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One ND Book, MultipleND Games?

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  • One ND Book, MultipleND Games?

    I am re-reading Nancy Drew Mystery Story # 24, The Clue in the Old Album. (I remember the days when new ND books were possible. Now, I wonder... and I re-read the existing books.) As I go along, I see little things that could be put into a game-- or into multiple games.

    For example, the Gypsy music could be taken as the basis for a music oriented game and put into a created tale. The family connection to the Gypsy music could stay with the music theme or be part of a different created story. The car being pushed to the edge of the cliff could be a puzzle or challenge in a game. You might need one or more second chances with this one. The antiques and auctions might be fun for some gamers who like those things in real life. Could you outbid the wily doll thief? Would you know what is worthy of your money? The Clue in the Old Album was published in 1947. Ned, his school, and his job are mentioned. Ned actually banters with Nancy! This might make at least a few readers and gamers happy. There are other ideas that other readers might prefer or envision in games. How bad would it be if HeR used as many ND books as possible for as many games as possible? Would anyone object if this book or any other ND books provided material for more than one ND game?
    What are you, one of the Hardy Boys?
    Hey. The Hardy Boys solved every case!
    (look for it in The Gourmet Detective: Death al Dente movie)