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Nancy Drew vs. Dr. Clue: A New Point and Click Escape Room Series

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  • Nancy Drew vs. Dr. Clue: A New Point and Click Escape Room Series

    I know we’re all huge fans of the traditional Nancy Drew adventure games, but I was wondering what you all would think if HeR Interactive released a new line of games separate from the adventure games.
    They would be digital Nancy Drew themed escape rooms. The escape room series would be point and click (just like the classic games) and be shorter experiences, but still have all the same difficult puzzles and contraptions. Players have 60 minutes to escape a location in order to win the mystery.
    The best part is that puzzles in these games have randomly generated solutions and the items show up in different places, so you could play the room over again and have a totally new experience.

    I’m imagining that Nancy Drew has a new villain that she’s up against. We could call the villain “Dr. Clue”. Each of the games involve Nancy following up a lead to Dr. Clue, only to be put into an escape room scenario. She has 60 minutes to escape the room, or she’ll lose out on information/meet a terrible end/etc.
    Each game in the series would be a new chapter that introduces a new room with new random puzzles, items, etc.

    Another cool thing about the digital escape room games that would entice players to re-do the room are the challenges. Each entry in the series would come with a digital jigsaw puzzle of day (6 pieces) and to earn each jigsaw piece, you have to complete achievements in the game.
    Successfully completing an achievement will unlock a piece to the puzzle, and reveal a secret about Dr. Clue or perhaps even the next game in the series.
    Some of the jigsaw pieces are easier to get, where others might require more than one completion of the room.

    Since these games are shorter experiences and are point and click, I think people would feel more at home with games like this. Also, I’d imagine that HeR Interactive would release these games faster than the main line adventure games, and these might grow in popularity quickly. Especially during the pandemic. I’m imagining lots of people getting on discord to stream a Nancy Drew escape room.
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