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    Hey, guys!

    So, lately, many of us have been feeling as though the games have become somewhat... lacking. They're losing their actual detective element and becoming semi-irrelevant busy work. They're not scary. The mystery isn't as... put together or interesting. They're becoming slightly more farfetched. The characters are becoming less dynamic. (All that being said, I still love ND, and I always will.)

    The mysteries are becoming more.... childlike. There's less danger and thrills, they're less scary.

    Now, we all know that the games are rated E... but HeR tells us that they're really meant for 10+. This, of course, is due to the complexity of the puzzles. Anyone below 10 would generally have a very difficult time getting through a Nancy Drew game.

    But why should the content not match it? Why shouldn't we have a murder mystery--which, by the way, I'm sure HeR could manage to do without blood/gore. Why shouldn't we have Nancy get into a little bit more danger, a little bit more trouble? Why shouldn't the mysteries be... I dunno... risky?

    I think HeR should come out with an E+10 game. And if they don't want to do it, they should at least revert to the excitement, overall likeliness, thrill, and indviduality of the characters present in the old ones. HeR can make a thrilling mystery that's rated E. We know they can. Or HeR can make an E+10 game.

    Chances are, HeR wouldn't even need to make an E10+ game. But we want more interesting mysteries with developed plotlines and dynamic, interesting characters. And more scary situations. Like death threats.

    Now, I'm sure some of you are saying in your heads right now "but what about the fans younger than 10?" Thing is, 1. There are more people above 10 who play ND than below it. 2. Honestly, an 8 or 9 year old will play an E+10 game. Not a teen game. But they do play E+10 games. Besides, if an 8/9 year old is already playing ND and liking it, they already have to be pretty mature and intelligent.

    So by making a more mature or even E+10 game, HeR would not be alienating their audience. They would be pulling it back in. So many of us have been discontented since the relatively new games. They don't have the thrill or the snoopy-spy-iness of the old ones.

    I want that back. Some of those games (take the very first ND game, for example) would surely have been rated E+10. Or
    disarming a bomb in STFD.

    Not that they would necessarily need to make an E10+ game--I believe HeR to be fully capable of making a good, mature, realisitc, interesting game without having it be E10+ at all. And that's mostly what this petition is about. HeR can make us happy without necessarily having to make it E10+--but if they did make it E10+, I believe there would be more chances for interesting plotlines--like death threats? Quite possibly E10+. Near-death or scary situations? Again, possibly E10+. But if HeR can fix the games without making them E10+, then I believe that that would be better than making an E10+ game.

    The things that we find most thrilling are disappearing. And I don't want us to do the same. What if HeR keeps moving in this direction and loses their fanbase? That would never happen, I think... but what if, ya know?

    I want to solve this by petitioning HeR. This will take a lot of you. I want at least 200 maybe even 300 signatures before I send this in. This is asking them to repair and revert. If you want the old ND back (not silly things, like the menu, but the real old ND, her witty responses to the characters, her daringness, her love of a good thrill (like all of us)--then sign. Not if you want the menu back. That's not what this petition is about).

    There has been an ongoing discussion about this. You can view it here and participate in it there--cases for and against have been presented there, and you can submit your own 2 cents. I really want to hear from you guys.

