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Petition for more snooping areas!!

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  • Petition for more snooping areas!!

    Each game seems to be minimizing the amount of room Nancy gets to walk around. I miss being able to walk outside and snoop different (like 5) areas. I wish it came back. I remember Danger on Deception Island, we had another few islands or lands to visit and different activities on each. I miss that. These games are becoming a straight line: solve this to get this and "the end". I would love for it to be packed with things to collect, use, and solve. Our inventories are carrying less and less items because we barely need anything anymore. I have played ND games since I was 10. Thirteen years later, I still have a spark of interest but I want more room! More things to read and solve!



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    I'll sign :)
    One time I want Nancy to say "It's Unlocked!!!!" If you want that to happen too, copy and past this on to your singnature!!

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      Count me in, definitely.

      Deception Island was the first game I thought of when I saw the title. And Legend of the Crystal Skull- not only did Nancy have a large environment, but Bess also had her own mini one when you switched to her.

      That's one of the things that disappointed me about Tomb of the Lost Queen. You were surrounded by desert... and not just desert, but Egyptian desert. The ruins of a complex and fascinating civilization, and what could we explore? Two small tents and a tomb that became boring pretty quickly.

      Why bother working so hard to create a realistic, well-rendered environment when you can only explore 1/3 of it? If the developers are going to work that hard they might as well go all out.


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        I agree! I think having more room to snoop and explore would be perfect. It adds to the whole game, especially when you can open up a new part of the mystery! It can be pretty boring being confined into little space.

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          its so, so true! thanks for bringing it up!

          i sign!
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