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~Petition for the Games to REALLY Be Based on the Books~

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    thats great. kind of like "secret of the old clock" that was soooo off from the book. sign me up!

    thats my petition for "Nancy at Flagler College" SIGN, if you DARE


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      i know what you mean, i wish that they would stick to the books better, because they change them up so much!!

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        I'll sign, Girl D. The one thing I wouldn't like is knowing who the culprits are, but being a part of my favorite ND books would be awesome!

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          Three words: Sign, me, up!



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            I'll sign up!!!!!!!!!!

            I love the nancy drew books like......Intruder,Murder on the set!

            One thing I didn't get is that nancy drew secret of the old clock was nancy drew's first case why wasn't it the first game to come out why did the start off with secrets can kill???????

            I loved secret of shadow ranch but I hated secret of the old clock.

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              I will sign this because it might be fun to play a game that you can also read. But, I won't read the book. I like the challenge.
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                Sign me up! Kutekat16
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                  This is a great idea, Nancy!

                  Please sign me up: Yogi
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                  Thanks, Alana :)


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                    Count me in! and wouldn't it be nice if it were actually in River Heights?
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                      Sign me up please, this is a great idea! Personally, I would love to see a ND game based on The Sign of the Twisted Candles because it's my favorite book in the series.
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                        Thats a wonderful idea! :) Sign me up!



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                          Sounds like a good idea to me!

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                            i would love it if you signed me up.... the twisted staircase would be a good one
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                              Sign me up! If a game has the same title as a book, it should be based on the book! All I care is that the game doesn't have the same culprit, because if you read the book, you'll know who the culprit is before you play the game!
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                                I agree also!

                                Sign me up(:
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