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    I really enjoyed the Hardy Boys NDS game, and I'd like to see more games with Frank and Joe as the main/playable characters.

    Now that I'm married, I've thought that if we have sons I'd like to introduce them to The Hardy Boys as they're great role models.
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    I haven't played the DS game, but I wonder why they only made the one Hardy Boys game. It could be a cool franchise if they went that direction. I hope they make more, too, and maybe branch out to other platforms.
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      I third that. The Hardy Boys have enough adventures, books, and history to fill many games. If we are lucky, their general lives and histories will be included. We could play as Callie and Iola, the original and book girlfriends. Callie is a Martin, but Iola is a Morton and the sister of foodie Chet. We could have some fun if Biff, Tony, and Chet were along for the ride, the camping trip, the food fest, the terror, the boat ride, the [whatever they do with their chums]. We absolutely must have the amusing Aunt Gertrude (Gertie). With an aunt like that, who needs parents, schools, churches, laws, and chaperones?
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        Old thread, but I want to fourth this. I haven't played the Hardy Boys game (didn't have a DS at the time and not sure it would even be available for my 3DS now), but I would totally buy Hardy Boys games that are similar/the same in terms of style to the Nancy Drew games for PC. It would be super fun alternating between their characters and getting to be part of a 'dynamic duo,' so to speak.