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  • Suggestion - Okavango Delta

    I would like a future ND game to be set in the Okavango Delta.

    Here's what I picture:

    Carson has successfully handled a case for a client who thanks him by inviting him and Nancy to accompany the client's family to a vacation they're taking in the Okavango.

    The characters/suspects can include the client's family members, other guests in nearby camps/lodges, and various guides and workers.

    The mystery involves something happening to one of the guests (maybe they're getting threatening notes, or something specific was stolen, or someone goes missing), and it ties back to the case Carson was helping the client with. It could still involve people not directly in the client's family, since they could have had an ulterior motive in choosing the location for the vacation because they already knew other people who were going to be there.

    Other things about it:

    The game can have plenty of facts about the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert and the variety of ecosystems in the area (say, with brochures that Nancy reads while waiting at the airport, as well as info from guides and Nancy's own tendency to check things out).

    There should be no hunting in the game.

    Nancy could help one of the workers with tasks related to tending the animals or the surrounding environment. A couple of puzzles related to the local environment could be fun. Also a puzzle or task related to some of the animals - especially the Big Five. (Maybe there's a safe or locked box to open, and Nancy has to use this knowledge to open it.)

    Of course, Nancy should sneak away from the guides sometimes to investigate, especially if she sees someone else doing so. (I'm thinking, maybe she sees people from two of the lodges sneaking off to talk to each other, when everyone thinks the two people don't know each other at all.) There are plenty of ways that she could be in short-term danger if she sneaks off, both from not knowing the environment and from getting spotted by someone if she's someplace she shouldn't be.

    The game should provide a couple of opportunities for Nancy to be back in the town (since the pilot would only make trips at certain times), and while back there she could use the time to contact friends back home about the case Carson was working on or gather local information about characters staying at the lodge.

    On an excursion into town, maybe there's a vending machine where Nancy can buy charms for her phone, but she can't use her phone back at the camp/lodge.

    There could also be souvenir shops with items for purchase in the town.

    I would love for Carson to actually be in the game, and he and Nancy discuss the case together. But I suppose he would back out at the last minute and Nancy would have to go without him, so she could talk to him whenever she gets back to the town.

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    Sweet as!

    A suggestion I'd like to throw in as far as the purpose of the trip, maybe have it focused on the wildlife (doing research and monitoring, checking camera traps). Depending on the time of year, the Okavango Delta comes alive with wildlife that stream in from all over Botswana. The game could touch on poaching, the red list (level of endangerment of each species), and the assortment of animals that can be found there and at what time of year. The games used to be, at some level, educational, and this idea of yours is an opportunity to broaden our scope about wildlife issues in another country. I like it.

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