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New "Game Suggestions" Questions - Always Read the 1st Post BEFORE posting

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  • New "Game Suggestions" Questions - Always Read the 1st Post BEFORE posting

    The Purpose of this Thread:
    There are often questions about what topics are allowed for petitions, how to submit them and the general rules about petitions and other game suggestions. There are now new guidelines for this board to help answer those questions; however, posters might still have inquiries that may not be answered in those guidelines. So we've created this sticky to help. Many members try to answer petition questions but are not always confident in their answers. To ensure that members receive the correct answers regarding petitions and other game suggestions, this sticky has been created to answer those questions. Only moderators and administrators are allowed to answer the questions posted on this thread, as only these people can give the correct answers.

    How This Thread Works:
    This thread will be checked on a regular basis where a moderator will answer each question that has been asked. They will be answered in the order they are posted. The moderator will usually quote the original posted question and answer the question under the quote. The original question will be deleted. This helps keep the thread short for the moderators. As member questions are deleted, it sometimes appears that the moderator has double posted. Please keep in mind that many posts have been deleted in between. Moderators are not double posting and this is not to be reported. Please be patient and expect to have to wait for your question to be answered.
    Questions and answers will be deleted after about a month. Again, this is to keep the thread short and manageable.

    The Rules and Guidelines for Posting Here:[color=#EABA80]
    Rules for posting on this thread:
    Before you post here, you must read the NEW Game Suggestions Posting Rules. That thread gives information about the posting rules for this board and what sorts of petitions are not permitted.

    Do not post anything here that violates board rules. Anything posted here is subject to infraction. If you post something offensive/inappropriate, infractions will be given. If you are in doubt, don't post it.

    When in doubt, remember that this is a PG-rated, family community. Before posting a question here, you need to answer these questions for yourself. It is up to each member to read and answer the questions before posting on this thread.

    Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Posting a Question:
    1) Does it contain violence against others/oneself?
    2) Does it contain suggestive/mature/sexual/adult themes?
    3) Does it contain offensive comments directed at one group/individual? Is it an insult to an individual/group?
    4) Does it contain reference to cigarettes/drugs/alcohol?
    5) Does it contain foul language/bad words? (Any starred out content should not be used.)
    6) Am I REALLY going to use this content?
    7) Does it fully follow all
    Message Board Rules and Game Suggestions sticky rules and guidelines?
    8) Have I fully read, understand, and considered the above?
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    Originally posted by makosharkman
    hello I do not mean any trouble or harm or offence and I am not trying to break any rules.

    I am trying to mention some ideas foe some new Nancy Drew Games they could make in the future but I don't know where to mention them at so does anyone know where I can mention them at?
    This is the correct forum. Read the first post on this thread and the thread linked in that post, and then come back to this thread if you have any questions. Otherwise, start a new thread on this forum.
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      Originally posted by makosharkman
      okay then thanks for the heads up.

      and do they allow anyone to suggest new games they could make?

      also out of curiosity do you want to hear what my ideas were?

      Everyone is welcome to create a thread suggesting new game ideas.

      Moderators do not work for HeR Interactive but are merely volunteers on the message board. So while we, like any other member, may read your suggestion and find it interesting we do not have control over what suggestions HeR Interactive considers. You do have the following option to get in touch with HeR to share your idea:

      Originally posted by Rianna View Post
      When you are ready to submit your petition to Her Interactive, you may e-mail a link to your thread to [email protected]. Please do not expect a response from the Her Interactive staff, as they receive dozens of e-mails each day.


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        Originally posted by like2hike123
        Hello mods,

        I was thinking of creating a thread to discuss HeR's recent survey. Like others, I was glad to see a new survey but rather disappointed that the format didn't allow for more elaboration. So the purpose of the thread would be to respond to HeR's questions in greater depth and discuss what we would like to see in future games. Of course, I would only address the questions that pertained directly to the Nancy Drew games, in order to avoid chatting.

        Would a thread like this be allowed, and is this the appropriate place for it?
        We are discussing this to find the best place for it if Admin decides it is allowable.
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          Originally posted by veja View Post
          We are discussing this to find the best place for it if Admin decides it is allowable.
          Admin said they were fine with it and asked that it be on the Notes From HeR Interactive Board. I don’t think you can start a thread there so I did. Try to start your own thread and if it is allowed I will delete or close mine. Have fun with it!
          He has showed you, O man, what is good.
          And what does the LORD require of you?
          To act justly and to love mercy
          and to walk humbly with your God.

          Micah 6:8