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What Happened to "For girls who aren't afraid of a mouse"?

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  • What Happened to "For girls who aren't afraid of a mouse"?

    Okay so before you all start posting negative comments, let me explain my self. I have got two reasons not just the title one.

    First of all, Nancy is scared of mouse? I mean seriously! She screams when she sees a mouse in TOT! I think that wasn't necessary. And how in games she says, "I don't know about this....." I just think I would like games when Nancy is fearless of getting trapped. It's Nancy Drew for crying out loud. When I think of her, I think of this person who will go into a dark room and be like "Oh how cool is this!" That is how I want the games to be more like.

    Second of all, Nancy has became really rude. She has been demanding things instead of tactfully asking questions. One example is in SAW when Miwako doesn't want to talk about her mothers death. I mean what sane person would? It is a touchy subject. Nancy should of asked nicely instead of making Miwako all emotional.

    I know that this is kind of an off subject but I would like to bring it out more. Now who is with me?

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    I mostly agree with you, especially on the second point. I found Nancy very tactless in that game. I understand that she needs to get information, but I think that she could have went about it better.

    Sign me up!


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      I agree with both of your points! Nancy is supposed brave, outgoing, and kind, but in some of the newer games she doesn't exactly meet up to those standards. Sign me up!
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        I didn't noticed that in SAW but in TOT she did screamed when she saw a mouse but she didn't know that was there and I think you're right. Nancy Drew in the games should be brave about the mouse and in SAW, she didn't really remember much about her mother and so I think she doesn't know how to feel.
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          Feel free to add me to the list(:
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            Sign me up, please :) Nancy definitely needs to have a bit more tact, and I definitely agree with you on the first point also, she'll venture into dark secret underground passageways but is afraid of mice?
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              I'm not afraid of a mouse!

              Sign me up! Nancy should be fearless, because that's what makes her nancy drew ;) plus yeah, I loved how she used to trick people out of information like in TRN.
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              For girls who aren't afraid of a mouse


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                Signing... There should be only one detective who's afraid of a mouse, and his name is Adrian Monk Also, yeah, Nancy has gotten more pushy lately. Perhaps she's tired of being all "goody-goody" and has been getting impatient with people, but it's no excuse to make someone upset.
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                  I keep telling myself she wasn't scared of the mouse; she was "startled". But I agree with your statements! Sign me up!!!


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                    Oops I forgot to add

                    Can you sign me up?
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                      I agree, sign me up!
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                        Sign me up!

                        Sign me up plz!
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                          thanks for signing!

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                            Sign me! Fors "It's locked", now this!


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                              Omg please sign me up! I agree with
                              you on everything
                              Kinda like how Nancy was in the
                              older games.
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