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    Originally posted by disneygirl12 View Post
    I've been thinking that, too, although that makes me wonder; why would they want Lani to sound that exact way for so many games? I'm sure she's capable of sounding like Nancy's original self, like you said, but...yeah, I wonder why they would feel the need to make Nancy sound this way for such a long string of games. Did they think we would appreciate the seriousness and maturity?

    Now that I think about it, it seems that some fans really like when the games are mature. This is just a theory, but maybe HeR misinterpreted that and thought that making Nancy more "mature" (i.e. serious and less bubbly) was what we wanted.

    I hope we can see some changes in LIE. I miss the bubbly Nancy.
    Whoa. Mind-blown. Great point!

    (I read your reply to superspy2000 too.) But her being more mature wouldn't give her the right to be rude or uncompassionate like she was in your examples. Remember in CRE when she told off Craven for being rude? Now I really want to give Nancy the same speech. I too really hope her original personality returns!
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      Originally Posted by Royal Payne:
      While I agree 100% with what is being said here, I've been thinking about Nancy's voice change a lot recently, and I'm wondering if the voice change was because it was written in the script for her to sound that way. She's a very talented voice actress and I think that she can sound like that happy-go-lucky girl again. Like Veronica said above, the change happened around SAW, and right around the time of TOT - SAW was when they hired a new writer. I'm just saying that it may not be on Lani's end. Perhaps the new writer wanted her to sound that way for some reason.

      If you google the current writer, you will find his resume on one of the major business networking sites. It says his duties included:

      "Coached and directed voice talent"

      So it may very well be the writer who brought about the change in Nancy's voice, as the change happened when he was hired.


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        paperstreet: Great detective work. I didn't know that was in his job description for sure; I was making a guess. Thanks for posting that info. :D
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          I agree completely. I've hated the newer games, and this is a big reason as to why.
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            i feel this so hard. i just finished GTH and while it was a good mystery that really had me wanting to know what happened and the setting and everything was great, it felt so rushed. i haven't played much of the newer ones because frankly they all seem dull. don't even get me started on Tomb of the Lost Queen. maybe i'm just being judgmental, but as a 21 yo with rent and bills, i don't have money to drop on a game i don't think i'll enjoy fully.

            i've been playing these games since they came out (well, watching my older sister play them at first) and have been in love with them ever since, and like OP said, i will always play them, but they just seem to be lacking in depth and heart now.


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              i disagree strongly. no offense, but what games have you guys been playing? as far as im concerned the character interaction has gotten better! now i don't have to worry about a bad outcome, it gives me anxiety.


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                Yes you are exactly right with all your points, I miss too much from the older games, and decided to even voice my opinion to HER and email them. I got am email back and i'm just thankful that someone listened to me. I advice everyone to email them! Take action because I really feel like its the only way they will start listening to us loyal customers.


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                  Personally, I feel like the characterization of the suspects is a lot more interesting. I'm currently playing GTH, and the characters feel very "real." They each have a different perspective to the main story, and they have shades of grey to them rather than being 'This is the standoffish person' or 'This is the one who's really friendly to Nancy.' In ASH, I felt like the ability to play as four people enriched the character interaction. There was one character in particular whose storyline really affected me. I can't spoil anything, but suffice it to say that I was a bit stunned at the level of pathos this character had. On the other hand, Nancy's been subtly becoming a bit more harsh and interrogative. I feel like this is HeR trying to give her more personality. I don't think they're entirely successful. I feel like the ideal Nancy is interrogative when she needs to be, but at the same time willing to show empathy towards others. She should be a bit snarky, but not rude. She should be able to tell someone off if necessary, but 'confrontational' should not be her default mode. That's just what I find compelling, of course. Your Mileage May Vary, naturally.


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                    I wholeheartedly agree with all the points you make here. I feel like we've been distanced from Nancy lately because we have no choices or power over what she says or how she says it. I have noticed that we no longer have several choices when responding to suspects and I think that was an important part of the older games. I didn't realize it until you brought it up but Nancy does seem like she has gotten careless and judgmental in the newer games. She had a lot more emotion and passion in her voice and responses in the older games that made you feel connected to her. In the new games, she seems as though she is just going through the motions.

                    I've noticed Nancy is also less quirky than she used to be. She would say things to herself while I was snooping that would make me laugh and say "Oh, Nancy". But lately she seems to look down on people for being different or weird by responding in a judgmental almost snooty way, like saying "Ohhhkay" when someone says something that could come across as strange. The Nancy I know would relate to someone who is a little weird or awkward because she is the same way. She was more compassionate towards other people and did her best to try to understand them and help them in any way she could.

                    I've always used to look up to Nancy as a role model because that is what she should be. She should be a strong, independent, caring, and confident woman. She may be a little weird or awkward sometimes but those quirks are just what make her human. She should be passionate about what she does, FIN is a great example of the emotion that Nancy should have when it comes to solving a case. If your best friend is kidnapped, you don't just drive around and play with monkeys like in RAN. You question everybody, ask them everything you can think of, refuse to rest until you find her, and realistically you might panic a little bit which is very true to what happens in FIN. I really hope HeR reads these posts and brings the old Nancy back. I miss her emotion, quirks, and awkward moments, they're what made me feel as though she is me and I am her.
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                      I'm not sure if this is spamming, but I would like to bring this thread back to the front page especially with the new game survey opening. Lots of great points that I think people should read through :)
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