    1. xo4evainlovex33
    2. monks9
    3. kittiesyayyy
    4.♥¦:emmy! (nancyluv13)
    5.ND Reformer
    6. rayofsunshine
    7. supersleuth25
    10. twilightxx
    11. *Nancy Star*
    12. -=-cassie-=- (*top detective*)
    13. XCrunner
    14. granola1411
    15. Claire (dolphin lover27)
    16. Detective L
    17. Cinderella
    18. HrdysRmyhmeboys
    19. TricksterSleuth
    20. horsesN'mystery
    21. --Shawna♥+Speedy (highlandgal19)
    22. little actress
    23. JennaDeblin
    24. ~.Girldetective12.~
    25. ballet♥detektiv
    26. MrsHenryBolet
    27. Bobbi H.
    28. lucky7777
    29. Smileyfries
    30. hippomaiden
    31. BurningHeart
    32. twilight1616
    33. 123456
    34. xMystery Girlx
    35. Kat (kitkat7)
    36. Monkey
    37. lexie (soccergirlrox)
    38. Colette
    39. cmills
    40. cutiepie1024
    41. Blondie 24
    42. Stella-Harpe
    43. whitewolf93
    44. artist2b
    45. golfgirl1
    47. mac.attack17
    48. horsesN'mystery
    49. asianrainbow
    50. bessrox (50th signature! )
    51. Kms
    52. HotdangFatima17
    53. GodsGirl82
    54. Girl SLEUTH!
    55. nanfan1314
    56. IceChick
    57. nancy super fan
    58. ~destiny'schild
    59. Nikki (KingsRider)
    60. briansgirl
    61. InspectorAlleyn
    62. GothDetective
    63. CrazyMangoGirl
    64. Jenny.872
    65. Nancy lau
    66. ndmystery
    67. Christina (beach-hibiscus)
    68. brewerbabe55
    69. OObubblesOO
    70. OzzyLusth'sGirl
    71. Anna (mysterygirl428)
    72. scissordanger
    73. Bob Lover
    74. HersheyKiss7130
    75. ♥~Tessie!~♥ (01glitter)
    76. emma99
    77. pizzamonster555
    78. Girl Sleuth ♥
    79. DancerSleuth
    80. doglover611
    81. nancydrewgamr67
    82. NDBlondie
    83. frankhardy13
    84. nancylove4518
    85. frisibe
    86. Kms
    87. stfbllgrl
    88. FieryHorizon
    89. mysterygal19956
    90. HappyGirl05
    91. mrskim
    92. Chaylin
    93. SmashyAshy13
    94. NoseTwitcher24
    95. Anne (NancySupreme)
    96. MonaJuju398
    97. mooxxcow
    98. NDfavs
    99. ConnectTheDots
    100. 100%CATLOVER (100th signature! )
    101. Anna (sci-fi girl)
    102. SmartyPants7
    103. CuteXxDetective
    104. MollyBolet<3
    105. Choco (kutlessrules)
    106. Born 2 sleuth
    107. Elinor (Elinor44)
    108. Cathy6329
    109. shaywe
    110. funky sleuth #1
    111. pickles60
    112. Sparkledetectiv
    113. ND23
    114. sarabarraxo
    115. Kara (cat)
    116. Zack (GuyNDFan)
    117. Sapphira
    118. Mystery Solver9
    119. blackbriar246
    120. Taylor Sinclair
    121. detective914
    122. Nancy Drew**!!
    123. ILuvKitties16
    124. wish4wings
    125. hgjk3
    126. EmilyOsment
    127. natgirl
    128. NancyDrew7522
    129. Tophat
    130. Gymnast207
    131. HistoryNut13
    132. Molbri123
    133. maddiemoo
    134. mysteryGIRL14
    135. USAGirl1093
    136. Kimi/Clover
    137. nAnCy FaN =]]
    138. Julie (That Potter Boy)
    139. Care (carebear7)
    140. ♥Birdie/oldfashionND!
    141. Ducky (Rubber Ducky)
    142. Niphrite
    143. megg11
    144. RoyalTowerLove
    145. buddy2810
    146. beagles2theend
    147. RetroDetective
    148. bc4ever85
    149. rose (musicchick23)
    150. Ailien(150th signature! )
    151. Elizabeth (nancygothgirl)
    152. summergurl2010
    153. Kristien35
    154. kitkatz128
    155. ilovetorun222
    156. ♫♪♥IrishGrl♥♪♫
    157. pepper8693
    158. Kinder101
    159. SleuthingStar
    160. Jugheadrunie
    161. Nightshade
    162. MrsJoeJonas2294
    163. Mystry Solver
    164. Dreamscar
    165. sunset.winters
    166. nancynut56
    167. Will&Sharpay12
    168. childofbodom
    169. beachgurl
    170. NancyDgirl
    171. Goosey
    172. Christian Girl
    173. nancyloverdrew4
    174. nancydrewrules9
    175. Lindsay (NancyDrew4Life)
    176. sleuth2
    177. Kinsayy
    178. frenchbella7.
    179. Bananagirl7
