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    I think they should do some more Nancy Drew games based on the books (for example: they did Secret Can Kill, Secret of Shadow Ranch, Stay Tuned for Danger, Secret of the Old Clock). I've read the Mystery of the 99 Steps, The Clue of the Broken Locket and others I can't remember! Sorry if there's another petion (SP?) like this! Also I think it would be cool if they did one about a famous singer like in the Nancy Drew Files book: Final Notes! Who's with me?

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    I agree. It seems those games had a better plot because they were actually from the original ND stories and Her didn't have to think them up really. I also think it makes the game seem more like an ND game knowing that the game you're playing is actually based on an original ND book. I've read and have almost all of the original yellow hard cover ND books and I love them! I would be very happy if they based more games off them

    So I will sign...obviously :D
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      I'll sign
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        i'll sign, but i think that they would have to change some character's and switch the culprit, otherwise people that read the book that it was based off of would know who the culprit was ( if they made it almost exactly the same as the books, which in the past they havent)
        yes, i'll sign for sure!
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