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"Naaaaaancy, the mall is closing! Waaaaaaaah!" (Bess is distraught.)

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  • "Naaaaaancy, the mall is closing! Waaaaaaaah!" (Bess is distraught.)

    So you know that many malls might close or be re-purposed. Why should Bess' beloved mall be any different? Bess is hysterically funny even in her hysteria about the mall. But she soon gets over it and budgets a few extra bucks to drive to a mall a few miles away from her old fave.

    George stops laughing long enough to consider that the huge mall space could be beneficial for several community groups. She is now on the steering committee for 'Community Revisions and Updates'. This group is deciding which spaces are still usable, which can be enlarged or made smaller, etc. There are all kinds of things in nooks, crannies, and... because this is the ND world... newly discovered secret passageways. Bits and pieces of paper and information hint at mall scandals, wrongdoing, and skullduggery. This does not seem to be the clever work of a Hayduke adherent. This might explain assorted unexplained odd events that have occurred in River Heights over the years. No one has time or talent to sort, collate, and otherwise get a grip on the weird 'clues'. No one except River Heights native can figure out what has happened. George suggests that amateur sleuth Nancy Drew might serve as consultant for the group and then recuses herself from the vote. The rest of they group votes for Nancy Drew and 'The Lost and Tangled Threads' case is born.

    *enter Nancy Drew*
    What are you, one of the Hardy Boys?
    Hey. The Hardy Boys solved every case!
    (look for it in The Gourmet Detective: Death al Dente movie)