    180. blondie1245
    181. mysteryqueen13
    182. FHJHFan
    183. mysteryluv (mysteryluver14)
    184. Maudie (NanDrew78)
    185. mary (serranwrap)
    186. turkey1010
    187. georgefayne1928
    188. Nancy Drew 22
    189. Vintage_Nancy
    190. nancy rox 101
    191. Ms. Kitty
    192. Minimew
    193. dancer9000
    194. Cakesniffer
    195. Felicity (theBlueWidow)
    196. my puppy rascal
    197. ErinHunterFan
    198. Strike a Pose
    199. LallyO
    200. Cerise (200th signature! )
    201. Mel (cemeterydrive)
    202. TheBoletMansion
    203. Liz(Dog E)
    204. CandyStar
    205. Zbeckle
    206. imonlyatwin1065
    207. Nancy's Car
    208. Mar1114
    209. KCsleuth
    210. Cola (tokiomoose)
    211. Taloe (plmqaz102938475)
    212. CherryVanilla
    213. PANTALOONS <3
    214. Wilhelmina
    215. Brianne
    216. nancydrew2222
    217. nancydrewguy
    218. nikkiblue1111
    219. *SUPERLUCKY#13*
    220. iplikator
    221. Hotchick
    222. Nancy#1001
    223. irishdancer8
    224. Bubbajavascoob0
    225. pandabear nd
    226. WiLdCaT33
    227. gacsu
    228. lizzyoday
    229. tcroeck
    230. Crescendo
    231. smileyface48
    232. puzzle solver
    233. Hcg123
    234. snoopygal
    235. luvparis26
    236. English Rider
    237. Skittle (MinetteVictoria)
    238. Jessica (*sheltielover*)
    239. TheGoodFaries
    240. Asi23
    241. Twigirl2323
    242. Elanor (NancysSidekick)
    243. NancyFan81996
    244. detective girl8
    245. NancyDrewLUVER!
    246. QDrew
    247. 0114687
    248. cOMpUteRgeEk
    249. penguinsrock77
    250. Professor Snape (250th signature! )
    251. mercurial-angel
    252. MusicForMe
    253. Nancyfan 126
    254. fossilgirl
    255. wordskeep
    256. DetectiveBirdy
    257. Papel (ItalianBabe2)
    258. DancingQueen17
    259. N a t a l i e & M a g g i e { S p a r k l e S i s t e r s }
    260. Wish I Was Nanc
    261. somer01
    262. Songbird98
    263. Laura (Eep!)
    264. songofjoy
    265. Squirrels 1947
    266. Wynter (writer ♥)
    267. supersleuth25
    268. ~ TwInkKlEtOeS ~
    269. Amaryllis
    270. Bane
    271. GetAClueGirlz
    272. Lizzy (supergirl27)
    273. Girl-Detective3
    274. frankhardy13
    275. hotgirl24
    276. Sydancer
    277. Paco (pacofan92)
    278. poodlepartygurl
    279. glamourousgirl94
    280. dancer4life2157
    281. redhead431
    282. BEMlvsNANCYDREW
    283. GoofyGal
    284. DaLuvALorraine9
    285. Silver Rose
    286. geniusABBY
    287. Churchmouse
    288. Lucia322
    289. Mew_Sword_Spy
    290. HorseHunney
    291. party4567890
    292. Nancy Drew Cat
    293. dɛiȵɛiʀa
    294. TheBessYet1
    295. Cami (oceanianow)
    296. Poppy Drew
    297. NancyDrewFan113
    298. Magicstephanie
    299. Piperfreeze517
    300. Charlotte(SoulArmour) (300th signature!!! )
    301. -Rainwhisker-
    302. Monsieur Poirot
    303. ~Paramour~
    304. Princess gerbil
    305. Rose (TARDIS)
    306. Sarah (hamstergirl7)
    307. M i n t s i (mints123)
    308. Ebby♥ (Blondegirl14)
    309. DetectiveDrew24
    310. Miss Hilton
    311. Tori (torborip)
    312. Miss.Scarlett
    313. DetectiveDrew27
    314. charmedfreak78
    315. DetectiveCookie
    316. ndplayer3-Hillary
    317. Glamgurl
    318. Elinor44
    319. jdfan63
    320. ecdrhp
    321. modernswinger92
    322. ukiegirl365
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    324. sammeg
    325. like2hike123
    326. *Nancy Drew*
    327. idancebetter
    328. Cloudy is horse
    329. Horse Crazy42
    330. Ella (Horse Freak)
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    333. -->iFairy22<--
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    406. ♥ Noah (jumper chick26)
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    461. LolaWhite
    462. Isis Lou ha
    463. DetectiveSpazz
    464. Bootz
    465. ArtGirl
    466. ArtofM3
    467. *Shadow Sleuth*

