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A New Line of Games Rated T for Teen (petition)

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  • Please sign me up!
    i figure life’s a gift…………❝❞
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    • I was holding back from posting on this because the mods don't appreciate when a comment disagrees with the petition but I just gotta say something.

      Many people agree with this petition, but a lot of what they suggest would still make for an E or E10-rated game. Copied from the ESRB website:
      Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
      Many people have stated that they don't want any of those above things. Neither do I. Obviously that isn't the be-all, end-all of criteria, but they are the major reasons for a T-rated game. So, certainly it would be misguided if HeR made a game that was intentionally T-rated.

      However! I think that if HeR made a game that was supposed to be E or E-10, but for whatever reason was rated T, I think they should feel free to publish it.

      Let's not forget, veterans of the ND series are growing up, they can probably handle a game that is T, likely even M. I just wouldn't like to see a game franchise that I've always considered to be wholesome and family-friendly be perverted by suggestive themes or bad language.

      So I will sign, but I don't think that HeR should set out to make a T-rated game in as much as they should just try to make it more mature, and if it's T-rated, sobeit.
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      • Sign me up!


        • I just have to say something. not to affend anyone, but here's what I think.

          Although having a more mature line of games would be beneficial for some players, it's just not Nancy Drew. HeR knows we want more than just monsters and ghosts, because ASH was ivolving arson. Since obviously they listened to us, why have a whole line for teens/adults just doesn't seem right.

          We all know and love Nancy. The girl detective who doesn't care about what she wears about who likes her or not. And T, technically, qualifies as:

          Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
          Since most of us said we didn't want any/most of this, why make a T game at all if we don't want any of this, since that's what a T game is qualified as. Anyway, Nancy isn't violent, but she also isn't soft. Making a T game might tempt younger players who scare easily into playing it, and less people will play the ND games.

          Not to offend anyone, as I said before.

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          • I understand them wanting to keep the game kid-friendly, but this is a mystery series and the puzzles can be rather challenging, so I feel if you are mature and smart enough to solve the puzzles, then you are mature and smart enough to deal with more intriguing mysteries. Even if it isn't rate T (I can understand the hesitance), I would still love a little bit more than "oh no, a monster!" I mean, come on.
            Eustacia: "Nancy Drew. The snoopy one. You are not dead yet?"
            Nancy: "Uh, no."
            Eustacia: "Most people, I talk to them one day, next day they are dead. It is an old age thing."
            --(Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake)
            "...I'm about to be tossed, totally on my own, into a world of bright, privileged, clique-conscious teenage girls. This could be my scariest case yet." --Nancy Drew (Warnings at Waverly Academy)
            "Oh please, the man barely knows where his head is. If he's the one that finds that mine, I'll eat my laptop." --Charleena Purcell (Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon)
            "Get a job phone charm!" --Yumi (Shadow at the Water's Edge)

            My original petition for Egypt!


            • *Edit*

              I completely agree with Bonita gal- the problem isn't the rating, its the plot.

              As previous users have said, usually the rating T goes into excessive gore, violence, language and other things not permitted to say on here It also give HeR a "bad look" and there will probably be many parents who don't won't there kids playing anymore Nancy Drew game- therefore disappointing the kids

              But like Bonita gal said, the plot of the future games can "change". Have more murder, kidnapping and other plots that are more "suspenseful", but yet apply to all users.

              I don't mean this to be critical, but I'm just saying my opinion Please don't take it the wrong way. I'm all for more murder/kidnapping stories, because as we all know, there have been two of these types of games so far. Yet I still want it to be tasteful, and not like other games.

              *Edit* Also this is a mystery series- therefore excessive gore, violence, drugs and other things have nothing to do with a mystery, right?
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              • Sign me up! I thoroughly agree with this petition



                • I'll sign! I've been thinking about this for a while. I would still buy both the T and E rated games.
                  I know what Secrets Can Kill. I did Stay Tuned For Danger.
                  I read the Message in a Haunted Mansion. I found the Treasure in the Royal Tower.
                  I watched the Final Scene. I learned the Secret of the Scarlet Hand.
                  I met the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I rode the Haunted Carousel.
                  I faced the Danger on Deception Island. I discovered the Secret of Shadow Ranch.
                  I was aboard the Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon. I survived the Danger by Design.
                  I captured the Creature of Kapu Cave. I tracked the White Wolf of Icicle Creek.
                  I dug up the Legend of the Crystal Skull. I unmasked the Phantom of Venice.
                  I experienced the Haunting of Castle Malloy. I paid the Ransom of the Seven Ships.
                  I heeded the Warnings at Waverly Academy. I followed the Trail of the Twister.
                  I saw the Shadow at the Water's Edge. I was released from the Captive Curse.
                  I relied on the Alibi in Ashes. I was in the Tomb of the Lost Queen.
                  I stopped the Deadly Device. I vanquished the Ghost of Thornton Hall.
                  I heard the Silent Spy. I retrieved the Shattered Medallion.
                  I entered the Labyrinth of Lies. I sailed the Sea of Darkness.


                  • Sign me up! I completely agree with this petition.


                    • Sign me up, please!

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                      Please sign the PETITION for HeR to make SOS!


                      • Sign me up!
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                        Originally posted by iamnancydrew:)
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                        • I think it would definitely be interesting to see a more mature game, especially for those of us who are older.

                          Though I do have to agree, I'd cringe at anything higher than a T for teen.

                          Sign me up.


                          • I, personally, would love to have more mature games. However, I don't think HeR would ever create a new line of games while doing the ND Adventure series. Here's why:

                            1. I think, I'm not 100% sure, but I think HeR is a small company, so they wouldn't have enough people to be working on the Adventure series and also creating a whole new series. HeR is probably working on three or so games at a time so to add on a whole new series would be wayyy to much to do.

                            2. Money. If HeR wanted to do this, and still have the adventure series, they'd probably have to hire a lot more people which costs money. And with the economy the way it is right now, I don't see that happening.

                            However, if HeR stopped making the ND Adventure Series, then I could very well see them creating a new games series. Maybe not another Nancy Drew series, but maybe something similar. I just don't think HeR could do it all at once.

                            And another thing: Some of you have said that T rated games make you think of things that really aren't appropriate. Believe me, I don't want any bad language, gore, or inapropriate things. But some T rated games don't have any of these things. Take the Beatles Rockband (one of my fav games) for instance. It's rated T for teen, but only because it has some tobacco reference. If the ESRB is going to make a game T just for a tobacco reference, then HeR can't really make a game much more mature and not get it rated T for teen. I'm not saying that I want smoking in a game (believe me, I don't!), but what I'm getting at is that some of you want more mature games, but you don't want them rated T. That's going to be really hard for HeR to try to do since you can't get much more mature than like SCK and keep it rated E or E10+.

                            I would love much more mature games, rather than the games HeR has been producing. I think either HeR will step it up and start listening to us, or they'll just keep making the games like ASH and TMB that were big let downs. But I just can't see HeR making a whole new series while doing the adventure series. However, they did manage to do the Dossiers and Coady Capers, but that was only several games and that was a few years ago when the economy wasn't as bad as it is now. Maybe when everything gets better, then maybe HeR would try to do this. I don't know. Everything I'm saying is just a guestimate, my opinion on what they'll probably do. But I really really really want more mature games, but I just don't see it happening.



                            • SIGN ME UP!!


                              • YESSSS!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!