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NEW "Game Suggestions" Posting Rules - Everyone MUST Read Before Posting a Petition!

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  • NEW "Game Suggestions" Posting Rules - Everyone MUST Read Before Posting a Petition!

    NEW Game Suggestions Posting Rules

    It has come to our attention that spamming is a persistent issue on the Game Suggestions board, as well as a few other issues. For that reason, new rules will be implemented to make sure that the board runs smoothly and that all thread participants are following the Her Interactive Message Board Rules. The primary change you will notice is that the "delete post" feature has been disabled. This means that members will not have the ability to delete their posts on the Game Suggestions board. This change has only been made to this board and not to any others of the forum.

    The following are the guidelines and posting rules for the Game Suggestions board:

    1. The "Delete Post" feature has been disabled. The reason that this feature has been removed is because of users bumping their threads. Moderators have witnessed on multiple occasions that many different members are deleting their last post and re-posting the same message to "bump" their thread to the top of the forum. Posting in that manner serves only to up the thread so that it is constantly visible, and that is a form of spamming:

      Do not post the same message more than once. Duplicate messages will be *deleted* without notice! If the same message is posted in a given forum numerous times or in multiple forums - it is considered "spamming.” There are many different types of spamming:
      - "Board Spamming" - the same message/question posted multiple times on the same board
      - "Forum Spamming" - the same message/question posted multiple times on different boards
      - Re-answering questions that have already been correctly answered unless it is within 20 minutes of the first reply.
      - Bringing up old threads
      - "Up"ping posts (bringing up your thread to the top of the list by posting it again)
      - Double posting on the same thread - any two messages posted back-to-back (with exception of cover pages).
      - Posting empty posts that just say, for example: "hi" or “You’re welcome.”
      - "Ask me for help" posts.

    2. Persistent "thank you" messages are considered bumping--members should not be saying "thank you" after each or every few contributors to the thread.
    3. Posting a closing/final "thank you" message once the petition is finished is fine (as it is a formal way of closing the thread and thanking participants, and is therefore not considered spamming).
    4. "Thank you" can be said in other posts within the thread if those other posts include other comments. For instance, if the thread starter is commenting on someone else's post or elaborating on an idea, then including "thank you" for the signers up to that point is allowed. The post may not be solely a "thank you" message. Furthermore, a post that is only a list of signers being thanked is not considered commenting or elaborating, but rather is spam. Users who post such messages will receive a warning or infraction and may result in their post being deleted (following the same procedure as any other form of spam).
    5. The list of petition signers may only be posted on the first post of the thread. There is no need for a signers update elsewhere in the thread.
    6. Petitions should be ND game-related. Petitions about the message board, the company selling merchandise or anything else that is not directly related to game content do not belong here.
    7. Petitions should be based on the Nancy Drew books, rather than written plot suggestions. Her Interactive has stated that they will not use story suggestions outside of the books, due to legalities.
    8. When you are ready to submit your petition to Her Interactive, you may e-mail a link to your thread to [email protected]. Please do not expect a response from the Her Interactive staff, as they receive dozens of e-mails each day.

    Petition Reminder:

    Please realize that the purpose of a petition is to agree with the idea being presented. Petitions are not for discussion or disagreement. Should you read a petition that you do not agree with, please do not post. Instead, you are welcome to create your own petition with your own idea as long as you do not mention a petition created by anyone else. This would be rude and subject to a warning. We all have a right to our opinions and we are all welcome to state them within the rules and guidelines that we all agreed to follow when we registered.

    Any questions about these new rules should be asked on the New Game Suggestions Questions sticky.

    Thank you and have fun!

    -- The Her Interactive Moderating Team
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