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    they should make a mystery called Game Night where Nancy and he friends are either in her house or at friends house in another town and state or they could be on there labtops talking to each other like the teenager's on Unfriended and Searching and Unfriended Dark Web were and either way Nancy Drew and her friends are having a Game Night Party but things take a unexpected
    turn for the worse and Nancy has mystery on her hands the mystery could be kidnapping or burglary or theft or sabatage or murder or even ghost and no not saying the ghost has to be real this time but this idea could be fused with the other ideas I mention the game night mystery could be part of that suggestion I mention of doing a mystery about the headless horseman or even the Krampus suggestion to or even the one about Alians.

    anyway that is another kind of mystery I would like to see A Game Night Mystery and it could also be similar to the movie Game Night that Jason Bateman and Kyle Chandler were in that movie could give the people from Hertintractive some ideas and so could Unfriended and Unfriended Dark Web and Searching to.

    anyway cant wait to see the Salem Witch Trail mystery.
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