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Petition For Less Gimmicks/Minigames and More Serious Games

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    Wow, what a wonderfully thought-out thread!

    I definetly agree with you. I recently played ASH and TMB, and then shortly after played MHM. What a difference! Though I actually quite enjoyed ASH, I felt really nostalgic about MHM. I miss the times when the ND games were just about mystery. Not location. Not changing characters. Not minigames. I miss the simpleness of the games, and there were far more suspense in the older games.

    Sign me up!
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      sign me up!
      like in ICE you had to cook and clean peoples rooms,and in CRE you had to get seashells for stupid face
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        Sign me up! ^-^
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          There are certainly some games with this issue, and it's painfully irritating (all the cooking!) but I think TMB did a pretty good job avoiding that. There were plenty of puzzles, but most were challenging and very on-topic. That said, we can only hope that HER will stick to this and that the next game will avoid theme-y puzzles unless they are directly related to the plot. Since the next game's plot does seem pretty mature, the indications are positive.
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            sign me up i'm done with all the redundantcy
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              Honestly TRT was my favorite because it was 1. Historical, Marie Antoinette and it had interesting background info on dexter that you wanted to find. Other games dealt with kidnapping murder theft threats etc. now it's like oh you lied and faked something but it's ok cause he/she apologized and everything is sunshine and happiness. I hate that and the game aren't like long because of interesting twists and turns and plot twists but now it's five puzzles that take 2 hours each to solve. I hate that! The plots have gone from long adventure to long kinda hidden-mystery games. It takes the fun out and what I wish to see is now its like oh we are going to Paris but we aren't going to allow you to see the eiffel tower or Versailles no you get to go to a cafe or curse of black moor oh your in Britain and London but sorry you can't leave the house. Sign me up I want old ND plots back!


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                SIGN ME UP!!


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                  Totally agree!! Some of my greatest memories as a kid, were playing ND games with my 3 sisters. I've grown up playing them. Everytime a new one comes out, I buy it and still play it with my sisters. It's tradition. Me and my younger sister were talking about this the other day...we miss the feel of the old games. They were simple (in feel) and so much fun. Sometimes I feel like HeR just tries too hard. The basics were best. Nancy Drew is supposed to be classic! She's not like all the other blonde headed bimbos! She's a detective. Detectives don't collect phone charms, or chase grandmas on jetpacks or track down monsters. They do real work in the real world. I think the games need to stay content friendly, absolutely. But get rid of all the added junk and lets get back to what ND is supposed to be about: mystery, classic fun and intrigue. Add me!
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                    Sign me up!
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                      I'll sign. I think that the games need to be less about Nancy and Ned, and more challenging for sure.
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                        Sign me up so I can add to the cause. I think if we get enough people to sign this petition, HER will notice and do something about it.
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                          Sign me up


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                            Definitely signing. I will plead for fewer gimmicks for as long as it takes. I like some of the mini-games, but don't like having to play them to move forward. Especially the speed games. Speed is necessary when you're diffusing a bomb, and timed events like those make sense. But the number punch? Yuk.

                            Please, please, HI - please make puzzles more relevant. There are so many things in every game we should be able to pick up, or ask about, that aren't used. And instead, there are these "tricks" that we have to do that are completely unrelated to anything in the game.

                            And please don't make me have to cook another thing.

                            - Another TRT fan
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                              Totally sign me up... me and one of my friends were talking about that and I get headaches when I play ASH!!!!

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                                I'll sign, sure :) I just have a few questions about what you're saying. First off, what qualifies as a "mini game" is it just a random puzzle that has no purpose to the game? If it is, I totally agree! I never liked things like Land Rush Renograms sodoku Barnacle Blast and Aggregation. I can understand HeR putting past mini games on her phone for the bonus edition but there are getting to be a lot of useless games floating around. Another question I have is that are you saying you want to go back to like the book menu type games? Because, personally, I think that TMB was fun but not great, DED was okay, but those could be a lag between really great games! CAP and ASH were great in my opinion and GTH looks fantastic! Well I guess what In saying is that if they went back to the book style now, it might seem a little cliche as well. I don't know what would have to happen to please most people on this point. But I totally agree that many of the interesting features aren't very interesting like Fast Foward conversations? Also I TOTALLY agree on the romance aspect you're talking about! Now with everyone suspecting a romance with Frank it's just weird. Ned should stay her boyfriend and just be there for hints not love. Another hint that I think is getting really cliche is The Hardy boys, especially Joe. I can't even call them in DED anymore because Frank turned into Cranky Franky always trying to be mature and he had a really weird high pitched aspect to his voice. Joe sounded normal but he got sooooooo much more immature than earlier games, bouncing around like a little un-housebroken puppy. He was so annoying! "Flabberworried!" "Deets!" "Wordmagination" I just wanted Joe to be the murder victim he was soooooo annoying! Not at all like past games! Overall, I agree with pretty much all your points! Thanks for readin my rant! Sign me up:)
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