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Petition: Death in Greece

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    Wow. Great idea! Love it! Please sign me up!
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      put together very well

      i love the idea! sign me up
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        Hey! I really like your petition. If they don't show the body, or any gore (like you said), then I would really enjoy a murder case. A murder would bring in a lot of scare-factor and suspensefulness, so that would be great. I think a case in Greece would be amazing! Especially on an island off from Greece. I really like your ideas, so sign me up. ~Puddin5
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          I love murder mysteries! I don't even think Her would even show a dead body because all of the games are rated 10+ and TV shows that show dead bodies are usually rated 14 and up, so I don't think we'll have a problem with that. I really like this idea and it would be really cool if they had the ending like Stay tuned for danger where the culprit tries to kill Nancy. I really like suspenseful endings and that was a really good one. Sign me up!


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            Sign me up!


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              sign me up it sounds like a really cool idea
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                Totally sign me up. I like watching murder mysteries on TV (Ones that are not gorry like Matlock, Mystery woman, and Jane Doe) an I think a murder mystery would be awsome! Can my name be in Teal?
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                  this. is. epic!

                  this is epic! poisoning is a good idea because of no weapons good job. :)


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                    I think that is an awesome idea! love it!!! definately sign me up!!!



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                      This is a great idea!
                      Poisoning would make a good mystery for Nancy, especially if the poison was native to Greece. Sign me up!
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                        Awesome Idea

                        That is a really cool idea. :)
                        It would totally be fun to be in greece and the mystery could have something to do with greek history... that would be really fun. I also really like the restataruant idea I always love to cook in the games. :)
                        Sign me up!
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