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    Originally posted by nancycluedrew View Post
    Have you read the new Nancy Drew comics? George is dating a woman in them so it is canon now!
    Holy cow I haven't read them yet but now I definitely will!!

    Originally posted by Mr.E View Post
    What?? That's awesome! My younger self would have gone bonkers... I definitely had a bit of a crush on George growing up. Her confidence in her androgynous style and her willingness to eschew conventions of female beauty helped me to figure a few things out for myself. It makes me so happy that today's young Nancy Drew fans reading the comics will have that kind of representation as they're growing up.
    I also had a little crush on George too and I'm also so happy with more representation!! Looks like I'm off to the comic book store XD.


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      I can buy George being bi. (Ouch, bad pun). I'll have to see if I can track down the comics anywhere around here. And glad to see that I wasn't the only one who had a thing for George back in the day.