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The Hound of Baker Street [Nancy Drew + Sherlock Holmes]

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  • The Hound of Baker Street [Nancy Drew + Sherlock Holmes]

    Based in part on Dangerous Plays [Nancy Drew: Girl Detective #16]


    The year was 1887. A middle-aged doctor, after receiving rejection after another, finally finds a small magazine that is willing to publish his little novel.

    The novel’s name is A Study in Scarlet. And the unknown author was Arthur Conan Doyle. In the small novel, Doyle created the eccentric and brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. The novel starts with the wandering Doctor John Watson, a wounded veteran recently returned from a war in Afghanistan. He is looking for lodgings—and so is Mr. Holmes.

    From there, an unlikely partnership and friendship forms between the two men.

    Little did Arthur Conan Doyle know the impact that there was to be on English literature when he penned the first story featuring Sherlock Holmes through of the eyes of Dr. Watson. The novel had been something in which he wrote in his spare time. And from there begin the tales of intrigue, mystery, mayhem, and brilliant deductions of the famous cases of Sherlock Holmes, both written---and unwritten.

    First London was abuzz about the detective and his unheard methods—then the rest of England. After that, news spread throughout Europe. Beyond that, the rest of the world…

    At the center of the stories was 221B Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes til he retired to the Devons to relish in the quiet and odd art of beekeeping.

    People fell in love with Sherlock Holmes instantly. Although Doyle did not have immediate success, he perservered with the brilliant detective. As both Doyle's and Sherlock's fame grew, so did the questions of his origins and many would travel to faraway London just to arrive at Baker Street to inquire about him.


    There was just one problem.

    221B Baker Street was a fictional address.

    According to Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson lived at 221B Baker Street from 1881 to 1904. But 221B Baker Street did not exist in 1881, nor did it exist in 1887 when A Study in Scarlet was published and the Baker Street house numbers only extended into the 100s. It was a purely fictional address – emphasis on was. Time marches on, change came, and Baker Street was renumbered, and 221 was revealed.

    At 221 Baker Street is the Abbey National Bank. They knew that traditionally 221 Baker Street was known as the home of the great detective. What they didn’t know was the deluge of letters that started coming in.

    And all of them addressed to a “Mr. Sherlock Holmes”. The Abbey National Bank received so many letters that they hired someone whose sole job was to answer the letters. It was their job to respond and send the letter to the appropriate law enforcement agency should there be a letter that causes concern.

    So far, there had been no such concerning letter…


    Richard Vaughton (age twenty-five, recent graduate from Oxford University, young, energetic, determined, and great admirer of Sherlock Holmes) has just been hired by Abbey National Bank as the “secretary to Sherlock Holmes”—Richard is assigned the room at the back of the bank near the mailroom. Already, there are piles of letters to sort through and to respond back in the carefully crafted voice of “Mr. Holmes’s secretary”.

    As Richard begins to work, he looks around his office and wonders why the man who had his position before suddenly (and without warning) left. People at the bank like to talk: they all thought that Phineas Evergreen was a bit of a nut anyway. He had taken his job with great stride. Then one day, and quite unexpectedly, he started to take his job a bit too seriously and a bit too far.

    Perhaps that would explain the sudden breakdown in the bank’s lobby in front of dozens of customers. Perhaps that would explain his lunacy when he began to yell “The Hound! The Hound!” before running out in the street and to never be seen again.

    Richard Vaughton tried to think about it. He tried to ignore the strangeness about it all. Only one other person was concerned as well. It was a customer who had been there the day that Phineas Evergreen broke down.

    The customer was Hugh Penvellyn. And he thought he knew what Phineas meant by “the hound”. For, on the night before, several people went for a walk along Baker Street. They all were stunned when a snarling and hellish shadow confronted them in the middle of the street. Hugh Penvellyn had been one of those confronted.
    What he saw frightened him…

    One moment it was there—the next, it was gone.

    No one heeded it any attention—until all the police reports from the different eyewitnesses had the same description of the strange being. “A hound! A hound!”….


    If there is one thing that Hugh Penvellyn knows is that in a court of law, when it comes to eyewitnesses, each describes an event differently. So for all the reports to describe the terrifying ordeal in the same manner, there must be a grain of truth in it somewhere. He becomes even more convinced when more and more people began sighting a “black hellhound with fiery red eyes” roaming in and around Baker Street.

    It caught London’s attention when “it” started to attack employees of the Abbey National Bank. The last victim was Richard Vaughton. And his story was the scariest of them all.

    He had been walking to his parked car when he heard a howl down the street. Not being the superstitious type and disbelieving in the rumors, Richard Vaughton thought nothing of it. He did, however, turn around to look down the street.

