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Suggestions for Future Games- After Playing Midnight in Salem

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  • Suggestions for Future Games- After Playing Midnight in Salem

    My suggestions for future games based on my experience with Midnight in Salem (and every other ND game ever made in relation):

    I personally think the new graphics are awesome, but the navigation is frustrating and all the necessary right-clicking is very difficult on computers with trackpads rather than mice. Maybe being able to use arrow keys or something like this would've made for a smoother, more intuitive, user friendly navigation experience. I was also disappointed in the lack of puzzles/mini games, as this has historically been an iconic aspect of Nancy Drew computer games. And as far as the ones that did exist, many turned out not to be necessary for game progression; the recent change in the past few games for various efforts throughout the game turning out to only be for the sole purpose of being told that you've achieved an award is a letdown. The mini games/puzzles should be purposeful for the progression of the game. Finally, the strategy guide should not so easily provide solutions. I would be looking to see a minor hint of something like where I should go or what I should do next when nothing seems to be progressing, and accidentally see whole solutions and spoilers. These shouldn't be so hard to avoid when looking for minor direction. Maybe something like a click being necessary in order to view a solution or spoiler would be a helpful solution to this. Finally, I would just like to comment on the way the development time was handled. This game was fun overall, but it was not worth such a long wait, as we were assured it would be. I understand, a developer myself, that the change to a new platform took a lot longer than expected and it was not possible to predict how long it would take to make a game from a completely different platform on a new one that this company was new to using, but the PR was not handled well given this difficult situation. Customers should have been kept up to date with what was happening and realistic expectations should've been set, whether positive or not. The disconnect between the company and its customers that was created through this mishandling is rather unfortunate. I would highly recommend putting more emphasis on transparency and realism in future customer relations. At the end of the day you've got a great concept here with a lot of potential. Thank you for taking our suggestions into account and for all the work you do.