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  • Nancy in Mexico

    Hey Fellow members!! I have a new petition. My goal is 500 signatures! More if possible! :)

    My big sis recently came back from her vacation in Mexico and loved it. So that's where I thought of a new petition. Nancy Drew: The monster of Mexico

    Some people say 'The Goatsucker (forgive me if I spell it wrong) started out in Mexico. Well.....

    Nancy is off to Mexico to visit an old co-worker from her dad's job in her vacation home in Mexico. She can't wait to see all Mexico has to offer! But, as soon Nancy gets to Mexico, she's learning that their have been some sightings of the monster Is it real, or is someone trying to scare everyone away?It's all up to Nancy to find out in...

    Nancy Drew: The monster of Mexico

    P.S- I was thinking Nancy has to 'brush up' on her spanish in the game.

    500 signatures+ wanted!!!

    So far it's

    1. Bob~the~Bay (me)
    2. Hermes
    3. *~mYsTeRiA~*
    4. livelaughlove10
    5. nancyfanmomdd
    6. Nancy Drew for
    7. Canadian Sleuth
    8. Hardy- Girl
    9. George Fayne 23
    10. PinkxRhino (490 more)
    11. PrivateEye17 (Rachel)
    12. nancydrewsolver
    13. FluteyTutley 97
    14. nancydrewfreak3
    15. nancysleuth101
    16. kae55
    17. bringthan
    18. Its Locked 101
    19. Boo7
    20. nancydrewgeek13 (480 more)
    21. aberta22
    22. nancynut56
    23. Punk&80'smusic (480 more)
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    That would be so cool! Sign me up!



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      That's pretty cool too. El Chupacabra or Goat-sucker by translation. Now there's a mystery! And it could be one of the "scarier" ones! El Chupacabra isn't supposed to be nice. Sign me up!

      I love all these ideas. I want Nancy to go to Greece!

      I want Nancy to go to All of these places that the fans want her to go, and I honestly think HER should listen to the fans because I believe the fans could make great games because we know what we want...

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      You know you want to!

      You can help spread the word!!!
      Please re-post in your Siggy if you support Nancy in Greece!


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        I'll sign totally!
        The one person who never wins any awards at the end of the game.


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          That sounds so cool! Sign me!
          i came in like a wrecking ball


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            I'll sign up! I think that's awesome.I'm learning spanish 2 in school right now!(mexican dancing pepper, lol)
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              I love your idea, sign me up!
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              Sorry that I haven't been on much guys! I've been super busy with gigantic art and science culminating projects, and my exams start tomorrow (my last official school day was today! Yay!) So I'll be back some time next week! See ya then! :D


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                Moi, will sign!!!!



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                  Sign me up!


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                  My petition for HB/ND games!
                  My petition for Australia!


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                    Oh no! The Goat Sucker! D:

                    That's what El Chupacabra translates to. This is mainly because the first accounts of its attacks were the fiunding of livestock [mainly goats] whose blood had been sucked from their bodies. All that was left as evidence were two vampire-bite-like puncture wounds on the victims!

                    Spooky! I'll stop rambling now... Hehe!

                    Please, sign me up! I love Mexico!


                    I've pretty much quit the forums. I'll pop on once in a while, I guess... I probably won't be missed.


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                      As long is his name coming from GOAT-SUCKER is mentioned in the game. OKAY!

                      Is not a fight
                      But its something worth fighting for


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                        Here, I whipped this up a minute ago...


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                        I've pretty much quit the forums. I'll pop on once in a while, I guess... I probably won't be missed.


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                          Sign me up as well. I like having games in other countries.


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                            Sign me up!!
                            in the end, it is love.


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                              I'll sign!! Great idea! (:
                              N a n c y D r e w
                              [[girl detective ]].