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Nancy Explains the Crime "Climatic Re-enactment"

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  • Nancy Explains the Crime "Climatic Re-enactment"

    While waiting for MID to come out, I've played A LOT of new mystery games from different companies. I would love it if perhaps MID or future titles do some kind of climatic re-enactment involving Nancy explaining how the culprit committed the crime, kind of like putting the timeline together.

    I don't know if any of you played Danganronpa, but basically that in a nutshell.

    The only way I think it would really work though is if they did it exactly like Danganronpa. Like upbeat music. Look up "Climatic Re-enactment" song by Masafumi Takada. Imagine Nancy saying something like:

    "First the culprit went to location A and planted the evidence 1. They did this to steer us away from them AND from the mystery. BUT in the process they also left behind evidence 2, which blew the case right open. Had they not left this behind, we wouldn't have figured out this case. The culprit then went to location B and planted evidence 3,4, and 5 which made suspect the other characters. The culprit then went back to the crime scene, started the fire, and then used secret passageway A to get to location A and give themselves an alibi. The culprit then left the scene and waited for their scapegoat to get to the scene, thus starting the chain of events that this case is on. I'm looking at you (Inserts culprit's name)!!!!"

    But yeah something like that and exciting where Nancy explains all of this while we see flashbacks happening and upbeat music.

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