    Edit: guys, this is fabulous! I love you guys all so much! We have 13 signatures so far. Keep it coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: we're definitely getting somewhere! 22 signatures so far! Thank you all for signing! You are the people who will make a difference to ND. Keep it coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: ahhh! 25 signatures! You guys are fabulousss! Love ya'll! <3 Blair

    Edit: omigod, you guyss! we already have 40 signatures! This is ahmazing! Keep 'em coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: wow, guys! 50 signatures already! Absolutely ahmazing! We might be able to really make a difference. Thank you guys all so much! <3 Blair

    Edit: wow! I can't believe it! 70 signatures already! We need at least 30 more before we can even begin to think about sending it in--but wow, guys, this is great! Keep it coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: Wow! over 100 signatures! That's so amazing guys! We're halfway there already! Maybe we can really get HeR to listen to us! xoxo <3 Blair

    Edit: 125 signatures! Wow! We're def getting somewhere! Keep it up, guys! <3 Blair

    Edit: Can you guys believe it? We broke 150! Absolutely incredible. HeR will have to listen to us. You guys are the heart and soul of HeR. I don't usually acknowledge amazing posts, just give them a silent reputation--a little private thumbs up, ya know? But someone here--beagles2theend--had a very eloquent and interesting post. So if you only read the first page, because it's a petition, and who reads signatures, then just please read this post. It explains perfectly what this petition is about and why it's so important. You can read the post here ; it's post number 147. Also, I think we may be able to push past 200, (maybe, gals&guys, if you help meee! haha) so I'll adjust our goal accordingly. We've got to force HeR to acknowledge us. Anyway, keep those signatures coming, guys! <3 Blair

    Edit: wow! 175 signatures! Absolutely amazing. That's 12 pages worth of signatures! Can you believe it? HeR will listen to us, finally. They'll see how many of their fans are pushing and they will have to listen, because they haven't for a long time. Anyway, keep the signatures coming, dolls! <3 Blair

    Edit: page 14, post number 197 by Vintage Nancy. Awesome. Go read it. Really. Go. hahaha <3 Blair

    Edit: we did it guys! We broke 200! Can you believe it?! 200 people have agreed with and signed this petition. Maybe we can scrounge up 100 more, yes? Whaddaya think??? <3 Blair

    Edit: wow! 225 signatures already! We're well on our way to 300! Keep it coming! I love and appreciate all the signers of this petition! You're the people who make change possible. <3 Blair

    Edit: can you believe it? 250 signatures! I lose count of how many pages' worth that is. haha. I was worried for a little while that we wouldn't make it that far, but we did it! We got all the way to 250! It's incredible. If you think about it, that's truely a significant number of people who agree. HeR will listen to us. They can't not listen to us. haha. Anyway, thank you all so much! I love all of you for signing and making a difference. I don't know how much farther we can go, but let's push it as far as we can! Keep the signatures coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: wow. 275 people have signed this petition. We've come so far from the little 13 signatures we started out with! It's unbelievable how far we've made it. We're in the homestretch, I think. We'll try and get 25 more signatures, and, unless there's a sudden flurry of interest, I'll send it in when we get to 300. I would love to get more, but we have loads and I don't know how many more signers we can get. Thanks so much to all of the signers of this petition for their support. We truly will make a difference. HeR can't ignore 300 people--of their closest fans--all agreeing enough to sign the same document without argument, right? Anyway, thanks so much! We're almost there! Keep it coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: WOW. This is beyond belief. 300 signatures?! We've made it so, so far. You guys are amazing; it's people like you who really can make a difference. With 300 voices adding to this song, it'll create a melody that HeR can't ignore. I can't believe it! I'm just ecstatic. Any changes that result from this are just as much from me as every single one of you. Because you lend this petition a voice. Without your voice, it's just meaningless words. But when you sign it, all of that changes. I am so happy that we've come so far. I don't know whether I should email it yet. I think I'll leave it up. Just in case. haha. Anyway! You guys are incredible and I'm glad that I was able to garner so much support from people like you. Without you, nothing is possible. humbly, Blair. (<3)

    Edit: Wow. I didn't know if we would get any more signatures after 300, but we are! I'm so pleased! On page 21, post 311 (wow) is an interesting post by -Rainwhisker-. I enjoyed reading it; maybe you will, too. <3 Blair

    Edit: we've already broken 325! Wow. I think if we keep pushing, we can definitely make it to 400, would you say so, dahlings? I'm glad that I've created something that has a real following, that's really significant, that HeR might listen to. If you'll notice, a few of these petitions have also popped up. While it's partly annoying, it's also pretty satisfying, because it means that a lot of people really agree with the ideas here. That's what a petition is about. Anyway, I'm so happy and thankful to everyone who's signed so far. I love/thank you all very much, because we can make a difference, and by putting your signature here, you've chosen to recognize that. Oh, and page 23, post 399 by Horse Crazy42--go read it. Page 23 (wow) has a lot of good posts. humbly and with <3, Blair.

