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Nancy Drew in Australia.

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  • Nancy Drew in Australia.

    So, I don't know if it's only me that's noticed, but Nancy Drew has never been to Australia. The closest she's ever been is to New Zealand, but I feel she should come to Australia. I also liked how Frank and Joe were in MID, not over the phone so I'd enjoy if they were there too. I also loved how we could play in other characters in ASH. I feel like Nancy Drew should be kidnapped and we can play as Frank or Joe to rescue her. The culprits should be one of the characters who nancy has put in jail since they are so out to get her.
    Anyone can add onto this suggestion :)

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    Love this idea! If the game is in real time, Nancy and her little friends volunteer to help with after-fire cleanup and re-building. Not surprisingly, they stumble upon an intriguing little mystery that takes them to critter world, the opera house and a few other places (because rabid fans wanna see Australia).
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      I actually thought of the fires, but I kind of ruled it out as there is a lot of ND games relating to or having a fire in it. It's still a good idea


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        I love this idea! There are so many beautiful locations in Australia to choose from, especially in the rural areas.
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