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Of All The Worlds Nancy Has Been To

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  • Of All The Worlds Nancy Has Been To

    of all the world Nancy Drew has explored from Egypt to Japan to Irland and Hawaii and the Bamahamas Oklahoma and New York even a science lab in The Deadly Device and a Bording School in Waverly Academy but two other worlds Nancy should have a Mystery at is at a Mall and a Apartment or Condo.

    like the Mall Nancy goes under cover and works at one of the stores or shops or even food courts because the Suspects are people who work at the mall and the Mall is the only place Nancy can explore in the game I suggest you guys watch the movie Despicable Me 2 it may give you guys some ideas for the mystery.

    and as for the Apartment or Condo mystery Nancy Drew moves in because all the Suspects live there and the places Nancy can explore are the hallways and the Suspects rooms when they are not there of course and the lobby the swimming pool the tennise court the gym and the Wait Room and the Basketball Court and resterant's or a Barr that are a part of the building even the park nearby the place.

    and the mystery to the two games can be anything from Murder's to Theft to Kidnapping To Sabataged To Black mail or even Ghost that is up to you guys.

    and I may have mention the Apartment and Condo idea before but I put it under the name Mystery at a Duplex not knowing that Duplex is a total different thing anyway I hope these two idea will work out for inspiration.
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