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  • At the Sign of "Octavius"

    I've been scribbling and doing some research for this. I think I have come up with a great plot line that we could work with.
    Hope you enjoy!


    ++++++++++PART ONE+++++++++++

    "Red sky at night, sailor's delight...
    Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."

    Rumors and Inuit folklore tell a tale of a ghostly frozen ship. Just as a red morning sky causes a seasoned sailor to feel superstitiously uneasy, the sign of the Octavius would make him tremble...

    The Canadian Arctic is both a winter wasteland and wonderland, full of snow, ice, endless day, endless night, and tales of sea monsters, icy kingdoms, and a frozen waterway that links them all together...and the chilling specter that sails its waters.

    It is said that the Octavius was a fine merchant ship. It would only be in Her Majesty's Service for a couple of years. The ship's background is that the Octavius departed from London, England loaded with cargo bound for China, in the year 1761. The ship would have to take a long route around Cape Horn but it did successfully arrive at its destination the following year. The journey home would be a long and exhausting one. Pressed for time and succumbing to pressure, the captain made a drastic decision: he gambled on a return trip through the treacherous and then little known Northwest Passage. His rudimentary maps showed the route that was fabled to exist. But the Northwest Passage was a waterway that sailors feared due to its unchartered blankness.

    The Octavius did not succeed. It failed to navigate the waters quickly with the unfortunate consequence of having the ship trapped in sea ice north of Alaska.

    Then, silence... No one knew of the ship's fate but stories continued and crazed sightings began.

    The story of the lost ship only continued unabated until several years later. It had been some time since anyone had heard word from or even sighted the Octavius. It was assumed that she had been overtaken by the Arctic and was lost along with her crew at the bottom of the northern seas.

    +++++++++++PART TWO++++++++++

    In October, north of the Arctic Circle, the ice pack begins to clog Baffin Bay. On October 11, 1775, the Yankee whaling ship Herald was cruising off the west coast of Greenland inside the Arctic Circle. It soon became alone and becalmed. The lookout in the crows-nest was tense as he watched the ice floes around the ship.

    “On deck! - Ship ahead!”, he suddenly shouted.

    Captain Warren stared in astonishment, for there coming from around an ice berg was a ship silently coming toward them. From the bridge Captain Warren peered ahead at a three mast schooner drifting though the ice flows like a ghost ship. In the morning sun she sparkled like diamonds. Capt. Warren scanned the ghostly ship with his spyglass. Her sails were shredded and her masts were coated in ice.

    He put down the spyglass and turned to his first mate.

    "I don't like the looks of her," he said. "She's seen hard seas and I'd swear there's no one aboard."

    The bo’sun’s hollering brought no response. The crew of the Herald watched the ship come closer. A blanket of frost covered the hull to the waterline. Icicles hung from the sails, spars, and rigging.

    Warren ordered a longboat to be lowered and then selected eight men to row with him to the silent vessel. As they rowed past the stern of the icy ship, the men could faintly make out the schooner's name through the encrusted ice on her weatherscarred hull. It was the Octavius.

    When the superstitious sailors hesitated to accompany him aboard the ghostly ship, Warren ordered four of them to follow him and pulled himself up the collapsed rigging that spilled over the side like a torn spider web. Captain Warren and four of the sailors boarded the schooner. The deck was covered ankle-deep with frozen moss. The crunching of ice under-foot was the only sounds. They cautiously crossed silent moss-and-ice covered decks, not surprised to find no one on deck.

    They opened the forward hatch, taking a long time to do so. There was a musty sharp odor that struck their nostrils. The mate lit a whale oil lamp and went down the ladder. Although ice and snow blocked the companion way door to the crew’s quarters, they finally got the door open. Below the deck there was evidence of what had been human life.

    "Oh my God!" Warren whispered. There in the rows of bunks lay heavily clothed and blanketed bodies, apparently frozen to death - 28 of them.

    They fumbled their way to the captain's cabin where the nightmare continued; the seamen reluctantly following Capt. Warren. Inside the cabin they found the body of Octavius's captain, slumped over a table - its glassy eyes stared at them from a green mold covered face, and a pen still held close by to his right hand as if he dozed at work.

    There was a bed against one wall of the cabin. On it laid a frozen figure: a blonde woman, her eyes frozen open, and a pile of blankets covering her body.

    Warren then looked over at a small figure huddled over a small pile of kindling (pieces of furniture) in another corner of the room.

    “Probably the mate”, suggested Warren. He lifted the heavy coat and there was a frozen sailor and small boy. Their bodies told a tragic story. The sailor sat with his flint and steel clutched in frozen hands. In front of him a tiny pile of shavings, silent evidence of a fire that had failed to ignite. The little boy crouched close to him his face buried in the seamans jacket as if in pathetic search for warmth.

