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Nancy Drew: Choices, A Mobile Nancy Drew game inspired by Choices app

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  • Nancy Drew: Choices, A Mobile Nancy Drew game inspired by Choices app

    If you go on your Smartphone or Tablet and look up the game "Choices", you'll probably see tons of games made by creative video game companies that create very simple stories and publish them in their games. These games are typically romance, drama, and mystery stories that have very simple characters.

    These apps usually have stories and writers that publish content and new stories every month. Hundreds of thousands of people play the Choices games. They make A LOT of money and are always featured in the most Grossing section of iOS and Android app stores' simulation categories.

    I think HeR Interactive should seriously consider a game like this.

    Nancy Drew: Choices

    1. A Weekly Episodic Mobile Series where players assume the role of Nancy Drew and take on a cases as their favorite detecitve.
    2. Read through dialogue and make choices to figure out who did it!
    3. Weekly Episodic content that can be accessed through a cheap monthly subscription service, or for free if you watch advertisements.
    4. All your favorite Nancy Drew characters are back! Explore the world of Nancy Drew in a new way meant for young adults and adults!
    5. Play all episodes at any time! If you purchase a subscription, you can even play through previous seasons!
    6. Login anywhere! Start on your iPhone and finish the case on your iPad!

    The payment model would be really simple:

    1. Monthly Subscription -
    $5 a month includes access to all stories and future stories, no advertisements. (Excludes holiday or special stories that aren't part of the main story)

    2. Advertisements -
    Have players watch advertisements between sessions. (Like a commercial break)

    3. Pay to get rid of ads -
    This would be a one time payment that completely drops the advertisements, but isn't a monthly subscription.

    What HeR Interactive would need consistently:

    1. A Content Writer -
    A story based, mobile Nancy Drew game needs to be broken up into shorter burst episodes. HeR Interactive would need maybe 1-2 content writers to write these short episodes that would be released once a week.

    2. Programming Team -
    For obvious reasons, someone to maintain the app, handle the in-app purchases, fix bugs, etc.

    3. An Artist -
    Someone to come up very simple, 2D character models. (Again, look at how simple "Choices" is.) Don't go crazy on the animations, invest more into the story, but really have fun with the Nancy Drew looks. Don't make them look too childish. Again, the fan base are young adults to adults.

    The rest of the assets could be outsourced or purchased through commercial free channels that allow attribution licensing.

    Thanks for checking out my proposition! I hope HeR Interactive considers this idea! The money from an app like this could go to the future Nancy Drew games AND even inspire new content. Everyone would be happy!
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