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NEW: FAQ and The Purpose of The Game Suggestions Board

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  • NEW: FAQ and The Purpose of The Game Suggestions Board

    Hello everyone - we thought it was time to update this information since the boards have grown and evolved. We would like to remind you of the purpose of this board.

    The Upcoming Her Interactive Games Board is where you get to post your questions, comments, ideas, or hopes for what you'd like to see (or not see) in an upcoming Her Interactive game.

    Shipping Questions:

    If you have shipping questions, please visit ~Jinkies Nancy!~'s sticky here:

    Buying from an Online Store or Store near you:
    Wondering which online stores or stores near you might have the game? Check out the store locator. You can also call the stores in your area to see if they've stocked their shelves yet!:

    Written Plot Suggestion:
    Does Her Interactive take any written plot suggestions?
    McQuacks fills us in about that on this thread:

    Book Suggestions:
    If I do have a book suggestion for a future game, where would I post it?
    Please post them on McQuacks' thread here:

    Game Information:
    I found game information and want to share it. Can I?
    Please be sure to carefully read the following thread for important information regarding Game Information from other sites, links, site names, and "help" to other sites.

    Please realize that the purpose of a petition is to agree with the idea being presented. Petitions are not for discussion or disagreement. Should you read a petition that you do not agree with, please do not post. Instead, you are welcome to create your own petition with your own idea as long as you do not mention a petition created by anyone else. This would be rude and subject to a warning. We all have a right to our opinions and we are all welcome to state them within the rules and guidelines that we all agreed to follow when we registered.

    Thank you and Happy Gaming ~

    The Moderating Team
    Courtesy of Royal Paynes Sig Shop

    PROUD Mom of a magna cAm laude college grad!! AND a Game Design & Development college grad!!