    Terrified, the men fled. Captain Warren grabbed the log book and handed it to a seaman as he jumped into the small boat to go back to the Herald.

    Back on the Herald again, Capt Warren called for the log.

    “What happened”, he demanded, “The middle pages are gone. Explain.”

    The seaman said, “They fell overboard when I got in the boat.”

    Warren examined the log book. The first page listed the crew and captain’s wife and 10 year old son. The next few pages indicated Octavius had sailed from England September 10, 1761, bound for the Orient. Weather reports and sighting the Canary Islands were written.

    The last page was dated November 11, 1762, 17 days after the Octavius had been trapped in ice at 75Ε North and 160Ε West. Then the handwriting changed, and told how the fire went out and how the master tried to light it but failed. He mentioned the death of the captain’s son, and how the wife no longer felt cold.

    Capt. Warren thought about it and checked the Octavius’s last position on his charts. That ship was ice-bound in the Arctic 300 miles north of Alaska - she had wandered the Arctic Seas for 13 years, and found a “Northwest Passage”, coming from Baffin Bay into the ice-choked waters of Davis Strait.


    The ship was never seen again after its encounter with the Herald. For after the encounter, the Octavius vanished! Some say that it had simply been carried away by the streams and wind in the night that fateful night. Others tell a much scarier story...

    And that was the other thing. After that night, the captain of the Herald searched for the roaming ship, but to no avail.

    As for the journal, it was never seen again...until it suddenly reappeared in Greenland.

    ++++++++++PART THREE++++++++++

    Nuuk had always been an unusual settlement, big enough to be a city of 15,000-- yet small enough to know everyone by their first name. At the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, is a small museum known as the Greenland National Museum. It's curator, Rلndal Gretel, is a humble man who loves his work and Greenland. Upon cleaning out the older sections of the museum's archives, Rلndal comes across an unlabeled box, stashed away and forgotten for decades. In it was what appeared to be a brown journal laying on a bed of brittle straw. The book is worn down and, upon very careful handling of the experienced curator, he opens it only to find pages of faded handwriting.

    It's the front page that amazes him.

    Anno Domini 1774

    As the curator glances through the hardened pages, strange notes and pictures are scribbled everywhere, completely filling each page, including the margins. Several watercolor pictures of the same frozen ship keep repeating.

    Until the last picture finally has a caption at the bottom:

    "June 7, 1783- I am truly haunted--the Octavius has been spotted again.
    Impossible yet--"

    On the same page are crumbled pieces of paper, newspaper clippings, and handwritten letters:

    "Icelandic ship SANDVطL reports seeing an unidentifiable "floating" vessel. Sailors reported that the sight was strange due to the curious nature of the ship's movements. 'Ship wasn't sailing--it was gliding'... Crow's-nest reported it was an iceberg..."

    "Lighthouse at Barrow Point opens--saved its first ship the first night, or so it thought--lighthouse keeper confused a ship-shaped iceberg as a merchant boat..."

    And the last thing in the journal changed everything.

    A simple letter with a hand drawn map attached.

    "Octavius haunts me no more! Praise the Almighty! Let it roam from icy grave to icy grave. At the sign of the Octavius, the red light will lead the way...."

    ++++++++++PART FOUR++++++++++

    It is early March 2013 and the Arctic ice begun its long process of thawing for a brief time only. But Nancy Drew is not worried about the ice. In the town of Iqaluit, the small capital of the Canadian province of Nunavut, she will have to meet up with the curator of the Greenland National Museum to start her investigation....

    After the discovery of the journal, the news that the possibility of finding the legendary "ghost ship" spreads like wildfire. A mixed team of Canadian, Greenlandic, and American adventurers and scientists have banded together to form the Terra Nova Expedition. The TNE's sole purpose is to further explore the "unchartered" sections of the Canadian Arctic. It's pet project, on the other hand, is transcribing the journal of Captain Hannibal Warren of the Herald.

    Already most of the journal has been typed up and shared with everyone. In it is a word-for-word copy (or so the journal keeper says) of the last pages of the Octavius's captain's log-book.

    Already a team of dog-sleds have ventured into the north, led by a former gold-medalist in the Calgary winter Olympics, Robert Gilling.

    Or so...everyone else had assumed...

    The national search for Robert Gilling has been officially terminated. Robert Gilling and his snow-dogs have disappeared without a trace.

    And since one of the largest donators to the Terra Nova Expedition (a rather substantial amount of money) is none other than the free-spirited Prudence Rutherford, the first whispers of trouble and a perplexing series of events causes Ms. Rutherford to ask Nancy to go up to Iqaluit, Nunavut,and to find out what was happening and why.

