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Live Action Nancy Drew Escape Room

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  • Live Action Nancy Drew Escape Room

    I am sure this has been suggested before, but it has been on my mind for a long time.

    Why not create a live Nancy Drew game? Escape room style, where you are locked into a room and have an hour to follow the clues to solve puzzles and escape.

    The room could be based on an existing Nancy Drew game, book, or something new altogether. Obviously, there would need to be rewriting around the conversations with characters and the expansive scenery. I imagine many fans would enjoy 60 minutes trapped in Henry Bolet's living room collecting glass eyes, arranging tiles in the Ca’Nascosta, or uncovering secrets in the old bedroom of Bridget and her friend the stars.

    These escape rooms could be span from a single room, for an hour...or even a full house, escape room experience that adapts the entire story of a game...