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Petition for HeR to put the music from the game on Itunes.

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  • Petition for HeR to put the music from the game on Itunes.

    I really like the music in all of the games I have and I think her should put some of the music on iTunes or Google Play, or whatever people use. Now before someone says, 'you can buy it on the digital music store,'
    I would like to listen to this music on my iPod to listen to it whenever. Plus, I don't know how to download music from a computer to an iPod, I'm not much of a techie.

    I think it would be quite a process to put on the iTunes store, but like, I love most of the music from the games. You can also just purchase favorite songs and not 2 other albums from different games.

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    I'll sign! It can't be too difficult for them to put it on iTunes, and I would love to have it on my phone!


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      I do really like the idea, and you can totally sign me up! But personally, I probably wouldn't buy it because you can just convert a Youtube video (and every soundtrack is on Youtube) to MP3 and then download that off your computer onto your phone pretty easily. But I understand if someone isn't techie at all that it would be harder to do, though it is a pretty simple process if you get some instructions But sign me up, I do like this :)
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        There are actually a few tutorials on YouTube that tell you how to put ND music on your iPod, it's actually pretty easy!
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          Please sign me up for this. :) I LOVE IT!!! Hehe. Especially the part where I'm not pirating music in order to listen to the incredible ND soundtracks... Heh. I could just get them from the store, but iTunes would be a lot easier, and I would love to be able to just purchase my favorites.

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            I really like this idea! You can actually put the music downloaded from the HER store onto your iPod/iPhone through iTunes, but it's a lot easier to just buy individual songs instead of ones from four different games. Plus if you don't like a certain soundtrack from a game, you don't have to waste money on it to buy another soundtrack, since certain soundtrack come bundled together. Sign me up!



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              I would absolutely love if this happened! I agree with Hermes because I don't like every soundtrack enough to buy it. I would probably only buy the ones I really, really love, like GTH and TRT.
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