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~Petition for the Games to REALLY Be Based on the Books~

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    Totally agree...sign me up!

    ndplayer3 (Hillary)
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      I totally agree!!! I wish there were more original ND games!!
      I will definatley sign!
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        Originally posted by meatloafbandit
        While HAU was very good, the only resemblance it has to The Bike Tour Mystery is that it's in Ireland!
        Yes, The Bike Tour Mystery is one of my favourites. I wish H was based more closely on it. :(

        I'll sign! I think it's a great idea!



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          I would like to sign! Great idea. The closest game to the actual book in my opinion is SHA.

          - pizzamonster555/Pizza
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            I like it I think they should be based on the origanal books I ahve read them all. Sign me up
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              Sign Me Up

              You got my vote!!!

              1.Ive heard Secrets that Kill
              2.Stayed Tuned for Danger
              3.Recieved a Message in a Haunted Mansion
              4.Climbed the Tower to find Royal Treasure
              5.Starred in the Final Scene
              6.Held the Secret of the Scarlet Hand
              7.Tamed the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
              8.Rode the Haunted Carousel
              9.Swam through Danger on Deception Island
              10.Heard the Secret of Shadow Ranch
              11.Was Cursed by Blackmoor Manor
              12.Timed the Secrets of the Old Clock
              13.Rode the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
              14.Designed Dangerous fashion
              15.Captured the Creature of Kapu Cave
              16.Witnessed the Wolf of Icicle Creek
              17.Loved the Legend of the Crystal Skull
              18.Unmasked the Phantom of Venice
              19.Survived the Haunting of Castle Malloy
              20.Rescued the Ransom of the 7 Seas



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                I agree. SHA would have been better if it was really based on the book, in my opinion.
                Sign me up :)

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                  There are so many petitions like this one going around, I think they should all just be combined into one mega petition. The only differences between them is the title of the peitition. Check out my petitions below. I will sign.
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                    I agrre with you so much, so I sign the petition.
                    Silver Rose
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                      I agree with you. I haven't read all of the books the games are "based" on, but the few I have read had little or no resemblence to the game whatsoever. Many of the games would be improved if only they had the same storyline as the book.

                      Please sign me up.

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                        I agree! I've read the books and they aren't like the games at all I think! Sign me up!

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                          Sign me up :)

                          Great petition topic :)

                          Reps to you :)
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                            Girl D, I couldn't agree any more! I don't sign many petitions, but this is a must!

                            -; Hypers, Nancy!
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                            You know you wanna click it. :)
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                              I love this idea, Girl D [and Clueless, too]. I think that it's wonderful -and absolutely true. I think that the hardest games, and maybe even better games, are the older ones, which were based on books. My two favorite games, though, TRN and CLK, are not as close to the books as I would've hoped.
                              Also, one more comment [yes, one a little bit more of Reilly's rambling to endure. ] : I noticed that after TRN, starting with DAN, the games have seemed to go downhill. That's also when the games became completely different from the books. Is there a connection ?
                              Sign me up!
                              -- Reilly
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                              thanks, Songlily! :)
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                                heck ya sign me up! everyone knows this and they cant just brush it
                                aside because it is true! the older games were the best because
                                they had a lot of adventure behind them and it made me realize that
                                life needs to have adventure. (maybe it was because they based it
                                more off of the books and i love the books) HER has changed the
                                old traditional ways (such as "it's locked" and the letters nancy
                                writes) so much that we barely see them in the game anymore.
                                Most people just buy the games to hear "it's locked" i know i do!! I
                                do love the newer games, but they dont have that... umm.....
                                what's the word?..? i guess you could say spark that drives us all to
                                keep buying the games. anyways, if you havent noticed, i totally
                                agree with you 100%. the books have a good story line and i wish
                                they were based on them because they were more exciting than the

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