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I am all for Nancy being single!

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  • I am all for Nancy being single!

    I realize that I might have a lot of Ned Fans jumping down my throat, but please hear me out. There have been a lot of pretty cute single male characters in these games throughout the years, and I can't help but think of how fun it would be to be able to accept complements and light flirtations, but only if you want to. I think (for a while at least) Ned and Nancy should back down from a serious relationship (which I don't think they should have in the first place for two reasons: 1. Going back to the original series, Nancy and Ned were really just 'special friends', and 2. These games are about mystery, not romance [and at least 60% of gamers agree with me on that]).

    Don't get me wrong, I think you should still be able to flirt with and be sweet on Ned if you want to. They do not have to have a dramatic breakup or anything (if fact, all the better that they don't), they can just come to a mutual understanding that their relationship should be toned down or dissolved, on account of how Nancy never has time for Ned, which isn't really fair to him anyway. Also lets remember, they are young and there is no hurry for anything. I have heard some suggest that the N+N relationship should go further, like an engagement or marriage, but I am HUGELY against this, because that would necessarily remove the primary focus of the game from mystery to romance and be very distracting. I also have such a hard time picturing Ned as someone who would gladly let Nancy continuing solving mysteries to her heart's content, because I think that we all agree that that is where her heart really is: solving mysteries. And that's where our hearts are too- that's why we play.

    I do not like it at all when I hear some say that if Ned and Nancy break up, they will quit playing the games. I'm sorry, what?! Won't the mysteries still be interesting? Won't the thrill of meeting new people and expanding your historical knowledge still be there? Isn't this really the whole point?

    Of course, it is all for HeR to decide what happens, but if you want Nancy to be 'original', original Nancy had the ability to go to dances and gatherings with other fun guys (John, Don, Carl, just to name a few) and was not tied down in her abiity to talk to other young men because of a jealous boyfriend- and lets face it, in these games, Ned has been showcasing all of the hallmarks of a jealous boyfriend. When you look at it that way, a single Nancy is really the original Nancy.

    Like I have said, it is for HeR to decide, and I will respect their decision, but I know it would have given me such pleasure to playfully flirt with Colin Baxter ten years ago when I first played VEN (over the years, my views have shifted a bit and I would no longer choose to flirt with Colin at all, but oh, how fun it would have been ten years ago!)

    Anyone who has read my posts might have picked up that I adore Frank Hardy and so, so long that he could have his chance with Nancy, but I'm not going to give up Nancy Drew games if that doesn't happen. That would be petty.
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    I recall they got around Nancy and Ned in the Files by giving them a more open relationship. As they saw each other so infrequently they were fine to see other ppl in between. They were both young, saw each other rarely, and wanted to live their lives to the fullest so they felt it was not fair to get clingy. This backfired a few times as they both got very jealous of the other so also made it quite funny. I think they kinda explored that briefly in one or two games but never wanted to put Nancy in a position of disloyalty. Its an awkward balance where u have to show neither side is jealous and clingy and respects the others right to a full and diverse life, but also want to encourage loyal relationships. When is it open, when is it cheating, black and white vs shades of grey, urgh its so complicated :P

    I do feel they pushed the pair a little hard toward the last few games. Went from saying "I love you" on the phone fairly often to the big "I love you" chat in the last one with presents and things taking up game time. A more open relationship might give the gamer a chance to play more their way and explore a more independent Nancy. The player can choose between no focus on relationship, a little focus, or full flirty. :P Perhaps set Nancy's relationship status at the start like some virtual novels do? (I wont lie I tend to focus on the mystery but is nice to see the balancing act. Shows that relationships can be work as much as play)

    Its certainly an interesting idea. I recall a certain cowboy getting a great deal of attention back in the day :P


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      I recall a certain cowboy getting a great deal of attention back in the day :P
      Yes, and Dylan Carter from TMB is pretty popular too- I haven't played TMB yet, but I'm such a sucker for a handsome Brit! I think that I would engage full-flirty mode .
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      find out what I think of these games, and 30 others,


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        You express yourselves wonderfully!

        I would only add one thing: so far in the games, Nancy and Ned have not performed as they did in some of the early books. To date, they have not attended football games in which Ned, Burt and Dave play; attended dances at Emerson; gone on dates that involved sleuthing as planned or by default; triple dated/sleuthed with Burt Eddleton & George Fayne and Dave Evans & Bess Marvin. I would not mind the dating in a game. In the early books, nothing more than Ned and Nancy inching toward more than hugs and kisses ever happens! That is pretty tame. I do not know how to incorporate all the friendships within one game, but...
        Have fun, and sleuth on: it's what Nancy Drew would do.


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          I am all in favor of Nancy being single in the games.

          I don't like it when too much time is given in a game to romantic drama. I play the game for the mystery, the puzzles, and the assorted fun stuff like finding out bits about other places or even playing the mini-games.

          That said, it's nice to have a line or two in the game just reminding everyone that Nancy's got a life beyond the investigating. I like both Ned and Frank as phone friends, I don't mind either of them investigating (i.e. ASH, TRN, etc.), as long as it doesn't put Nancy in the background. (I don't like playing as either of them, for instance.)

          It seems like the games going forward could please at least most people, simply by creating an option - like, Nancy is talking to someone at the wrap of the mystery (where the letter home used to be, or the phone call at the end of MID). She says a sentence or two explaining the last bit of the resolution, and then we get a dialog choice. It could be as simple as, "Love you, see you when I get home", and the player can select whether that was said to Ned or Frank, or to Hannah or Carson or whoever by choosing a follow-up "Good-bye, (name)". The right kind of line would have a different connotation depending on who you choose, but it could let the player decide for him or herself whether Nancy was single or with someone. Depending on whether HeR wants to go there after SEA, you could also have Deirdre or Bess or George as choices.

          But beyond one or two lines in a game, I'm for keeping Nancy essentially single.


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            I never really gave the thought of Nancy being single to be honest. It always seemed like it was either going to be Ned or if they broke up everyone wanted Frank in the picture. Nothing wrong with that of course, but Nancy being single would be something fun and new to the games.
            As you said, it is not fair to Ned for her to be gone all the time and never be around, especially when it's a special anniversary or something.
            If they stay together, or if she goes to Frank, or whether Nancy decides to stay single if they break up, I guess I will be okay with whatever, but I do like the idea of her just being single if they do eventually break up.
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