    Edit: we've broken 350!!! We're well on our way to 400! Keep 'em cominggg! <3 Blair

    Edit: I know I'm writing this before we reach 375, but I just wanted to mention a couple of things. First: How I plan to send this in. I'll email the link to HeR, with a detailed, well-written, and well-thought-out argument why this idea should be considered. As proof/back-up, I'll also link the similar petitions that've popped up (I will ask their authors to make sure it's okay, but I'm pretty confident it will be). They'll know how important this is to people here. (This was ILoveyouWilliam's idea, post 377 on page 26... a really good one, too!) I'll also link them to the discussion, with the suggestion that they read through it. It'll say at the top of this petition when it's been emailed, and I'll post what I emailed and HeR's reply(s). Okay, and last thing, a couple of amazing posts I saw, both on page 26: 382 (BurningHeart) and 384 (PuNkSleuth<3). That's all for now! Keep the signatures coming! <3 Blair

    Edit: phew! that was a lot of signatures to add. I'm sorry about my absence. I've been crazyyy busy. [can you believe school is in a month?] While I was gone, we broke one goal and we're close to breaking the next! Can you believe our progress?! HeR is even replaying TRT [the collective fave game, I think... or at least my faveee! haha] for inspiration! Wow. We really can make a difference. Keep the signatures coming, guysss! <3 Blair

    I will darken the reached goals:

    10 signatures
    15 signatures
    20 signatures
    25 signatures
    30 signatures
    40 signatures
    50 signatures
    60 signatures
    70 signatures
    80 signatures
    90 signatures
    100 signatures
    125 sigantures
    150 signatures
    175 signatures
    200 signatures
    225 signatures
    250 signatures
    275 signatures
    300 signatures
    325 signatures
    350 signatures
    375 signatures
    400 signatures
    425 signatures
    450 signatures

    Hopefully we'll be able to change ND for the better through my petition.

    Thanks, guys&girls.

    -Blair <3

    May 16th, 2010--hey, guys! I just logged back onto HeR for the first time in agess! Wow! Pages and pages more signatures! It's been nearly a year since this petition was originally posted, and there's simply too many signatures for me to add them all since I last logged in (sorry about that..haha). But wow! An absolutely insane amount of responses! Keep signing, but I won't be adding signatures anymore, since it's just too much work.

    You guys are beyonddd amazing!

    -love, love, love!
    <3 Blair
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      sign me upp! :D


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          I agree 110%!

          ( this is the last time i say it's been you all along. )
          ( this is the last time i won't hurt you anymore. )

          6 years on HeR! ♥
          thank you, lostie!


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            I agree 100%. They are going to lose their fanbase if they keep on doing this, then no more nancy drew for anyone because they will not be making money. Acutally, a bew days ago, i made a petition for this exact same cause(you should sign it if havent.) I was getting fet up and something needed to be donw, and i am finally taking inituative and doing it. Hence why I have the screen name ND Reformer, (Nancy Drew Reformer) i wanted to make a difference and help reform the games back to the basics like Cluesses in Sa's petition. Anyways sign me up.
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            • #7
              I agree 100%+ HER needs to up their game and make the games more interesting. So sign me up rayofsunshine
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              • #8
                i agree. sign me up!!!!
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                ............,·´¨¯¨`·¸.·´......coming back to us
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                • #9
                  I agree completely. Besides, these days many children below 10 are even playing T games. I miss the thrill that the first few games brought us. sign me up!

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                  • #10
                    sign me up! I want the old ND back!


                    • #11
                      sign me up! i miss getting scared out of my wits...nancy drew is beginning to get a little boring..
                      oɹʇəɯ uoıʇɐʇs


                      • #12
                        Great post! I'm sure you'll get enough signatures to send it in, and hopefully HER will listen...

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                        • #13
                          sign me up! i miss almost having a heart attack when something scares me
                          almost to death!! If a moderator or someone way up there on the top of
                          the food chain is readin this, you should take this seriously because you
                          may lose your fan base, and that may include the signers of this petition!
                          we dont want them to change the great old ways into something boring
                          and not fun, no one wants that! change is good, but not everything
                          needs to be different! Blair(aka kittylove112) you have my full support and
                          you are not alone, everyone wants the real nancy drew!

                          Last edited by *top detective*; June 21, 2009, 09:37 AM.
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                          • #14
                            Agreed. I'll sign.


                            • #15
                              I totally agree 110% please sign me up! Great petition idea and reps to you! :)
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