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Nancy Drew “The Royal Rescue” - NANCY IN RUSSIA

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  • Nancy Drew “The Royal Rescue” - NANCY IN RUSSIA

    My sister and I have a history and knowledge of all things Russian, so we thought it could be so fun for Nancy to go to Russia.

    It starts with the kidnapping of the Bolshoi Ballet’s principle ballerina after the lights went out during a performance with the principle danseur (male dancer). Nancy goes undercover as a new dancer in the company to investigate anyone who might have had something to do with her disappearance, especially outside of the Bolshoi Ballet, since she is the great-great-great granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas II and owner of his priceless ruby ring. As she investigates, Nancy receives letters from the kidnapper that has links to the royal history and a secret that has been buried with the last tsar. Will Nancy be able to track down the kidnapper before it is too late? Or will one wrong step lead to another blood-smeared end to a Russian royal?


    Natalya Fyodorovna — Principle ballerina for The Bolshoi Ballet, great-great-great granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas II, owner of the acclaimed ruby ring, and the victim in a kidnapping after the lights flash, go out, and she disappears in a matter of seconds

    Victoria Olegovna — Understudy to Natalya, after the incident, she has been playing the role as the principle ballerina, and has a sordid history with Natalya that she is afraid to reveal.

    Ilya Aleksandrovich — Principle danseur who was on stage with Natalya and last to see her before she disappeared. He is clearly distressed since one moment she was in his arms, and the next, completely gone. He offers information about Natalya’s empty personal life and a bit of romance.

    Anya Nikolovna — Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet, who is trying to keep it together. She knows all the gossip about her dancers, all while maintaining a cool exterior. She uses Nancy like an errand boy since she is aware that she is not a dancer.

    Ivan Maximovich — Choreographer for the Ballet and he barely speaks to Nancy, trying to keep a calm appearance, but acts suspiciously. He teaches a class in which Nancy has to choose the right dance moves and answer the proper questions simultaneously. He does not trust Nancy.

    Pavel Viktorovich — Historian and acclaimed expert on all the Russian royals. He has an office in the palace, but refuses to budge on certain historical secrets. He helps her to translate Russian into English.

    Sasha Androvna — Politician and overzealous. Positive and a Ray of sunshine. She was raised in the United States and moved back to Russia to be closer to her family and do some good in the political world. She helps Nancy in any way she can, since she was the one who summoned Nancy to come to Russia.

    What do you guys think? I have an idea who would be “the person”
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    that could work or it could be a kidnap Prince.


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      I would LOVE a ND game set in Russia. The graphics alone could be beautiful if done right. And I love ballet and all things related. So this would get an enthusiastic vote from me.