    He could see nothing. But he could most certainly hear. And what he heard caused him to start running in the opposite direction. It was the sound of a hellish bark and of huge paws hitting against the asphalt of the road. Something was running—running towards him. Suddenly, a giant black creature pounced from the shadows and tackled Richard from the back. He couldn’t remember much more beyond that.

    The last thing he heard was the terrifying long howl in ode to the full moon above.

    Richard Vaughton was found wandering aimlessly before someone stopped him and took him to a hospital. His clothes were shredded; he was bruised, and ranting about “The Hound! The Hound!


    London holds its breath.

    What was happening on Baker Street was something that they had seen before—or, rather, read before. Already, people are whispering about the greatest case that Sherlock Holmes ever solved: that of the Hound of the Baskervilles, with a hellhound exactly like the one terrorizing Baker Street.

    There is skepticism. That was just a story—wasn’t it? It was a work of fiction about a fictional detective. And yet the overwhelming sightings and reports are to the contrary. But this hellhound was far from any fog-and-mist-shrouded moor. Instead it was in a city of millions—and its attacks on civilians are growing weekly. Authorities have tried to hunt down this creature, it there is one, but to no avail.

    At that time, Hugh Penvellyn remembers that he too used to have a curse upon his home at Blackmoor. And he also remembers the young woman who solved it for him.

    Calling Nancy Drew….


    "The game is afoot, my dear Nancy Drew!"

    There has been another disappearance coinciding with another attack by the hound of Baker Street. This time it is an old Shakespearean professor.
    This professor has been teaching online classes, one of which Ned Nickerson is enrolled in. Concerned for the missing professor since the professor has become quite the mentor for him, Ned ventures to London to discover a drama that the likes of Shakespeare could have penned.

    Bring your flashlight, hunt into the shadows, but always watch your back. You’re on the trail of a mysterious hellhound who has seemingly jumped out of the pages of a classic novel. Sherlock Holmes was able to solve the case on the moor but can you, Nancy Drew, solve the mystery of the hound before you fall victim to its perilous stalking in the night?

    *A hound howls in the night*

    It’s up to you as Nancy Drew…



    My first goal is 20 signers!

    01) Baron of Braganza
    02) Kimi/Clover
    03) pfftxlovee
    04) Zaire Brïsbane
    05) CrystalDanger17
    06) Eponine
    07) cemetarydrive
    08) Mary Jay
    09) sunflower966
    10) ComicalCrafty
    11) Jokerbug
    12) cluegirl78
    13) horselover23
    14) criceloni
    15) FaithHopeLove
    16) crossover
    17) NancyandMiley
    18) guardianofhonor
    19) secretariat
    20) FancyNancy16
    21) corkybookworm1
    22) ...
    23) ...
    24) ...
    25) ...
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    Wow! That's all I can say: Wow!!! I would love a mystery like this. The whole tie with Sherlock Holmes is so completely fascinating? Is that true about the address and the mailing? Just curious! But great suggestion!
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      Yes, it is true about the mailing address. However, the bank closed down and now the Sherlock Holmes Museum took its place. I just thought the setting of the bank would be better so there isn't too much of Sherlock Holmes in the game.
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        Oh my goodness. You definitely did your homework here. I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and I really adore this idea. You've thought it out so well, and gah! I want it to happen so badly now.

        Fabulous. I could already see Nancy trying to channel her inner Sherlock.

        So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
        Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

        J.K. Rowling



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          I know. I've always wondered what would happen if the two should meet, even if only through the home where he supposedly lived.
          COMING SOON!
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            I found your list of game suggestions that you wrote. You are really talented. Please sign me up for this one as well. I'm a big fan of Sherlock :D


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              This was amazing! Please sign me up!
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                Wow, that was... absolutely brilliant! I love the research you information provided! And I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan as well - please sign me up!

                x - Eponine (you can use my username)
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                  Oh my gosh please sign me up!!! Love love love love this

                  {vatican cameos!}


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                    <------ My reaction to this thread. In a good way!

                    Never have I ever read such a cool ND game idea!!! I LOVE this! Please, sign me up! I hope you send this idea to HerInteractive, because this is brilliant.
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                      Thank you all for your support. The only difficulty that I'm having is finding a book based in London that could be stretched to fit this.
                      COMING SOON!
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                        Sounds awesome! I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan too so this would be so cool to play. please, sign me up!
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                          I've signed you up and I've updated the game description. I found a book that could more or less work with my idea.
                          COMING SOON!
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                            I love Sherlock Holmes, and the idea of Hugh returning would be awesome! Sign me up, please!


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                              I for one love Sherlock Holmes. I also love the mystery games I've played like Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper since it is also a very well thought out mystery game without it being about the hidden objects. (I hate hidden object games)
                              If HeR Interactive can pull this off, then I am all for it. Sherlock Holmes was a great literary detective in his age and Nancy Drew was one of the great literary detectives in her age. I think the mash up would be wonderful.