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  • Carson Drew in a Mystery

    I've thought a lot about what and who I'd like to see in future games, and I think that I've decided that the next figure from Nancy's life that I'd like to meet is Carson Drew. Perhaps there can be a case where Nancy is looking into someone that he is representing, or tracking down a witness that disappeared.

    Next, (or maybe in the same mystery) I'd like to see Togo- I luv dogs!

    I think it would be really neat if Alexei Markovic (from ASH) became a phone contact- especially since he offered to help Nancy out now and again.

    Lastly, since we've seen River Heights, I think I'd eventually like to see Bayport- and there is a whole host of mysteries that took place there for basing a game plot on.
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    Yes! Great idea about tracking a witness down! Maybe Nancy or Ned has been selected for Jury duty? Somehow the witness doesn't show up, and Nancy is determined to track them down to Bayport? Sneaking into the police station to get evidence without getting caught by the Chief? Perhaps a witness that the authorities think is armed? (That would add another level of danger). I would love to see Togo helping Nancy solve a mystery! Maybe explore Bayport, or finding clues in the local zoo? I don't think we've had a mystery located at a zoo setting yet. I would like something different that mirrors the original books. Just a few thoughts....
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      Yes to Carson, yes to Alexei, and many yeses to Togo!