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  • Petition: Death in Greece

    Hello, everyone! This is my first petition and I hope I can write this without making it too complicated. ;) I'm a little bit detail-obsessed.... Sign your name in a cool way on your post if you like this idea and I'll add it to the list. If you don't like it, I plan on making some other petitions so check those out and maybe you'll like them. :)

    Mystery: I’ve always wondered why HER has made so many games that fall in to categories like sabotage, creatures, and treasure but made only one murder mystery. I guess they thought it was too violent, but I’m not asking them to make it scary and gory. Nancy wouldn’t even have to see the body. I was thinking that this time though, the victim could be a girl (because there already was a guy and I don’t want it to be too much like SCK). She could have been poisoned or something so there won’t be any “murder weapon” because I know HER doesn’t like weapons. Anyway, someone would call Nancy in to investigate and she would have to find out who killed the girl and why.

    Main Location: People have been suggesting this a lot, but a game in Greece would be really cool, a Grecian island even better. The international games are usually very interesting and Greece has such a long history! It's also a beautiful place and I have to admit I like when Nancy goes to places like Sangre Beach or downtown Kyoto because they are so awesome-looking.

    In-Game Locations: Here are some general thoughts on places for Nancy to explore...
    1) a restaurant
    2) a local's house
    3) a garden with olive trees and a lake or something like that out in nature
    4) those cool white stairs that connect a bunch of houses together -- I always see those in movies and pictures of Greece
    5) a marketplace

    Characters: Obviously, I’m not going to make HER’s characters for them. But just generally speaking, there should be someone Nancy is staying with, someone who runs the restaurant, someone her own age (maybe a guy?), and whoever or whatever (animals) HER wants to add.

    Miscellaneous: 1) Maybe the victim worked at the restaurant and Nancy gets a job there to snoop around. She could make food and earn money. This would be a cool chance to see some culture.
    2) Nancy should be able to spend her money on clothes, like in VEN. That was neat and the other games don’t really have that.
    3) I would like it to be suspenseful/scary like SAW, but not so much that younger players are too scared to play.

    1. TotoroRocks713
    2. Holls
    3. Titanicgurl
    4. Sumner14
    6. GetAClueGirlz
    7. emily
    8. Aimee
    9. heberchic10
    10. skittlesm&m
    11. Meggie316
    12. Nancy777
    13. MissEndeavors
    14. hat-dancer
    15. Nature Drew
    16. islander98
    17. band.aid
    18. Puddin5
    19. Corndog
    20. catsrok
    21. Hillionare7
    22. Its Stuck.
    23. Gummibear99
    24. ~SteelMagnolias~
    25. shorty5689
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    That's a great idea, I love it! I love murder mysteries, and your idea has murder without the gory details and weapons, so everyone can enjoy it. I would definately love to go to Greece for a mystery, and I really like it when Nancy has to cook - especially when she earns money that she can spend like in VEN. I think it's a neat idea to have Nancy work at the same restaurant as the victim.
    I hope this idea is made into a game, it's great!

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      Good ideas! Sign me up!

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        Oh I LOVE IT!!

        Sign me up!

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          Sign me up!!

          ♥Play a great game of Hangman
          ♥Or maybe sign a cool Petition
          ♥Why not do some Eliminating?

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            I, too, love this idea! Please add me to your list. This would make such a great game!!
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              I love Greece! I think I've signed almost every petition for a game in Greece haha, and this sounds even better! It'd be cool to do another murder mystery since the only one was SCK and that was the very first game haha. But the plot sounds great and I completely agree with your idea, sign me up!

              xo; emily


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                Cool! Sign me up!

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                  This sounds soo cool. It is like CSI but in a nancy drew way:)
                  Sign me up!

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                    Fantastic idea! I love it! All of the details are perfect. I am soooo signing.

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                      Great idea! I can totally see that becoming a game! Sign me up! :)



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                        That's a great idea! I like Greece and I think the game is a lot more intense when there was a murder and 'you might be next' :) In SCK, they didn't show the body, just a chalk outline (which is better than a body, too gory) so a murder in greece? Sound cool! Sign me up!

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                          this is definitely a fabulous idea! i love the details you have, i can almost envision it myself. sign me up :D

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                            Hey Ash! This is great idea :) You can sign me upp!

                            All the best
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                              That sounds so cool. Sign me up!
                              ......•*¨¯¨*•.Nature Drew


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