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Petition to Keep Lani Minella as Nancy's Voice

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  • Sign me up!

    When I heard the new voice my jaw dropped! I have been playing these games *for a dozen years* (edited). She is the iconic Nancy Drew that we all know and love. "It's Locked!" will never be the same again. Please Come Back Lani
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    • Even if it amounts to nothing, you can still sign me up! Lani Minella IS Nancy Drew! There is no one else...


      • It Does Matter

        HerInteractive has provided us with hours upon hours of good times; we've felt smarter, laughed, maybe shed a teeny weeny tear, but still have felt tough as nails! Why?

        Mainly the puzzles, fun stories, and crazy characters along the way.

        But, we could never have felt as into these games if we didn't have Nancy, LANI MINELLA, to ground us.

        To the loyal fans who have spent over a DECADE playing these games, I wonder how HerInteractive thought this would go. All the demographics and "play-testing with younger audiences" in the world couldn't have prepared them for the backlash.

        We love Nancy as Lani. We've supported her for years, because even though we get older and older, she's always Nancy. That's comforting, and keeps us buying the games, and having our children's children buying the games.

        Replace one of the crucial things that kept us here, and I predict a huge loss for the company. We, the steadfast fans of Lani, are the reason why HerInteractive is still in business.

        So, it saddens me, as I'm sure a whooooole lot of you, that they've made this decision.

        Hopefully, they look at all of our outcry's and actually listen. It would be a shame if it was too late.



        • I was devastated to hear Lani was being let go and that sealed it for me as well. I love Nancy Drew. It's been an amazing run but I feel like that's it for me. I'll still support HeR, but I'm not sure about buying anything. It's sad since I grew up on Nancy Drew


          • Sign us up, too!

            My brother and I have played every Nancy Drew game more than once! We love the games and Lani's voice. We were so excited for the newest game to be released, but when we watched the trailer, we couldn't believe our ears! Our beloved Nancy - replaced by someone else! We've grown so accustomed to Lani's voice especially when we hear "That's done," or "Still have to do that," or "It's locked," 50,000 times during a game. Listening to any other voice say the same things over and over again will make us want to throw our computer out of the window. We could never love another voice like Lani's. Also, we never get to see Nancy Drew in the games, so her voice is our only connection to that character. With a new voice, it will be like she is an entirely different character.

            Please don't take Nancy Drew, as we've known her, away from us.
            -Alicia and Gavin


            • I watched the trailer for the new one Midnight at Salem (think that is what it is). Not sure if I will be able to get used to this new voice for Nancy. I am used to Lani. She did great.
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              • I love Lani as Nancy. Don't think anyone will ever compare to her.


                • Please add me

                  Please add me to the petition!
                  This is ridiculous. They are making a huge mistake changing not only the gameplay of such an original and classic game, but the VOICE?? I get if the original actress was ill or no longer wanted to that thy would have no choice, but it makes me sick that she is still willing to be Nancy drew(the two are one, her and Nancy) after 17 years or however long I’ve been playing all these games! I will not be playing anymore if they are going to feed into trying to be like other games (which there are TONS of if people wanted something something unlike Nancy drew ) they need to continue to keep Nancy drew games as they were, PERFECT. And DIFFERENT. Now it’s headed towards being like a bunch of other games and it’s really sad.


                  • Agree!

                    I've half-jokingly said that Lani was the voice of my childhood. I was really sad to hear about it, and I remember seeing Lani tweet about how sad she was to leave. Please add my name to this list!
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                    • I noticed the OP said they weren't taking names anymore because the list is too long, but I'd also sign a petition to keep Lani as Nancy's voice. It'll be too strange without her :( I love her work and often notice when she's the voice of another video game character (like when my husband would play Skyrim). I've been playing Nancy Drew games since I was 10 (2001) and the changes to Bess and George always bothered me as well, so having a consistent cast would be nice.
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