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Nancy Drew: Into the Metaverse

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  • Nancy Drew: Into the Metaverse

    Nancy Drew: Into the Metaverse

    Maven Zugerburn, creator of the Virtual World, “Hope”, has gone missing in the real world.

    Zugerburn’s final moments before going missing were recorded inside Hope’s labyrinth of environments. With the recordings corrupted, only showing bits and pieces of clips, it will take more than a technology expert to decipher these clues.

    When Nancy Drew gets asked by Hope’s staff to dive into this virtual reality landscape, can she figure out Zugerburn’s whereabouts? Is there more to her disappearance than meets the eye? Why did Maven leave behind so many clues.

    Nancy Drew: Into the Metaverse, is a new mystery that’s unlike any Nancy Drew game before it. Nancy is flown into Hope’s headquarters with her best friend George, in order to track down their software engineering genius, Maven.

    In the game, Nancy will spend time both in and out of Hope, a virtual world where she will discover all kinds of clues, mysteries, puzzles, and more.

    As Nancy will soon come to realize, she’s in danger in both the virtual and the real world.

    • Explore Hope Inc’s headquarters and interrogate the staff to get more information on Maven’s disappearance.
    • With a state of the art Virtual Reality headset at her disposal, Nancy can dive into the world of hope, and explore a vast collection of landscapes, trying to peace together Maven’s whereabouts. Including: a remote ski lodge, a space station, a desert home, a spooky house, and 8 bit world?!
    • Interrogate suspects both in the Virtual and Real world to discover more clues.
    • Team up with George to solve puzzles together in Hope’s sprawling world of clues and puzzles.
    • Need a break? Go to Hope Inc’s lounge and get some food and play some air hockey!

    Will Nancy find Maven and discover this company’s dark secrets?
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