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Petition for Sonny Joon to reappear again in future Nancy Drew Games

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  • Petition for Sonny Joon to reappear again in future Nancy Drew Games

    Since Sonny Joon is currently famous to talk about right now
    It might be a good idea to start this right now since it might be hard if I started it during another Nancy Drew Game's time

    For those who already finished MED, did you ever have that feeling where you wish there was more?

    For years we've been wanting Sonny Joon either to appear as another doodle or personally meeting him
    and we did meet him but I have some ( Don't Wants )

    Don't want him to be a disappointment to others
    Don't want it to be his final appearance in a game
    Don't want him to be forgotten easily
    Don't want him to be completely gone
    Don't want him to ( FIND SOMEONE ELSE! ) Bess is waiting for your answer Sonny!
    Don't want him to change characteristics

    We had a very good time with him in MED
    and we want more good times with him right?

    So, Her Interactive ( From what Bess said from the note in Nancy's Desk )
    Don't let a huge Sonny Joon fan down okay!! :)

    We can do this guys! For Sonny Joon!

    And maybe the second time he appears as an interactive character, he will finally and clearly explain all of our questions!

    And we'll also find out more about S.P.I.E.D and have an even closer look of Sonny <3

    And we'll finally have a Scifi Nancy Drew Game!

    - KokoKringle999
    - Det.JA
    - mdetective12
    - HappyGirl05
    - cDRO
    - DPL_93
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    I haven't played MED yet but just but watching the trailer, I can tell I'm going to love him. Also the first ND game I ever played was SSH, so I have a soft spot for sonny, I'd love to seem him again! Sign me up
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      We haven't seen the last of Sonny Joon, that's for sure!

      I hope he can come back as a phone friend or something.
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        Sign me up please!
        ~ MD12 ~


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          Sign me up! I loved Sonny, and would be very happy if we saw him again.


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            Sign me up! :)


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              I think Sonny Joon will return in future games most likely as a phone character at least in the near future. I don't think he will be forgotten anytime soon as there are always references to him in games. But seeing him in future games as an interactive character would be cool and something HeR can expand on so sign me up :)