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A new baby for Nancy

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  • A new baby for Nancy

    Nancy and Ned have been together for so long that I feel they should already be married with a kid. I think that a new baby would be a good idea for a game and the plot being that the baby was kidnapped and Nancy goes on the run searching for little baby Ned JR.

    What do you all think?

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    Just saw this post. I kind of like her just being a detective and hunting for clues and the bad guys.
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      New Baby?

      This is an interesting idea; however, if the Nancy Drew series wants to create more mysteries with danger - they should keep her single for a while. Perhaps a conversation where Ned and Nancy talk about their future and mention the possibility of kids would be more appropriate at the moment. If you think about it Nancy is a planner as far as her never-ending task list, and it would make sense that the thought of what her future might hold had crossed her mind more than once.
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        I love the idea of a growing-up Nancy Drew! There would have to be context and a babysitter. Some of this might be relatable for real life parents who have grown up with Nancy Drew. It might be shocking, or downright unthinkable, for other fans. Here is the tip of the iceberg... To date, Nancy has relied on Hannah Gruen to help her with all kinds of tasks and chores. Hannah has provided competent and caring services to Carson and Nancy Drew. Hannah's efforts have made home life and work life possible for both Carson and Nancy. But what would happen if Nancy married Neddy (one of my dreams come true) and the married couple live in a separate space? Is Hannah a factor or not? Do Bess and George still hang out with Nancy, or do they have larger lives elsewhere now?

        - Does Nancy have enough knowledge and time to clean her own house? Would Ned ever clean house or do other house tasks?
        - Is it assumed or expected that Hannah would now take care of Carson's house and the Nancy/Ned house?
        - Does the also-aging Hannah have time and energy for two households? How would she feel about being expected to care for another generation? How many mysteries could pop up if trustworthy Hannah were not there and other, sly souls were doing dastardly deeds in the Nancy/Neddy household?
        - Is it assumed or expected that Hannah would be the natural babysitter who would never complain if Nancy had to dash out at all hours of day or night to chase clues and nab suspects? Would Hannah balk or silently fume even as she is being taken for granted? Would Carson ever babysit? Would he ever retire and have time for his grands?
        - Could a clever writer ever make it okay for Nancy to flit in and out of locations while basically well dressed but with a dab of spit-up on her clothes or a diaper sticking out of a purse?

        There are infinite other directions in which Nancy's unfolding life can go. Some might be more mysterious than others. Can fans ever accept a growing-up Nancy whose life might match their growing-up lives? Or, must Nancy be forever 16, 17, or 18 (depending upon which book you happen to be reading)?
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