nancy notices signs of some kind of smuggling ring using the ship to get contraband into the US. It's up to you as Nancy Drew to investigate passengers and crew, look for clues in the restaurants and by the pools, and snoop through other staterooms and in the crew-only areas to figure out what’s being smuggled (and by who) before the ship returns to port.

      Locations (you use elevator or stairs to travel between decks):

      Deck 1 is the boiler room and engine and such

      Deck 2 is crew quarters

      Deck 3 has the grand atrium, a restaurant, and a bar/nightclub.

      Deck 4 has the theater and promenade deck.

      Deck 5 is passenger rooms (including yours)

      Deck 6 is the pool and access to the bridge


      1. A wealthy socialite tanning by the pool

      2. A cute guy on the promenade deck that may or may not have a little crush on Bess

      3. An annoying spring breaker at the bar

      4. Bess and George (Bess at concessions outside the theater, George saving a seat in the theater)


      1. A flustered server in the main restaurant, rushing to set up for dinner service

      2. The room steward organizing his service cart in the passenger hallways

      3. The captain in the bridge (I like to think the captain is getting a cut from the smugglers)

      Phone Contacts:
      1. Ned Nickerson
      2. Carson Drew
      3. Beatrice Hotchkiss (for smuggler stories of course)
      4. Some kind of coastguard contact
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        Another idea I had that I'd love to see in game form: Nancy is volunteering to teach summer classes at an Alaskan village school. But villagers keep reporting a creepy shaman wandering around the village, and then strange accidents always seem to follow…and those accidents are becoming increasingly more dangerous. It's up to you as Nancy Drew to investigate these spooky “mishaps” before it’s too late…and maybe even take a flight lesson or never know when you might need to know how to fly.

        • The Village (all walkable)
        1. The village school
        2. The village diner
        3. The cabin you’re staying at
        4. A mountain with several hiking trails
        5. The small village airstrip and hangar
        • Anchorage (you get a bush pilot to fly you back and forth, and there are cut scenes of flying by Denali and over glaciers etc etc)
        1. A large store where you can get supplies
        2. The general aviation section of the airport

        1. A permanent teacher, she’s nice enough but seems to be withholding information
        2. A student bored with village life and desperate to move to a bigger city
        3. A village elder who does not welcome outsiders, especially the nosy ones
        4. A bush pilot who has you help work on his plane in exchange for flight lessons
        5. A former villager who now lives in Anchorage and works at the airport