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    they should make a Nancy Drew Mystery involving the boy and girl scouts the mystery could take place at a camp near a forest and lake and river and forest and the I know the case could be about the head counselor is murdered or should I say found dead which is murder and Nancy has to find out who did was it one of the other camps counselors who may not have like his judgment or was even jealous or was it the parents of one of the boys or girl scouts who were not happy how he lead things or was just concerned with his or her child safety or didn't trust the counselor judgment either or was it possibly one of the kids who got uncomfortable with one of the game challenges.

    tell me what you guys think?

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    I like it. I don't know if they can use boy scouts and girl scouts (too close to real life), but they could probably use kids who are camping out during a skills challenge or nature study. And, this is an opportunity for Nancy, Helen, Bess, George, Ned, Burt, Dave. and other oldie characters from the early books to work as camp counselors and solve mysteries, too...
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      okay, then just boy scouts instead or even better cub scouts the younger the better.

      and you really think they should have Characters from old mysteries like Burt and Dave in this mystery that I just suggested and who should be the suspects?