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  • Queen Mary Mystery!

    So, you guys, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA is alleged to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. I think this would be a great setting for a 1930's themed mystery (aside from CLK which was in the 1930's). Anyway, I was thinking the mystery could involve "ghost encounters", a few missing items from locked hotel rooms, and possibly a missing person. What do ya think?
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    I'll agree with this. It sounds like an interesting game. I personally have been to the Queen Mary so I think there could be an interesting twist to it. Good idea
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      Queen Mary Mystery!


      I would love to have a mystery with Nancy on the Queen Mary! I was hoping that Her Interactive would think about having future mysteries take place on a boat or a airplane! I like your thoughts for a mystery based around the Queen Mary...thank you for posting!
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        I agree! The Queen Mary is one of those unsolved mysteries I really enjoy. No one knows what happened to the crew, so it would be interesting to see what theory Her Interactive might put in the story.
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          This sounds a lot like the idea behind Ship of Shadows--and since it seems that we won't get that game, I'm all for this one.
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