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Petition for a game with Carson Drew!

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    Carson is such a lovely character! I'd also love to meet Toto and Hannah.


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      Sign me up!
      GOD is not dead!!
      He's truly alive!

      I love JESUS!!!!!!

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      Charlotte had a secret...
      Ned's been kidnapped...
      And his name was Jackson.
      Will he survive?
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      Or will Nancy be going home with one less boyfriend - and one more scottish heartbreak?
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      Il Fantsma is on the loose...and so is "someone's" jealousy.
      ThE GrEeN EyEd MoNsTeR. Jealousy can be deadly.

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        Sign me up!
        Hello Dead End,
        My name is Nancy Drew

        Click here for my petition to have Togo in a game


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          I love when we get me to switch characters, as in CRE, CRY or ASH, so what could be more awesome than playing Nancy's father? Sign me up
          ~ MYSTERY SOLVED ~

          I learned that Secrets Can Kill | I made sure to always Stay Tuned for Danger
          I read the Message in a Haunted Mansion | I dig up the Treasure in the Royal Tower
          I played the Final Scene | I revealed the Secret of the Scarlet Hand
          I leashed the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake | I rode the Haunted Carousel
          I braved the Danger on Deception Island | I unveiled the Secret of Shadow Ranch
          I lifted the Curse of Blackmoor Manor | I discovered the Secret of the Old Clock
          I took the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon | I faced the Danger by Design
          I hunted the Creature of Kapu Cave | I trained the White Wolf of Icicle Creek
          I perpetuated the Legend of the Crystal Skull | I chased the Phantom of Venice
          I figured out the Haunting of Castle Malloy | I paid the Ransom of the Seven Ships
          I received Warnings at Waverly Academy | I followed the Trail of the Twister
          I saw the Shadow at the Water's Edge | I escaped the Captive Curse
          I gave an Alibi in Ashes | I explored the Tomb of the Lost Queen
          I repaired the Deadly Device | I busted the Ghost of Thornton Hall
          I uncovered the Silent Spy
          But will I put the Shattered Medallion back together?


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            I'd love that! Especially if we get to actually see Carson
            "I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammie dodgers and a fez."
            (Doctor Who)

            "The very first words in recorded history:
            Hello Sweetie.
            The Doctor: You graffitied the oldest cliff face in the Universe!
            River: You wouldn't answer your phone!"

            (Doctor Who)


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              I would love to have a game with Carson as more than a phone friend! It would also be great to meet Togo and Hannah too. All three have much bigger roles in the books, I would love to see more than and email from them in the games. Sign me up!
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              ((............*¤._.¤* now that's what you want.
              ..*¤._.¤* --Renate Stoller, The Captive Curse


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                I love it! Sign!