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    Being involved in the book club, the books the games are based on, I have discovered something about our games.

    I could never quite put my finger on it but Message in a Haunted Mansion spelled it out so clearly.

    That book and game are so close. The creators of the game definitely got into the book and that was what made it great.

    Nancy Drew books have been around for decades and never lost their popularity. The same stories have captivated generations of men, women, boys and girls. All reading the same plots and loving them over and over again.

    I would really like to see the games return to the original plots of the books and follow them more closely.
    MHM is one of the best examples and it had everything in it that we love.

    We know which books the games are based on but the later games have so deviated from the original plots that it is a wild stretch of the imagination to compare them.
    I suppose it is to make them new and improved.

    Things like fads and such always make full circle in life. New things run their course but in time the old stuff becomes the latest rage. I hope that will be true of the ND games and future games will get back to the basics of the books.

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    I totally agree! Reps to you!

    but in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow.
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      Couldn't of said it better, Clueless, and I agree 100%. MHM had a great plot, and the villain was perfect. The puzzles and riddles have improved vastly since then, and together they could be phenomenal.
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        Wow, I agree with everything you said. I would love to see the games be based more closely with the books. I enjoy the older games better than the new ones for the reasons that you listed. Great post!
        ~ Ezra


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          You sure got that right. The games that closely follow the books seem to be the most popular. They are the games that we play over and over again. MHM came out when, around 2000. How many games that are 10 years old are still popular and fun to play? Like the books, the games based on them don't seem to age.
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            I agree with you 100%! The books were wonderful, and generations of fans agree, so it makes sense that the best games would follow closely with the books.
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              You are totally right! The older games did seem to have a lot more of a plot and more to do. The plot was more intricate and interesting. Reps!
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                I agree! =)


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                  Originally posted by Clueless in SA View Post
                  New things run their course but in time the old stuff becomes the latest rage.
                  Nicely said! Great subject to bring up, and yeah, I can see how the book plots in the games have gotten farther and father more "out there".
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                    Originally posted by Clueless in SA View Post
                    I would really like to see the games return to the original plots of the books and follow them more closely.
                    MHM is one of the best examples and it had everything in it that we love.
                    I'm so glad you started this thread! After reading MHM, I can totally relate to your feelings. The book clearly parallels the game, in even tiny details. You can tell that the game designers must have really enjoyed the book and knew it inside and out.

                    I've been really disappointed that the newer games have had very little (if any at all) resemblance to the books. I agree that it would be wonderful if the game designers could return to immersing themselves in the original Nancy Drew stories for future games and bring these wonderful stories to life through the games instead of writing new stories.
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                      I agree with you 100%!

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                        i soooo totaly agree with you on this.. ive read every nd book known to wo/man at least 10 times, if not more.. i like the more things to do idea. thier are also things nd would snoop in that the game doesnt allow.... i think we should have access to more snooping privlages... myterybuster signing on dotted line


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                          The Message in The Haunted Mansion was the first game I ever played back in the early days of Nancy Drew when the games were first being created, and still it is my favorite game. It does follow the book the best which gives the game more action and events, which are my favorite parts of the game. I noticed the games are getting more puzzle like and boring. Nancy is not a computer nor does she ahve to solve all those minigames, I really want to do more detective work in the games.
                          In fact, that is the reason why I joined to the community just last year. I had give her interactive multiple chances, I thought the games were going to get better, but ever since Blackmoore manor, the games have gone tremendously downhill and I believe the reason is that there less events and action. That is why i became part of this board.
                          If you look at the games, ND rarlely gets hurt or into severe trouble anymore, no fires, ND does not get beat up... Sure, it is rated e, but it needs some of that dramtic scenes otherwise Her is going to lose customers. Anyways, I agree with you 100% and I am so glad there is a petition, I was just about to make one and I saw this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou Clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have been a part of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                            I actually love the new games. I have not read a single ND book, so I don't mind whether they are closer to the book or not. The older games just....bug me. MHM was my least favorite game out of every single ND game. I could go on forever but I won't. I don't know which book it was based off of. but I find that the newer games get more interesting. I just started playing ND about a year or two ago, so I can see how I wouldn't like the older ones. I didn't play them when the first came out. I've never read the books, but I guess it would be kinda cool to have more of the games based off of them. All the games are related to the books, but I see what you're saying Clueless, they maybe could be more tightly related, more close to the books.
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                              Definitely. HAU is based on The Bike Tour Mystery. They have absolutely nothing in common besides Ireland, sheep (which appear about twice in the book), and a bog (which appears at the very end, briefly). It's a shame, because The Bike Tour Mystery is an awesome book, and a game that followed closely to its lines would have been great, and a lot of fun.
                              I agree with all you said.