    But someone had different plans. The moment Nancy gets on the small Embraer plane, something is wrong. She would have been able to piece the pieces together in time---had she not been hit on the back of the head.

    Lights out, Nancy!

    But the trouble is only beginning. Upon waking up, Nancy Drew discovers that the "pilot" had abandoned the plane, leaving the controls to fall into chaos, and Nancy holding on to dear life as the plane begins to make a spiraling descent to the isolated northern woodlands.

    Brace yourselves!

    ++++++++++PART FIVE++++++++++

    Warnings are blaring. Lights are flashing. The Embraer is going down! As the world is spiraling out of control, Nancy Drew clings to her seat. Her head is pounding and she is having difficulty breathing. The crash was eminent in only a matter of seconds...

    The altimeter keeps registering a lower and lower altitude. This is not how I pictured myself dying, Nancy manages to think in a rush of near-zero gravity free fall. The air kept getting distinctly colder as tunnel vision began to set in.

    Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven...

    Frantic beeps and indicators flashed from the pilot's dashboard. Blaring sirens of chaotic crisis. Down! Down! Down it goes!

    Six... Five... Four... Three--

    The Embraer jet suddenly jerked in midair, causing Nancy to be flung forward in her seat. She bumps her head on the back of the seat in front of her. After the effects whiplash wavered a bit, Nancy was able to concentrate again on her surroundings. She could the humming of overloaded engines--but it sounded like the burden was being lifted. But she could also sense something else: the plane was leveling. One by one, the dashboard lights in the cockpit buzzed and then went off as the free-fall was jerked from a downward position, leveled out, and soon becoming under control.

    A robotic voice suddenly spoke from a systems speaker in the Embraer cockpit.


    With a wry smile, Nancy managed to unbuckle herself out of her slightly disheveled seat and to make her way to the cockpit. Everything was slowly returning to normal.

    P. G. Krolmeister had just saved her life.

    Oddly enough, the plane was still descending but now in a presumably safe landing pattern.

    Nancy Drew looked out of the wide cockpit view. Outside the sky was dusky. She could see clouds and, every now and then in a break of the cloud canopy, a sparkling and murky landscape below. Northern Canada was just below, looking deceptively peaceful....

    ++++++++++PART SIX+++++++++++


    +++++++++PART SEVEN++++++++++



    My Starting Goal is 25 signers. Thanks for your support!

    01) Baron of Braganza
    02) The Key Clue :)
    03) soulsistasleuth
    04) curlythepirate
    05) Gummibear99
    06) NancyLover1992
    07) ~Snuggle Girl~
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    This is an excellent plot! I really hope that I'm not the only one that says 'sign me up!!!'

    I've never heard anything like this and I can tell you've done your homework. This is such a unique idea!

    COME ON EVERYONE! Show some support!
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      Thank you for your kind words! I have expanded the descriptions and I am working on adding Parts 5-7 soon to show my ideas on the gameplay. Right now, I'm enjoying researching this "ghost ship"--it's quite spooky
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        oh yeah if ur a drummer heres your teacher lol

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          Wow that sounds like an interesting plot. I wouldn't mind playing it.


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            That sounds amazingly scary! I would definitely play it! Sign me up!



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              Sign me up!
              This sounds like a GREAT game and it goes back to how the old games were, being about ghosts and scary things!


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                Very fun! If this a petition go ahead and add my name to your list.

                Also, I've noticed you have a lot of intriguing plot ideas for games [other threads which I've read in the past], and I just want to mention that I would love to read these how these plots unfold further. Magic Library? (you have great ideas that would be a fun story, if you enjoy writing) If not, then keep your creative juices flowing and know that I enjoy reading your game suggestions. :)
                If I could report Midnight in Salem for being chatty, I would.


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                  Sign me up :) the plot is AMAZING!!


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                    Thank you all for your wonderful support. I have written two more parts which will be added later on today. Also, I am considering taking this story to the Magic Library to develop as a full-fledge story, possibly a Nancy Drew novel ;D
                    COMING SOON!
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                      Excellent idea! Sign me up!

                      Send Nancy To Colonial Williamsburg


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                        You had me at "Canada". Sign please! :
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                        (..(..*•-•´.Is Tiggers are wonderful things,
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                        ......¸.•´¸.•´.But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers,
                        .¸.•*¨¯¨*•...............•*¨¯¨*•..Is I'm.....the only one!



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                          Sign me up :) I like a scary story


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                            Sign me up!


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                              What a story! Great research! Sign me up!
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