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  • Give Nancy Her Car Back!

    Give Nancy Her Car Back!
    Alright so after playing ASH I was real upset that HER had installed some sort of auto drive feature to automatically take you to were you want to go around town. To me that was a big downer, I miss exploring the town, I miss getting to meet people and not exactly knowing were your going! I personaly wasent that surprised when I saw that there was auto drive in ASH mainly because thats what HER has been leading up to, think about it In CLK you got to do everything pay for gas, change and buy a new tire when you ran over a pot hole, it was just so much fun! And then in RAN they took away that feature all together and all you did was ride around the island and now in ASH its gone COMPLETLY! Isnt why our beloved Nancy Drew Games are an "Adventure Series" So you can explore and snoop! I also think there should be ongoing traffic too (like in TOT)! It just makes it so realistic having to doge cars on the open road and trying NOT to cause a wreck! This problem also dosent only exist when driving but also when walking and doing anything were it finishes it for you (i.e walking, talking etc.)
    Please sign this petition if you believe that we should be able to explore as much as we want without having this new "auto drive" take us everywhere!
    Thanks to everyone who signs, reps, or even reads this, It truley means alot.

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    Petition to eliminate "Auto drive"-
    Petition for more advanced snooping-

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    I agree, I kind of like driving around a lot (even if I do get lost).

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      i agree! i had a lot of fun driving around in ClK...i would always just deliver mail half the game haha! ASH,, nancy didn't have a convertible...i think nancy should be driving around in a '54 convertible...
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        EXACTLY and it just something fun to do if your stuck with the actual mystery!

        @guineapigsrock- yeah I know I got lost 24/7 but it was still super fun!

        @group1girl- yeah delivering mail was my favorite especially talking to all the different charecters it was Great! I know I was really upset I pictured her in like a blue convertible not the car they gave her.

        Thanks so much for signing!

        Petition to eliminate "Auto drive"-
        Petition for more advanced snooping-


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          I love this!!

          Sign me up!


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            Sign me up!
            Send Nancy To Colonial Williamsburg


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              I sign!!!!!!!!!!!!
              I loved to drive, especialy in TOT with the other cars driving around!
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                Thanks so much for signing you guys My first goal is 15 signers! Thanks again

                @Needer Moo- Yeah I completly forgot about that! TOT was really fun I LOVE LOVE LOVED the traffic where you had to make sure you didnt run into anyone that was perfect!

                Keep up the great work everyone!

                Petition to eliminate "Auto drive"-
                Petition for more advanced snooping-


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                  me too!!

                  OMG sign me up auto drive isn't fair.
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                    @dance star1734
                    I know Auto Drive make you miss out on exploring the world around us!

                    Petition to eliminate "Auto drive"-
                    Petition for more advanced snooping-


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                      I'll sign! CLK was my favorite game for that reason! Well and Shakespeare, but yeah... Sign me up!


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                        Great point. I completely agree. I know many people are irritated by the driving, but I like it! I like doing everything for myself! Just like when in a certain game you click to walk and then the game takes over walking for you. I get so irritated when the game takes over for you, whether driving, walking, an action in the end sequence etc. I want to do it on my own. Anyway, I personally didn't like how much the game revolved around gas and spare tires in CLK because then I felt like half of the time we were busy working for money for the car which is irrelevant to the actual mystery. But I was okay with what it was like in RAN and TOT, and it was kind of amusing to drive with other traffic in the road. If HeR does bring back the driving though, I think other than using the mouse to move the car they should have the arrows on the keyboard be of use as well. Basically, I do like the driving, but I don't like the handling of the vehicle/s we drive. Or maybe if they made the road a little wider? Haha maybe I'm just a poor driver, but if it was easier to drive less people would have a problem with it. I suggest HeR has a map, where you can click on the location you want to go and you can be there, AND a manual car. Therefore, the people that don't want to drive can click on the map function which can be somewhere in the corner of the screen; and then the people who do want to drive can, you know, just get into the car! It's impossible to please everybody, but having something like that would appease those who don't like driving, and those who like driving. So atleast 75% of the people should be contented. Anyway, I do like driving, and I don't like the auto drive at all. Sooooo... sign me up most definitely! ♥
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                          Sign me up!
                          are you calling us



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                            The automatic car was quicker, but I prefer driving it around myself. Sign me up!

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                              @GetAClueGirlz- I know I hate hate hate when it just takes over while walking its like "Hey give nancy back!" No dont worry it not just you I crashed ALL the time (but it could also be that I just loved causing a reck ... either way )
                              Yeah see in RAN they had a map of gthe island in the resort but in TOT I got lost so so much! that wold be great you know to have like a little map in the corner showing exactly where you are and where are the places you can go! As for the auto car and no auto car part I think I understand what your saying like in the setting menue there should be a button called auto drive and you can select it if you want! that would be great!
                              thanks for signing everyone!

                              Petition to eliminate "Auto drive"-
                              Petition for more advanced snooping-